Decompression of the spine of the house. Suffice couple of exercises to relieve back pain!

Frequent back pain - a bad sign. Reasons uncomfortable sensation in the back may be different: weak muscles, clamps and the flattening of the vertebrae, a sedentary lifestyle or abnormal exercise for the back. Whatever the cause of the pain, one thing is clear: the situation needs to be changed. To back pain does not annoy you enough to perform a few exercises a day to stretch the spine. This will help get rid of the terrible feelings of tension in the back and waist, prevent the emergence of bony growths - osteophytes. This series of exercises is quite easy, you can do them yourself or to cooperate with one another, which is also not averse to align the back. Spinal decompression is available at home!

Exercises for independent performance

1. Starting position - standing. Get into the hands behind his back, leading hand should be on top. Reach the highest point on the spine, to the extent possible. Lean back, continuing to press his hands on the spine. It may sound easy click - do not worry, it's only natural for such exercises.

2. Borrow a sitting position on a chair with a fairly short back. Leaned back in his back, at the same time move the chair to the edge. Place the hands on the forehead, exhale. Lower your head and shoulders to the back of the chair. At this point, you can feel the clicking of the upper back.

3. Starting position - standing right next to the corner of the wall. Widely arms to the side and shift the blades. Gently pull - any voltage in the back will take place immediately.

4. For the next exercise you'll need a big ball. Sit on the ball, gently change the pose so that it is directly under the back. Rolls the ball back back and forth, massaging the spine.

5. Get on your knees, put the ball in front of him. Katie ball forward, holding his hands and leaning slowly forward. When the back is completely straightened zastynu in a relaxed position for long.

6. Lay down the stomach and chest on the ball. Abuts the tips of fingers and toes on the floor, knees keep on weight. Relax your hands and let your back sag slightly.


1. Lie down on the floor, I spread hands apart and bend at the elbows. Turn your head to the left.

2. Ask your partner to give you a massage - the best way to relieve tension in the back there!

3. Partner shall place the hands on the back so that they were from different sides of the spine.

4. It presses down on the spine, moving his hands up. Deep exhale at the time of pressing.

5. Massage should start from the middle of the back and go to the highest point near the neck.

Alternative spinal decompression

1. Sit on a mat, stretch your legs in front of you, keep your back straight. Bend your right leg at the knee and move it through the left leg. Right foot should be about left hip. Move the left hand to the right, come take a hand in the floor. Twist the spine to the right until it clicks. Repeat with the left side.

2. crossed his arms. Partner shall lift you into the air, keeping the elbows slightly leaning back. The back can click very loudly, do not panic!

3. Lie down on the bed, dangling over the edge of the blade. Cast away hands back, let them hang. Come back to sitting position and repeat the exercise, allowing the bed to hang not only arms, but also the upper back. Repeat the procedure several times to completely straighten the spine all.

4. Lie down on the mat, keep your knees to your chest, hugging them with his hands. Lift your head up. Swinging on the back of back and forth, starting with the slow rocking and gradually increasing the pace.

Be extremely careful when performing the exercises that you do not accidentally hurt his back. If you feel a sharp pain in the process of decompression - immediately stop the exercise. If you have spinal injuries should consult your doctor - in this case the manipulation of independent back can be very harmful.

Try to spend straightening the spine at home, and your back will feel better immediately! Friends came our article - let no one suffers from back pain.

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