How to do the decompression of the vertebrae

Vertebrae decompression is easy to do. You can do this yourself with the help of certain rules or with a friend, who agreed to help. Regular decompression easily help to make therapeutic adjustments of the back and help with the pain.

Independent decompression postonogov

Place the hands one over the other. Click on the spine as high as you allow your hands. Stretch back, continuing to push the hands on the spine, you should see some light is often present.

Sit on a chair with a short backrest. Move your pelvis to the edge of your seat until the chair back touches the part of the spine, you are going to massage. Put your hands on your forehead and exhale slowly. Your head and shoulders begin to fall over a chair and you should feel some powerful clicks.

Stand up straight, back against the corner wall. Arms out to the sides and slide the shoulder blades. This neat stretching will help relieve tension from the back more natural. Decompression of the spine medical ball

Decompression of the middle part of the spine. Sit on the ball for exercises. Slowly move the legs to the torso to lie on the ball, while the back should rest just above him. Relax completely. Slowly move forward and back so that the ball rolled on all parts of your back.

Decompression of the upper spine. Kneel in front of the ball for exercises. Slowly roll the ball forward, bending down as the ball rolls back from you. After the body is fully straightened, let the middle and upper back to relax and SAG.

Decompression of the lower spine. Lie with your chest and stomach on the ball for exercises. Slowly Nakatani on it so that your fingers touch the floor and your knees were in the air. Allow your arms to SAG and relax your back muscles. Decompression of the spine with a partner

Lie on a firm surface such as the floor. Extend your arms out to the sides, elbows bent. My head turned to the side.

If you are tense, ask a friend to do a quick relaxing massage.

Let put hands so that they were on different sides of your spine. Fingers should point in the opposite direction. Distance between your hands 1 to 1.5 inch

Exhale while the hands of a partner gently put pressure and move up at the same time. Hands should always be pressed firmly against your back, and not just slide through it.

Ask your partner to start massaging from the middle of the back and gradually move up. In the end, there is a place where there will be a few powerful clicks. Other methods of decompression of the spine

The way the leg-over-leg with sling back. Sit on the Mat, back straight and legs should be stretched. Gently lift your right leg and, keeping in a bent position, move through the left leg. Your left leg should lie flat on the floor, and the right to touch the floor only a foot near the left hip.

  • Cast and lock the left arm so that it faced the right foot with the right side of your body. You should already feel some tension. Using the right hand to push off from your right knee, twist your spine gently back and to the right.
  • As soon as you feel a light click immediately relax your posture, releasing tension, and do the same using the opposite leg.

To make rise — from the back - stretch. For such a stretching requires two people. The one that needs therapy back, crossing his arms on his chest so that the palms lay on the opposite shoulders. Friend catches you from behind by the elbows and slightly lifts off the ground with the back bend.

  • Using this method you should feel a series of clicks. Make sure your partner is strong enough to raise you, and it will not lead him to roll back.

Stretching with the use of the bed. Lie down on the bed so that your shoulder blades hanging from its edges. Relax and let your upper back and arms to fall to the floor. Once you fully stretch sit on the bed to straighten the spine in the opposite direction, return to original position and again repeat this, each time allowing your shoulder blades to slide further and further from the edge of the bed.

To do the stretch with the buildup. This stretching Pilates is used with the weakening of the muscles of the spine. Lie on a Mat and press your knees to your chest, hugging them with her arms. Slowly jiggle back and forth on the Mat, gradually increasing the pace. Purpose — during the rocking movements forward/backward to feel every part of your spine. Tips

If you are tense or the back is smooth enough, you might not get clicks right away or not feel them at all.

Try during how you sit and stand to keep your back straight. Good posture can prevent back pain.

Be careful not to damage the back.

You can also lean back while sitting in the bathroom.


Gently. Different people require different loads, so that their back is crunched.

Immediately stop if you feel pain. Always pay attention to what your body is telling you.published


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