Energy vampires on the Internet

Eaters time, there are a great many, but I think very few people disagree with me, that today the Internet is one of the main.

In our days many people spend a lot of time communicating in social.networks are often bigger than in real life, forgetting that such communication is fraught with various psychological problems.

About the energy vampires who meet in real life, we have already spoken. Now we will talk about a new kind of energy vampire, which appeared relatively recently – vampires virtual.

The world wide web is full of those who wander on different sites, leaving here and there aggressive comments – maybe someone somewhere will react, can be coupled to and recharge, to feed – in fact energy vampires (online they are sometimes called "trolls") can select the energy at a distance.

They differ in aggressive behavior, tend to argue, to anger, to insult, to turn up the heat. This behavior indicates that the person is lonely, deprived of attention, not confident, is the owner of numerous psychological complexes. As a result, it accumulates aggression, which he seeks to throw on the Internet, especially because unlike real life the Internet provides anonymity, so the vampire does not mince words and is strongly asserting itself at the expense of humiliation of others. Micropav another barbed comment, the vampire will get pleasure from the reaction of their victim and feed off its emotions, if the offended person will seek to protect themselves from attacks and to defend their views.

Comments prickly, boorish or refined polite but after that long a bad mood – how to be with them?

You can reply in the same style, you can translate a joke, you can respond devastatingly polite and friendly, but the best thing is to ignore and not respond at all. I several times caught on this rod. And I know from experience how much energy goes into thinking about worthy, but correct answers to not stoop to the level of the person who provoked you. But energotamir achieves exactly energy! So why would he play along? Why waste time, energy, forces, nerves and energy to feed your emotions? Remember that on the other side of the monitor is poor, flawed man, who will cease to attack you only if you fail to respond to his attacks.

Meeting with virtual vampire is always unpleasant, but.... from communicating with them can be removed and some benefit. The fact that if we hurt their comments and observations, if we react badly to them, so they hurt us to the quick, and thus helped to see the vulnerable weak spots, which can and need to work. So tell them thank you for it. In addition, this kind of training. The ability not to give too much importance to the attacks complete stranger can come in handy in real life: this skill will give the opportunity to calmly respond to boors and energy vampires, which from time to time meet in real life.

And finally we want to recall the good old truth: the less react to rudeness, insults, petty jabs and attacks, the less enthusiasm the aggressor.

So take care of yourself! published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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