10 is able to recognize that before you energy vampires

Energy Vampires - they are people who have a weak energy. For successful existence, they need regular nourishment other's energy.

Therefore, they are constantly looking for attention outside

Energy Vampires also:.

play the role of victim; do not take responsibility for their actions; get their way by imposing guilt or manipulation; evince constant complaints to get sympathy; gossip or create situations that attract attention; do not respond favors; acting from a position of his ego.
Where is leaking energy, and why a person turns into a vampire power main cause (of course, much more) are:?

a failure or neglect their own needs; return too much time and attention to others; a difficult childhood; upheaval in the life (divorce, toxic relationships, etc.); part environment consists of vampires.
You may feel as if you pull out of energy. In some cases, next to the person you have a headache, tension and anxiety

Other signs of attack:.

during or after communication you feel vomiting or abdominal pain; a sudden sharp pain in the back, chest, neck or shoulders; throbbing headache; causeless feeling of irritation , anger or frustration; blurred consciousness, as if above you hanging cloud; nightmares involving a vampire; anxiety, stress, guilt; li > heaviness in the chest, feeling short of breath;. you instinctively uncomfortable with this person
Remember that energy vampires - they are people trapped in negative energy. At certain periods of life, each of us can be in their place. No need to fear and blame.

< No one can pull out of your energy until you allow it.

What if before you energy vampire:

Set to a mental border; compassion, energy vampires are often not even aware that they are established; maintain; try to maintain a positive attitude, recite mantras; wear your amulet or talisman; send vampire goodness rays and love; keep the emotional power, be true to yourself.

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