The secrets of energy interactions

The energy exchange is, essentially, communication. Generated by human energy is given out. But, in accordance with the laws of conservation of energy, the man needs to get energy from the outside. Hence, the need to communicate.

In the Universe to maintain the spiritual and the material energy balance is constantly and continuously energetic exchange happens. This circulation of energy takes place in the framework of the law of the conservation of energy.


People communicate for personal gain. During the interaction between people is the exchange of energy — one gives, the other receives and Vice versa. If people like each other, between them there is an intensive energy exchange. In this case, both experiencing the pleasure of communicating.

During communication between two people between their auras are formed channels through which flows in both directions of energy flow. Streams can be of any color and take any shape. The energy channels of the aura associated partners through the appropriate chakra, depending on the type of communication.

The energy of interaction
Between people there are different types of energy interactions. Let's call them conditionally:
1. Equivalent exchange
2. The contraction energy (energy vampirism)
3. The ability to be a source of energy
4. Neutral position

Will try now read more to understand all four views.

Equal sharing usually exists between close friends with a good understanding and favorable relations. This exchange occurs in cases where adhered to the hermetic principle of Matching people to each other.

If it's at work, the people — wonderful partners, they do not require many words to explain the essence of the matter. They do not quarrel over the superiority or amounts of remuneration as share of precisely those impulses which are necessary for the partner so they are able to agree on any issue.

Equal energy exchange is easy to fix. Two people do not get tired from each other, do not interfere with each other, in one moment start and finish the work, almost without saying a word.

Couples with equivalent energy look usually a model of ideal well-being. Not often, but today there are such a harmonious family, where there is goodwill and loyalty of the spouses to each other. Of course, they happen to all sorts of vicissitudes, but still the balance is stored in any troubles.

But it happens sometimes that an equivalent exchange of spouses invisible to others, and then they can produce a strange impression. It seems that one of the spouses is literally on the other, but the impression is nearly always deceptive. Such families as closed systems, fine-tuned internal mechanisms, living independently from external circumstances.

Spouses can end without a quarrel, and you can barely notice each other. (So it seems from the outside.) But if decided are important to them the question, they get to understand the agreement or disagreement of the partner. Wife with equal energy exchange never make decisions without consulting with his "half", although this "Council" will be for foreign or incomprehensible, or invisible.

Couples with equivalent exchange is long-lived. Their energy integrity — the key to success and prosperity.

Equivalent to the energy exchange between friends and neighbors is characterized by absolute integrity and unfailing mutual support.

We have mentioned already about people-"vampires", tells you no end of his misfortunes and problems. Usually these people cause you to have original sympathy, and then a dull irritation, then later in a desperate state, which can be summed up in one word: "Run!" Preferably away, out of sight.

If in friendly, neighbourly and the service relationship is still possible to somehow adapt to the "vampires" trying "not to feed" them and not to lose energy, then marriage living together almost unbearable for the "donor". And "vampire" can have other people equivalent exchange and it is only from one particular person to pull the energy into yourself.

Husband-"donor", constantly "feeding" spouse"vampire" may gradually become a "vampire" in relation to other people: colleagues, friends, or their own children. Or irritated because of the loss of power, it starts scandals that eventually lead to divorce. But this is the best option. The worst is when the spouse is"donor", not in forces to resist the pressure of "vampire" falls ill, to wither and may even die at a young age.

The contraction of the energy itself can wear and positive. There are people who all want "a shoulder to cry on". Often these people become professional psychologists, teachers, doctors. They tend to pull itself negative energy, Refine it and release the space clean. They, of course, are not "vampires", their karma — the duty to clear the mental space of the planet. Such people need to understand that the ability to clear the mind of other people is given to them not for gain, but as a means of working off their karma solid. Not proud of this.

Now, these people was much greater than at all other times. This suggests that the planet is in urgent need of cleanup in order not to die from choking in a negative energy people.

Sometimes the mother, passionately wants to help his sick child could take on his pain, his suffering. To pull in all the negative that were owed the fate of her beloved child. The intensity of her dedication is so high that all the bad instantly burns up in the flames of such energy. In this case, the mother not only helps her child she helps to overcome them with his own karma.

Mother and child have a special energy relationship. The mother has the right and the opportunity to help your child absolutely everything (even in the correction of their own karma), it is important that between them there was a close link of spiritual kinship and love.

The mother of the child is the conductor of cosmic energy, and his father was a conductor of energy of the earthly order. Therefore, when there is no maternal love, we lose the sky when there is no authority of the father, we are insecure we feel in human society.

For one who seeks to grant others, does it selflessly and then gets the joy of seeing the joy of others, opens energy source of a Higher power. So do not be afraid to be a "donor".

It is important that the donation was a deliberate, appropriate to the level of development of energy of your soul. Otherwise you will burn in other people's problems without addressing their own.

And of course, it is important to "recharge" was "on purpose", that is, benefit the soul of the conventional "vampire". If you are someone endlessly nourish, trying to help, and people just happy to "eat" your "tasty" energy itself is not going to change something in your life, then you don't bring him. You aggravate his karma, place on our shoulders the burden. Your energy is misused. Hence, your karma suffers.

The ability to be a source of energy for others have not all people. The heavier the person the karma is, the more important it is to learn to give. Selflessly without ulterior motives giving something to people, a person acquires immeasurably greater — the ability of the soul to absorb the energy of the Cosmos, the energy of high vibrations of space, so he gets stronger and develops his spirit. But it's not meant to be a source of energy.

Something to do and to give — that's the whole point of our lives. If giving, we raised the energy of the spirit new travels in the Universe, then our lives lived not in vain.

Accumulate, acquire, retain, comprehend is the first half of our earthly task. And that's what we are focusing on your lack of understanding and a children's underdevelopment. And benefits only those who are accumulating, thinking what he would give. Giving, it addresses the second, most important for the soul half of the puzzle. Giving, the soul is happy, it expands, gets bigger. Leaving the earthly plane, she will be able to let a huge space of unearthly happiness.

A neutral energy position is associated with the protection and conservation of energy. Every person there are moments in life when he should not engage in energy exchange with other people.

Here is a sample list of such moments:
— when you feel your limits, the voltage on the verge of collapse; you know what a break;
— when you feel the presence of "vampire", and do not want to "feed";
— when you do not want to give any information about themselves;
— when you are irritated or angry and don't want to dump your negativity on others, wanting to understand it and to cope with it;
— when you feel mental pressure on yourself and want to keep your energy freedom.

Every person has the right to join or not to join in the energetic interaction with the world around him. We have a duty to respect that right in each of the men. Remember: I'm as free as I recognize the freedom of the people around me. Including the freedom to make mistakes!

Believe that it is necessary sometimes to "shut down", it is not difficult. But it is much harder to learn to "shut down" and be neutral. Very often we think we are "closed", but instead released the spikes and notice how exercise aggression against all who are near.

How do you get into a neutral energy position? How to hide without disturbing the harmony of the world, and the harmony of their domestic space?

In energy this is called secondary mode of attention in psychology — withdrawal, in the esoteric, it is close to the concept of "meditation". It is an altered state of consciousness, not human nature in everyday life. Being awake, but being in this state, our brain starts to work as if we are "disconnected" from the world. However, we control all their actions, and our perception of information becomes even more prominent because we are able to allocate just as important. We save energy, but if clearer and clearer we see the world and understand ourselves. published


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