Human health from the position of Physics

You can look up the formula for "elixir of immortality." Our world stubbornly clings to the faith "in a pill", "the Messiah", not only in yourself and your brain.

It is a tradition of evasion of responsibility for illiterate attitude to life, nature, for which we have to pay the offender, and members of his genetic family, and friends. The fact that the man is a giant complex of energy-shells connected through the brain with the physical body.

Each shell belongs to a plan for the SUSTAINABLE EXISTENCE of MATTER, has its own configuration, internal structure and PHYSICS, describing the relationship of shells in THIS PLAN.

MAN can be compared with the atom, where the kernel — the physical body, and electron orbits — energy-shell They give the brain information about what is happening on the subtle planes and record on the plans the events of his personal life.

In a healthy person between the shells is the principle of conversion of information in the higher energy lower plan of existence of matter and Vice versa: energy interactions in the information memory on a higher plane. For example, ten similar situations corresponds to one act of recognition, the RULES of NATURE. Perform — and live healthy!

The configuration of the shells are maintained in a constant due to the energy consumption of the human brain. At the same time, each shell is formed of a certain area of the brain or a combination of these areas. The brain is GEOMETRICALLY divided into so-called "Zones of d'urville" excited with the performance of certain "everyday concerns" of man: movement, speech, breathing, a simple psychological activity...

The presence of these zones are characterized by a living object as a human or monkey, dog, or bird. The interaction of these zones on the principle of resonance allows ENERGY to TREAT PEOPLE (energy healing methods) or to CAUSE the energy-DESTRUCTION. In this case, "vampire" or "aggressor" closes the higher shell of the victim and feeds them their same areas of the brain, for some reason not able to be active.

Based on the same and the effect of energy healing. The healer "on loan" gives his patient a sample of shells required and tries to teach his brain to work fully and consistently. However, he spends his energy and is PERMANENTLY (karma) associated with your client. If after 2 weeks, the healer is freed from such a relationship, the patient very often goes into a mode of parasitism on the healer and is entirely dependent on the state of his health.

This is the reason that the great mass of "learned" energy healers active in an average of 1.5 years. After this a period or just cease active practice, or moving into the category of seriously ill people.

What is the DISEASE? This energy depletion of the brain when energy consumption sharply exceeds the "income" from the surrounding space.

You can see that NATURE, defensively, in the first place complements itself through energy shells "offender". And because it is associated with genetic relatives, sexual partners and social acquaintances, all these people according to the law of communicating vessels are defendants and pay their energy for the sin of "member of his flock." Those who do not want to suffer for the mistakes of others, deprived of the "sinner" of his society, and he is left alone with the consequences of their actions.

It is appropriate to recall the diagnosis: "When God wants someone to punish, he deprives him of reason". This testimony of extreme shortage of brain power and disorientation of cerebral radiation in outer space. In General, it must be said that a reasonable human activity is possible only when the receiving and recording of information is performed at a constant orientation of the energy shells in outer space.

At the Autonomous technical devices (rockets, torpedoes...), the principle of GYROSCOPIC orientation. Before you launch a massive gyroscope — gyro— aim at the North star and spin to a high speed. After that, whichever side is not flying the rocket, the gyroscope "remembers" the direction of the star, retaining its position in Space. And then the rocket can be controlled.

And people has its own "gyro" Is a "SEQUENCE of activation of the zones of d'urville, which is the same for each person. But in the moment of the FIRST BREATH is the fixation POINT of reference brain radiation of a particular person. And then — astrology, Feng Shui... These Sciences say about how the environment quality and at what angle is the "rocket" man. And then— an illiterate person is breathing and "hammer" limbs chaotically, making mistakes, earning stress and disease. Those who bother to learn the rules of Nature, can fly to have fun, to move according to their own will, given the external circumstances.

Yet people are "rocket", protect his parents, then — starting at age 21 — the time of independence and full energetic responsibility for their actions. At this stage there is a need for karmic adjustments "of course."

In real life a person is faced with so many energetic influences that is not free in maintaining the orientation of his brain radiation. What is the nature of these disturbances?— memory, energy and information communication, held on the mental plane of existence of matter.

Man has several types of memory:

1. Inherent (spiritual). It is supported by patterns of the cerebral cortex, is different for each person. In the growth process of a baby's brain configuration of the convolutions is very moving. Therefore I say that for 3 years, as it absorbs up to 90% of information about the space. Pathologic energy-informational environment, which can create a aggressive brain radiation adult family members, program the initial conditions of the "trigger" man in "the river of life."

In the experiment on mice, half the mice in the same litter had the opportunity to play with "toys", sporting, and the other half of the limited contacts and mobility. The result — the active group, the NUMBER of convolutions in the brain was more than the passive 15%.

The number of convolutions and their configuration create a system of waveguides and resonant circuits by which the brain generates and picks up energy signals. Gyrus indicate the degree of advancement embodied in the person of the spirit — energy-body CAUSAL plane of existence of matter. Convolutions and orientation of the first breath is determined by the "General direction" of the road of life. This level of reincarnation. voloshinskii memory At this level "work" the intellectual, professional, personal qualities of the man.

2. The second level of memory — MACROMOLECULAR memory of blood.

Already developed the theory of information memory of water as the liquid crystal. On this level are the so-called "charged things", "Holy water", homeopathic medicines — are all alive correct is controlled by ultra-low concentrations in water than the "horse" doses of drugs, raping the individual organs and systems of the body, destroying normal connections between them and due to the new stress of "distracting" the body from the primary energy-destruction. Instead of one injury is somewhat. This caused the serious side effects of modern "strong" medicines.

Macromolecular memory is based on the fact that molecules of matter are collected in the bulk structure, resembling the crystal, and almost as long living. This "crystal", having in different directions a wide range of resonant frequencies is the primary element of individual human memory.

Fragments of blood passing through the active zone of the d'urville. "magnetized" (the magnetic tape in the tape) and collected in the bulk structure bind man to the coordinate on the axis deployment TIME when was produced this entry.

The memory content in the macromolecule necessarily influenced by the totality of the planets of the Solar system and active sign of the Zodiac.

It is at this level trying to eliminate the pathological memory doctors, irradiating the patient's blood with ULTRAVIOLET light or by separating blood into its component elements PLAZMOFEREZA.

3. The third level of memory about the events of personal life is the memory of protein cells, which is the physical body. Modern physics vacuum allowed to reveal the mechanism of this type of memory. Each protein structure can be considered as a macromolecule that has its own resonant frequencies.

CONFIGURATION of protein structures of body cells is an adaptive mechanism to changing environmental conditions. If the striking factor is long-lasting or intense, the DEFORMATION of protein structure. Such changes lead to electromagnetic damage, impact type cold/heat, viruses. Thus are introduced the most serious changes in the device cells of the body. This causes persistent changes of the human condition after stress.

Conventional medicine tries to protect the intramolecular vibrations of the protein structures by introduction of chemicals. In the same way widely used ways of correcting the external human energy by using magnetic fields, minerals, and other "collegenow" that absorb harmful radiation of deformed intracellular proteins.

Now we can clearly say that these half-measures comparable with bandaging the wounded on the battlefield. In the same way as a bandage, all the external tools can only delay the time until the present work to restore the structure of the protein compounds, and here the border between "external" forms of assistance (widely known) and karmic correction.

Stress effects are primarily brain cells, and therefore become less radiating area of d'urville. This is the main cause of all chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, infertility, impotence, allergies...

Karmic corrections allow to recover at the expense of INTERNAL reserves initial configuration of intracellular proteins. In this case, rastreskivanie brain and restores full connection zones of d'urville with the subtle planes of existence of matter. We can say that "the blind regaining sight" with all the ensuing consequences.

Karmic correction — this is the first step towards actual spiritual revival of the person of the painful ruins. Based on this technology, a person may, without medicines, instruments and reflexology encoding "remember" the matrix of their health (this information is absolutely every person. "The Golden key" — the DNA molecule at the moment of fertilization). Karmic correction ensure freedom and quality of communication of the human brain with this matrix at any time of life, during sleep or during wakefulness. This is the pledge of genetic health. Using karmic corrections you can go to any depth in the past a kind of genetic memory. To discover in the "mists of time" affecting factors and to become the progenitor "of a" healthy quality. Again it should be noted that the guarantee of human health is not the immense consumption of external power sources, and the correct and harmonious use of the energy from the external environment produces the brain. Thus, for a person now the most relevant are ecology thinking and liberation from the energy-parasitic relationships. Software defeat can be seen by the following features:

  • a quick blackening of silver chains, silver jewelry on the human body;
  • dark spots, remaining under Golden rings and bracelets;
  • allergic reactions;
  • infertility, impotence, rapidly deteriorating eyesight, hair loss, back pain or weight loss, scoliosis, excessive sweating and headaches, pain in the solar plexus, alcoholism, drug addiction, insomnia, enuresis, stuttering, instability of mood, tearfulness, loss of fillings from teeth, constipation, etc.
Order at least slightly to bring yourself to normal and rastreskivatsja, can anyone recommend the simplest option of disconnecting from the energy-vampires. For this we need to imagine a person, which wants to free his thinking or his personal life as if on a TV screen. Imagine strings going to the picture, light a candle or a match and place the flame between himself and an imaginary object, to imagine the thread linking you and the imaginary object, peresekayutsya on this flame and emit a sharp sound (clap your hands or hit a spoon on a pot hanging from the handle).

When you break the energy, you will feel a warm wave or a light shiver passing through my body, chills, cessation of pain, work up a sweat on the palms or feet. This procedure can be performed without sound, and with an imaginary fire, but the efficiency in this case will be less.

Naturally, such a procedure is not a panacea to the karmic adjustments, but something like bandages in order to break the connection with the affecting factor in the time of occurrence. But even she can facilitate daily life, to convince energy-efficiency techniques, and sometimes give the opportunity to find the nearest specialist on the karmic corrections. Themselves technology karmic corrections should be performed by professionals. published

Authors: Vyacheslav Gubanov and Elena Afanasyeva

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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