25 Soviet things, which You may not remember


Sixty seven million nine hundred nine thousand eighty five

The past of each country is unique and unites its people.This is what is in our hearts, a pleasant thrill of nostalgia.

Eighty seven million five hundred twelve thousand four hundred eighty four

1. Pionerbol
This simplified under the sickly baby calf option volleyball appeared in the 30s. Let this type of Soviet children's sports developed mainly a prehensile function of the body, but he was amazingly democratic. Play pionerbol could literally everything: boys, girls, thick, dystrophic, mentally retarded, and bespectacled. In pionerbolu appearing stars, because to play well, it was not (could play very bad, but that's another story). Still, the Russian children in Turkish and Spanish hotels amazing staff, playing a mysterious game.

Seventy seven million two hundred ninety one thousand two hundred thirty five

2.Trust the turnstiles


That's where they buried the roots of the national psyche. Only at our turnstiles operate on the principle of carnivorous plants. They lurk in the dark iron boxes, creating the illusion you have complete freedom and safety. But any attempt at illegal entry into their jaws are closed on the body of the offender — in the heart the most vulnerable places. Yes, we are not looking for easy ways. We give them a child do not trust.

Forty three million five hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred twenty five

3. Boiled condensed milk


Caramelized condensed milk, and lived in foreign supermarkets — in the departments of every ingredients for confectionery products. But the taste, look and smell is not something that our native condensed milk, which you yourself three hours cooked in a saucepan, and then scrub away from the walls and ceiling. After slightly distracted by watching the final match of the European Cup.

Thirty eight million sixty three thousand four hundred ninety nine

4. Footcloths


"Portyanki was, is and will be! — he said once in an interview with the press chief of logistics of the Armed forces General of the army Vladimir Isakov. Because synthetics are harmful for the feet, especially when you have 30 miles to run in canvas boots. Non-synthetic and thick socks need every soldier-made stitching, or they will kokoritsa and feet to bloody blisters to fill folds. Tried Russian army socks, I don't live in the stone age. So, the experiments failed. It sorts the us Marines, who in helicopters so strive to move the jeep, they can afford to indulge in the toes". This is the opinion of the army leadership. But really one useful skill from the army, each of us can bring. In women, for example, the ability to instantly make my socks two handkerchiefs makes an indelible impression.

Nine million seven hundred forty thousand two hundred seventy six

5. To sit on the track
Our ancient national superstition says that if all the members of the noisy family before leaving sit down and calm down for a minute, then the trip will be successful. At least because it is in this sacred time they may mysteriously be aware that the passport remained on the couch, tickets — in the bathroom, and the child is mittens wearing ice skates.

Ninety four million three hundred sixty seven thousand five hundred nine

6. Knock on wood


As you know, around each person is full eared evil spirits, who are busy destroying all the dreams. As soon as you hear that someone out there wants a better deal to purchase a horse or daughter to successfully get married, then immediately rush on all legs prices bullying, girl to spoil — if only to spoil. Therefore, in all countries, reasonable people foolishly expressing some his wish out loud, immediately knocking on wood: wood devils scares, this is the druids understood. But now this useful skill podutratili other Nations. And we were knocking and banging going!

Fifty eight million six hundred eighty eight thousand seven hundred fifteen

7. Bath broom


More like an instrument of torture than pleasure, this bundle of branches with dried leaves is a much more original character than the French ballet, Chinese headdress, or, for example, black caviar vengeance export all sorts of Iran and Canada. Bani is in many Nations. The broom is only for us.

Eighty two million two hundred twenty thousand sixty four

8. birch SAP


Like and birch where there are many, and that's why no one else thought about how tasty and healthy juice. Maybe it's some gene that only allows us to feel the subtle sweet taste of plywood, which is so beautiful as a child? And adult birch SAP is absolutely necessary when he comes to visit a foreigner. Then you can buy a jar of juice and make the guest how to try our national drink, with a quiet pleasure watching the expression on his face at this moment.

Forty two million five hundred twenty thousand two hundred thirty eight

9. Kvass


Let strong drink, kvass grandparent, invented in Mesopotamia — today nor in Egypt, nor Iran kvass afternoon with fire will not find, as in any other country in the world. Only here. And those rascals who in recent years got into the habit to sell sodas "on the basis of kvass", you just need to heat in the basin with their products.

Twenty five million seven hundred fifty six thousand forty four

10. "Retona»


Washing machine, which weighs 300 grams, almost bursts of electricity and flooded neighbors from below, was born in Tomsk, scientific-production Association "Raton". Just put it in a bowl of water and dirty clothes, add washing powder and rest — do not want. While you do your stuff, "Retona" is engaged in: hard handles clothing ultrasonic waves creates micro bubbles that separate the dirt from the fabric fibers. Then you will need to wash clothes manually faded or bleach to remove the most stubborn stains and a good squeeze Laundry. Millions of people have already bought this brilliant invention. Oh, and "Porridge from axe" is also a Russian fairy tale.

Fifteen million nine hundred seven thousand six hundred fifty one

11. Seeds


How we managed to enter the rank of the ancient national tradition of eating sunflower seeds, which were brought to us two hundred years ago — a mystery. However, the plant is so absorbed in our culture that even trained historians no-no and wrong. For example, in the book by a remarkable writer and historian Boris Akunin "Altyn-Tolobas" we can find a female beggar who nibble sunflower seeds, undeterred by the fact that in the described 1682, this exotic flower has just started to breed advanced gardeners of Holland and France.

Fifty seven million seven hundred twenty five thousand nine hundred ninety seven

12. Vocative


He was in many Indo-European languages, but then many degenerated. And we carefully saved it. The truth, slightly altered. If before turning to the person we have expanded the word extra "e" at the end ("Prince", "man"), then in the modern Russian language the Vocative form is, on the contrary, the reduction of the last vowel: "Zin and Zing", "Listen, Pashk", "Leh,, Leh!".

Sixty million three hundred seventy seven thousand three hundred sixty nine

13. old new year


Europe switched from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in the late sixteenth century, and Russia — only in the early twentieth. However, the Orthodox Church refused to participate in this disgrace. Nothing special here was not (in the end, all the branches of Orthodoxy celebrates Christmas on January 7), but we have something else happened and atheistic revolution, which threw Christmas to the dustbin of history, and the most important holiday of the year did it, and the hanging for the door of the New year, latched on to him all the former Christmas attributes of the type of trees, the burning of stars and the gifts of the Magi. As a result, in people's memory has turned out a hodgepodge, like a salad, and we became the owners of riches — as many as three festive weeks, beginning on Christmas and ending with a slightly sad holiday Old New year, the name of which is from the category of things impossible, but existing.

Sixty three million three hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred sixty seven

14. String bag


It is not known when primitive man first thought to connect tendons of animals so that they form a mesh container, which can be put in your pocket in case you suddenly on the way to work you're bound to find the queue for scarce sausage. But it is known as the name of his beloved Soviet citizens bag. The first time it sounded monologue Raikin in 1935. "And here is the bag, — said his character, waving to the audience above the subject. — Maybe, I'm in it anything today bring home".

Forty nine million nine hundred thirty nine thousand six hundred seven

15. Address opposite


What is more important — personality or state? Individuality or society? A unit or system? While philosophers struggling to address these global issues, they decided a long time Russian mail. Only we have the address begins with the country, then go to city, street, house, and, finally, the combination of letters that you used to consider their personal callsigns. Of the total, so to speak, in particular. In all other countries, you first notifies the postal services that you need, John Smith, and then specify the coordinates of the place where John Smith is usually acquired. But we have a postman to work easier!

Sixty eight million two hundred sixty four thousand four hundred fifty six

16. Activated carbon


Coal has absorbent properties and at the same time lowers the acidity of the environment — just what the doctor ordered. So treated "from the stomach" all over them. But hypocritically minded doctors and pharmacists abroad every way camouflage the original component, tucking in coal all sorts of supplements and exposing its various metamorphoses (in life never guess from what made this white pill or pink capsule). And only we are honest sellers packaged in pharmaceutical packaging black most fearsome tablets, soiling her mouth and fingers. But it helps!

Ninety one million three hundred twenty nine thousand five hundred eighty three

17. «That? Where? When?"and KVN


Quizzes and competitions on TV more than you can eat. But only two games are our original project scenario as all other TV people redeemed from foreign companies. Only two. But the best and most favorite.

Fifty three million nine hundred ninety two thousand three hundred thirty nine

18. Coloring Easter eggs with onion peel


Of course, it's all on the line. Russian peasant usually did not have sufficient funds to gold leaf and honey colors, so that the poor were painting the eggs that you had on hand — onion shelupashkami. Sometimes even eggs thread wrapped to a fun pattern turned out. But how should be boiled in a solution of onion, the egg turned out much tastier than usual, especially if the shell is slightly cracked.

Fourteen million six hundred sixty three thousand eight hundred seventy

19. Cup holder


In a time when glass was worth outrageously expensive coasters were ubiquitous — as armor and support for fragile expensive glass. When the glass was cost a ridiculous amount of pension and pfennings, the coasters said goodbye to humanity, boarded a ship and sailed to the beautiful songs in fairyland. It happened everywhere, except for one big-very big country. The people there had a long ride on the trains. But, as you know, like tea, especially in a country of which we speak, the tea party has become a national tradition. And here it turned out that without cupholders shivering in the train can not do: frustrating when you scalded with boiling water. All so accustomed to, that the tea should be drunk from glasses with coasters, and in the houses began to serve the drink the same way.

Eighty five million four hundred thirty five thousand ninety seven

20. Buckwheat


Although the root of the "Greek" makes the suspect in this mess Greek spy, it is the most that neither is ours. Ancient evidence of use of buckwheat is for human food found only in one place, in the Altai. There fossilized grains of buckwheat in the tombs and in the Parking lots is full. Apparently, from the Altai buckwheat spread across Asia — but without much success. Only Japanese and Chinese partially preserved it in their diet by adding pounded the buckwheat into flour, and most people never really ate it. Nutritionists believe: the whole point is that buckwheat should be used from childhood, otherwise a grown man, for the first time trying buckwheat, will feel the bitterness and chemical taste. So, apart from us, nobody really does not eat and can not eat. Although buckwheat is sold in Europe and the United States in all stores "biological" food, but no tears for these bags can not watch. Buckwheat them rare: green, crushed, and good-for-nothing.

Thirty million six hundred nineteen thousand five hundred fifty two

21. Doors that open inward


The legend that in the USSR, apartment doors open inward, the KGB was easier to beat them during the arrest — a legend. Doors KGB men opened themselves — quietly and resignedly. And their location — the usual Northern regions thing. Where a night of snow a couple of feet on the porch piles, very quickly understand how to hang the door when going out of the house until spring.

Fifty two million seven hundred twenty nine thousand five hundred thirty five

22. Brine


Marinade — even drown. Simple cucumber brine you will not find anywhere, ever. Only here. It is unclear why more is not adjusted exports, do not rush tanks, not laid rassoloprovody. You'd think we were the only ones drinking. Or there was no more willing to risk the liver of Prometheus, who stole to have this secret and gave suffering from a hangover humanity?

Forty six million three hundred twenty two thousand seven hundred seventy three

23. March 8 and 23 February


These guys holidays nowhere. Except in Japan our main sexy little holidays correspond to the "feast of the boys" and "girls holiday". But there is only for kids, and we have for all. On the original meaning of these dates has long no one is watching. The day of working women receive gifts even those ladies who had not been five minutes in his life, and on the day of the Russian army the most heroic evaders will not save anything from the new specimens of socks, ties and razors in their private collection.

Eighty million six hundred forty eight thousand three hundred sixteen

24. Zelenka


Perhaps, in our country there is no home where there was not even one vial of green fodder. Magical cure for only: anoint and all will be well. From "domodedova" and "Sheremetyevo" daily fly hundreds of miracle bubbles. They fly to distant lands, to the wild people who do not know what the green paint. Western doctors have learned to distinguish when examinations of Russian children by a mysterious green spots on the body. And once learned — raised the cry, because the kids were plastered with a mixture which is not something that the cast, but from a distance considered unsafe. Solid teratogens with carcinogens. Since then, all sorts of malicious Western fee and then require the production of green fodder ban. But in a country which is still in the textbooks on obstetrics recommended to lubricate zelenkoj nipples of breastfeeding mothers (against cracks), these proposals can be regarded as an extreme blasphemy and even somewhat disgusting. Because this is an attack on the foundations.

Five million nine hundred fifty three thousand nine hundred thirty five

25. Cedar nut

The most useful nuts. So they can get on the table of every citizen of the country, the country must have many thousands of square kilometers of taiga. And industrial method pine nuts do not grow up. Either they will have to sell at a price of indecency: too much space is required cedar to give birth fifty years later the first dozen modest cones. However, now we are exporting pine nuts, but abroad not rush EN masse to buy them: pain unusual this exotic fruit for there customers. published 

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