Dead point. How to make the most the very first step

They will say with a smile: "Well do something about it. It's not difficult. Start. Then you will improve." And you are not laughing, because that's what anything and this is the main problem. You are looking for the exit, walking in a circle in the room. Although the search itself is absurd, as in the room and no doors. The room is your picture of the world. Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. Means to drive circles inside the concrete cube, in which, in principle, there are no options, it's pointless. What to do? Tell me how I could write so that the text resonated with your experiences? It's simple. I myself went through it, I felt it and suffered from impotence to raise even a finger when it came to real actions and not the behavior on autopilot.

I found out, this means that to get at you. In order to find a way out and to move the same stone from a dead point, you need to stop so hard to blame yourself for the lack of action. This is the first. A few days just to relax without guilt. It's not easy. But it is an achievement.

Shake their world The key is to shake up your picture of the world, mixing it with other important for you worldviews. Simply put, to communicate with people. In fact, even no matter what and no matter what. So, drop by drop in your empty concrete room begins to penetrate the new paint and new items. Don't focus on the action. Do not try to squeeze out what took so long to happen.

Grab the chance

Why were you so difficult to operate. Because in fact the first step is the logical beginning of a long journey, the whole of the model. And therefore the brain is so afraid of liability if it is wrong. Then you will understand that the concept itself is absurd error. Error can never happen. Because any error simply change the route. This means that any action is right if it is consistent with your moral values.

To come up with the action and make is an active behavior. Grab the chance is passive, and therefore it's easier

What does it mean to jump at the chance? The more and more you will interact with different people, the more podvorachivaetsya options of tasks or projects in which you could be useful. Jump into any. Just offer your support and stream I am sure you will pick up. This is very similar to a ski lift, when you cling a hand to the rope, and rapidly begin to climb the mountain.

Rusty flywheel the longer you were in a state of deadlock, the harder it is for you to act. So don't compare yourself with galloping entrepreneurs who snap of the fingers pull the super-combination. After the injury, the person learns to walk in small steps, flexing each joint. And you have to move the small victories.

Went out the victory. Met a new man— a big win. Talked more than a minute — super. Any business resembles a flywheel, which is very difficult to spin but if you spin something then have yourself carries its own momentum.

Your flywheel to the same rusty, its mechanisms are firmly rooted to each other. Therefore, even a millimeter of movement, even a small plate of rust that had peeled off as a result of, in its power and importance then it will be comparable to millions of transactions.

Rejoice any change in your picture of the world. Through any movement can appear and will appear the light of hope. I understand that some with a smile, read this article. They say, well, you're quite helpless to address. I would advise you with patience to relate to this text and to the people who adhered to a standstill. Help them move, offer a lesson. Don't ignore it. The irony of this brain trap is that it can hit absolutely anyone on absolutely any level of development, as once it did. published

Author: Mikhail Dashkiev.



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