How to prevent problems with the blood vessels of the brain and heart

I have written many times about the magical properties of the pericardium channel. In many articles and speeches stressed how important this channel is to maintain and restore health.

But I still think that I did not say all the words that this channel deserves. A magical properties of this channel is still not known to the end, expect further in-depth study.

To better understand how they work in our body active channels, you need to first understand how they are inside our body.

Channels have two parts – one passes close to the surface of the body, it and there are active points on which we can act. But there is a hidden part of the canal that runs inside the body, connected with internal organs. This part of the channel cannot be displayed in the diagrams.

As stated in "the Imperial manual":

"The pericardium channel starts in the sternum, his collaterals reach the diaphragm, and triple heater (i.e. the whole area of the peritoneum)"

If you follow the principle of “channel treats those organs in which it takes place”, it turns out that, acting on the points of pericardium channel can influence the activity of almost all internal organs. That's really really – the miracle channel.

The outer part of the channel begins at the sternum (the point of Tien Chi) and comes to the point Zhong Chun the nail of the middle finger. The channel is only 9 points. In "the Imperial medical manual" says that the channel treats conditions such as "heat in the palms, palpitations, tightness in chest, incessant laughter, difficulty in elbow joint movement".

In current clinical practice point channel used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Here once more in detail to talk about some wonderful efficiency points of the pericardium channel.

Important Points Of The Pericardium Channel

Point qu ze on the inner crook of the elbow

The first character "qu" in this case means the liver. The second character, "TSE" has the meaning to nourish, to fill. That is the point to fill the liver. The liver belongs to the Wood element. Point qu ze is the water point manual, Cswe-Yin channel of the pericardium. Water nourishes Wood. In addition, Water can eliminate Fire.

That is, acting on this point can eliminate excess Fire from the liver and help the normal work of the body.

Therefore, you can use this point to deal with convulsive contractions of the muscles, convulsions of the limbs, and heat in chest area, dizziness and raspyleniem in the head and other manifestations of excess liver qi in the body. Modern medicine defines these conditions in terms of coronary failure, hypertension...

Point Si Men

Five inch above the wrist crease. The first character has the value of "deep cleft". Is the point to slit the pericardium channel. Used to aid in acute attacks of heart failure. Point-slots are available on each energy channel. Used to relieve acute conditions of the relevant internal organs.

So the stomach channel point of the slit is the point of Liang Qiu, it is affected in cases of acute pain in the epigastric region, on the urinary bladder channel point Jin men, it is used to relieve acute pain in the lumbar..

If during an acute attack of heart failure massage the point si Meng, you can quickly normalize the activity of the heart. But it is better to wsdiscovery these points often, not to wait for attack. I'm afraid that when twisted in pain, may simply not enough forces for a massage.

Point Nei Guan

Two CUN above the wrist crease. Throughout the development of Chinese medicine, this point was considered one of the most effective and important acupuncture points. It is used to treat diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach and in many other cases.

In old medical texts it is said that acting on a point nei Guan and the point Jian Lee (prednaznachennogo point channel, located on the abdomen, 3 CUN above the navel), you can get rid of sadness and gloom (!). Judging from my doctor's experience, this point helps to calm down, relieve stress. You can act on it to combat insomnia.

Use this point when you need to cope with nausea when motion sickness. Combined with the point of Gong sun spleen channel point is used for the treatment of chronic gastroenteritis. Helps point nei Guan to get rid of pain in the knees, but the massage need to add exercise walking on bent knees (see "the Best doctor is yourself"), then you will very quickly feel the results.

Point Yes Lin

The name means a Large earthen mound. This is the point, that is, is related to the spleen. The pericardium channel belongs to fire, Fire gives rise to Earth.

If approached from this position, the point Yes, Lin is an important point for improvement of the spleen. Acting on this point can fight the bad breath, the cause of which is hoarding for a long time in the channel of the heat that causes damage to all energeticheskom channel. Either the reason for unpleasant breath can be a weakness of spleen, when pathogenic Dampness rises.

This point is suitable for dispersion of the Fire and getting rid of Dampness. The fire generates the Earth, if the excess of Fire direct from the liver to the spleen, it would be beneficial for Earth – spleen, and the Dampness will naturally dissipate. Affecting point Yes, Lin, we can redistribute the energy between the organs, is the most reasonable and natural way to use excess energy.

And another important current channel of the pericardium – the point Lao Gong at the centre of the palm

In the book "the Best doctor is yourself" I wrote that literally the point name can be interpreted as: "the Palace to rest after an exhausting labor." This point is extremely effective heals (nourish) blood. Revives after fatigue and overexertion.

One reader wrote that massaging the point Lao Gong, he noticed that got rid of the constipation that plagued him for a long time. That's really really unexpected result!

I encourage readers to observe his condition and to share their unexpected discoveries – let this be our common wealth! Active points – as children – if you do not expect from the child, nothing outstanding, it is likely that it will be so. And if you believe in child to give him to show your mettle, then ahead you will find a lot of discoveries.

Author Zheng Fujun
The Chinese translation of Elena Buyanova

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