Fascinating sculptures of 200 000 Chinese characters

Calligraphy in China has long been considered an art, a refined form of painting. Contemporary sculptor Zhang Lu (Zheng Lu) use of hieroglyphs as a basis for their work.
For their creations, Zhang Lu often uses classical Chinese poetry and prose. One of his famous sculptures is "frozen" water splash.

Of course, to read the lines of the poems are quite difficult, from a distance the sculpture looks delicate, but at the same time, the text can be seen only at close range. Moreover, Zhang Lu skillfully uses a variety of fonts, to complicate the mystery, as the author said, it would be interesting immediately to guess what is encrypted in one way or another sculpture.

For his work, Zhang Lu used more than 200 thousand characters. Thorough knowledge of calligraphy has developed from his childhood. The family liked to read, instilling in your child a love of classic literature parents were people of encyclopedic knowledge, and father always insisted that Zhang was engaged in calligraphy.

Also installed an unusual sculpture of 8080 pencils.

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