Alkalizing food is the source of Your health

Disturbance of acid-alkaline balance of the body is increasingly attracting the attention of researchers, and most doctors claim that all human diseases are connected with this! And indeed, in 1932, the German biochemist Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for what proved the relationship between cancer and internal acidification of the environment. Cancer cells live in acidic environment in alkaline, they will die in exactly 3 hours. However it is very difficult to find at least one disease, the development of which would not have contributed to acidification. When shifting the pH of the blood only from 7.43 to 7.33, it takes 8 times less oxygen. Neither of which health can not generally be considered.

Unfortunately, the modern pace of life and constant decline in the quality (naturalness!) food, most people have an acid-alkaline balance shifted to the acid side. Acidification of the organism is cumulative, incrementally. The body ages. First — a quick, frequent fatigue, frequent colds of all kinds of sickness, then disease, chronic illness, etc.

To test your acid-alkaline balance quite easily in drugstores litmus test that can measure pH of saliva and urine, which will show our acid-alkaline balance. It is worth remembering that the morning urine will probably be sour as through the kidneys of excess acid, therefore, measure the pH of the urine should not the morning and the second trip to the toilet. The pH fluctuates greatly from different factors, and only after repeated measurements we can deduce the arithmetic mean and draw a conclusion about the acid-alkaline balance of the body. When you do this, remember that urine pH below 7 is a sign of acidification, and above 7.5 – alkalization.

That gives us this knowledge for practical use? If You have pH less than 7, you can be sure that your body created fabulously favorable environment for the development of infections. To change this situation in every person!

Probably everyone knows that the acid-alkaline imbalance in the first place, of course, the food. What lies at the dining plate will depend on the overall pH of our body (this parameter characterizes the acidity). Of course, it is necessary to eat all the while keeping the proportion. For a healthy person, the proportion of alkalizing and acidifying foods on the menu should be about 50:50, and for patients 80:20. This ratio is achieved and the acid-alkaline balance.

Fortunately, the menu selection depends on You. But there's a catch!

Each of us believes that trying a particular product, you can determine the taste of its properties! And there it was! Very often, the sour taste of foods our body on the contrary omelicheva (for example, the bright "deceiver" — lemon – one of the main alkalizing foods, despite their sour taste!), and sour to taste – oddly enough we acidification. For example — absolutely "sour" eggs, meat, fish, white bread – the main culprits of acidification of the body!

It is therefore very important to know our "friends" among the products that help to shift the acid-alkaline balance of our body to the alkaline side! Alkalinisation of the body (alkalosis) is currently very rare — so alkalizing foods are good for everyone.

The table shows the degree of influence of products on the acid-alkaline balance of the body.

0 — weak oxidation or alkalization,
00 — medium acidification or alkalization,
000 — strong oxidation or alkalization,
0000 — a very strong oxidation or alkalization.

Products, oxidizing or alkalizing the body (N.In. Walker and R. D. Pope)

Products Oxidation the Alkalinity of fresh Apricots — dried Apricots 000 — 0000 fresh Apples — dried Apples 00 — 00 Bananas ripe — 00 00 green Bananas — Grapes — Grape juice 00 — 00 Grape juice sweetened with 000 — Plums dried — 00 000 pickled Plums — Peaches — Cherries 000 — 00 lemon Juice — 000 lemon Juice with sugar 000 — orange Juice — Watermelon 000 — 000 Melons 000 Prunes — Raisins 000 — 00 Dates — Figs-dried 00 — 0000 Currant — Cranberry 000 — 0 Berries (any) — 00-0000 Fruits (almost all) — 000 jam 0-000 — Cabbage — Cauliflower 000 — 000 Celery — Cucumbers 0000 — 0000 Dandelion (greens) — 000 Lettuce — Onion 0000 — 00 Pasternak — 000 Green peas — dry Peas 00 00 — Radishes — sweet Peppers 000 — 000 fresh Tomatoes — 0000 fresh Beet — Carrot 0000 — 0000 Potatoes with the peel — 000 Beans fresh Beans dried 000 0 — 000 baked Beans — Barley grits 00 — 0 Barley — Starch 00 — Oats — cornflakes 000 00 — 0 black Bread — white Bread 00 — 00 white Flour — whole Milk — milk Whey 000 — 000 groundnuts 00 — Almonds — 00 00 hard Cheese — soft Cheese 0 Cream 00 — 000 Eggs — Egg whites 0000 — 0 Beef and Veal 000 — 000 beef Liver — Chicken 000 Game 0-0000 — Lamb cooked 00 — 0 Lamb stew — lean Ham 00 — 0 Bacon fat — Bacon skinny 00 — 00 lean Pork — Bacon pork — 0 Fish (any) 00-000 — Halibut 000 — Raki 0000 — 0000 Oysters — Mussels 000 published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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