A simple method of "3-1-2" to preserve health and prolong life

Learning the wisdom of different Nations, man tries to preserve health, mind, body, and youth.

The body is a unified systemin which all parts are interrelated. Restoration of youth and the energy balance can be compared to tuning a musical instrument when one string set to another. To play a song only tuned instrument.

In old age our body is faltering, reacts to various external and internal stimuli. As they say in China, "cloudy sky causing the cold, clear skies cause the heat, the wind causes pain in the limbs, the rain causes the disease of the stomach, the darkness causes mistrust, light causes heart disease".


Oriental techniques are taught not only to balance the body's energy and spirit, but also to manage them. The health of any person provides system monitoring and control system of energy channels and acupressure.

Professor of Chinese medicine Zhu Sunsan proposed an effective method of preserving health and prolonging life through exercise and energy channels.

The Professor called his method the "3-1-2".

The method is very simple, but it requires explanation.

  • 3 means three acupressure points: he GU, nei-Guan and zu-San-Li;
  • 1 means abdominal (abdominal) breathing with concentration on the lower dantian (navel);
  • 2 means two feet, which account for the bulk of the physical burden.
Thus, the technique includes massage of the three points, abdominal breathing and belly button exercise for the legs.

Let's look at this technique, no matter how simple it may seem.

Massage of selected points.

These points Hae-GU, nei-Guan and zu-San-Li on the human body, selected Chinese Professor are the most important because they are located on energy channels that affect the circulatory system, digestion, endocrine and nervous.

1. Point Hae-GU — symmetrical (on both hands) are located on the dorsum of the hand in the depression between the thumb and the second metacarpal bone. Hold together your thumb and forefinger, the end folds of skin on the bump is the desired point. When pressing on the point of bursting appears painful sensation, sometimes a “shock” in the course of the nerve.

Point Hae-GU is the point on the Meridian of the large intestine. The impact on it in the Chinese traditional medicine can also be used for "redundancy" and "failure" of energy and leads to its normalization. That's because the point Hae-GU is a large "representation" in the region of the Central sulcus of the frontal part of the brain. Used for anesthesia of the upper half of the body. The impact at this point has a General tonic and adaptive action. Used for the treatment of all chronic diseases as it improves the overall level of body resistance. Shown in depression, loss of strength and vitality.

Contraindicated for pregnant women.

2. Point nei-Guan — symmetrical (on both hands) are located in the middle of the inner side of the forearm, at a distance of the width of the stacked four fingers up from the wrist crease.

The point nei-Kuan — point of the pericardium channel. This point is used to treat vascular disorders, hypertension, as well as upon excitation, hysteria — as a calming point.

With slow, deep pressure on this point for the rest of his limbs get warm, he calms down.

3. Point TSU-San-Li — symmetrical (on both legs), sought in this way. Sitting without lifting heel from the floor, maximum lift toe of the foot. In the upper part of the tibia appears tuberosity tibial muscle on top of which is located the desired point.

Point TSU-San-Li basic restorative and preventive point. Point “a hundred diseases”, ”point of longevity”. Used for the treatment of all chronic diseases, analgesia of the lower torso. Enhances the therapeutic effect of the other points.

It is used for hypertension, peptic ulcer disease, back pain, aching knees and legs, weak vision, poisoning, and General exhaustion, fatigue. Has no contraindications.

4. Before you massage the point, "get together" tune. Sit up straight, face the East or South. The feet to the thigh and lower leg formed a right angle. The head is slightly tilt forward, pick up the lower jaw. Smile or say "Y" to the facial muscles relaxed. Tighten the lower part of the abdomen and chest to give the back and spine's natural curves. Relax. Try to relax all joints and muscles from head to toe.

Massage the point he-GU, nei-Guan and zu-San-Li is performed by increasing the intensity slowly until a distinct sensation of aching, numbness, or swelling. Immediately, however, not zealous, watch out for health.

5. Completion of massaging. Enter a restful state. Fold brush each other the thumbs up (praying pose). Raise their throat, and then, without changing the position of the hands, lower them down the chest to the navel (referred to as lower cantanem). At the level of the navel arms out to the sides and connect them again, "raking" the energy and putting the hands on the navel on each other, aligning the centers of the palms. Women have the right hand to the body, the men left.

Calm. Focus on the lower dantian (navel area). Close our eyes. The breathing should be slow, the inhalation and exhalation should be deep. Free from worldly thoughts. You can imagine the sun in your navel and collect energy from the sun. Complete peace of mind.

Complete rest in the channels begins to freely circulate energy. Then slowly lower hands, open eyes.

How long to sit or lie at-rest (relaxed), you will locate by feel. The usual practice of energy channels, held twice a day for 10 minutes (5 minutes — massage points, 5 minutes of breathing).

6.Physical exercises for the legs are chosen individually to match the physical condition of the person was interesting to him. It could be a walk with the dog, walking on rough terrain with Finnish sticks, slow running, etc.

With the subsequent strain on the legs, the method activates the functioning of the energy channels, normalizes the work of all internal organs, provides balance to all body systems. The mother of Professor Zhu daily deals according to the method of the son, and recently turned 103 years old. This technique is simple and accessible to all. The main thing is to practice regularly and systematically. published


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