5 magic points on the body, massaging that promotes weight loss.

What did we just do not do, in order to to adjust the figure ! Pace yourself strict diet and exercise, and then breaks down and recruit even more superfluous. Sport in moderation and no harmful products - that's the whole secret of well-being. And a little self-massage to boot! After all, our you are many active points stimulation which helps to speed up metabolism and reduce appetite.

Acupressure , or acupressure, - is an ancient Chinese practice that is now available to everyone. Such an easy and pleasant way to combat overweight helps safely lose weight and feel refreshed. But to start with the main buttons Check-breakers appetite!

Points anorectic
Dui-Duan point
One of the main points for the appetite suppressant

Ā«AppetiteĀ» Point
In the ears there are about 200 active points, which improves the stimulation of the work of all organs and accelerates metabolism. Warning: at the ear, the middle of the tragus, the famous point of appetite. Stimulate her as often as possible!

Qu-chi point
Bend your elbows and outside on top of the fold thoroughly massage this point. Daily momentary stimulation point Qu-Chi improves bowel.

Point Zu-san-li
A large number of slimming points located on the feet. Among them are Zu-san-li or "point of longevity." You can groped her in a small recess under the knee. It is believed that the effects of losing it helps to 500 g per day.

Low-gu Point
Located above the inside of the ankle (the protruding bone) by 5 cm. In addition to massage this point it helps to lose weight, it is still useful in the numbness of hands and feet, as well as discomfort in the heart.

Do not get carried away massaging points: the minutes will be enough. And do not forget about the daily performance of the procedure. But if during the self-massage there are unpleasant sensations - better stop

. And your friends know about these wonderful points? Maybe this is just what they are looking for!


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