Bill Gates why I put $ 1 billion of my own money in the development in the field of "clean" energy

In June 2015, Bill Gates outlined plans to double investment in "green" energy to the two billion dollars. The funds will be used to study global climate change and the development of alternative energy sources. Gates has already invested about a billion dollars in start-ups in the field of renewable energy: they are associated with a new type of rechargeable batteries, nuclear power, carbon capture and storage of CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

The статье Quartz on Bill Gates told , why invest your own money in research, "clean energy."

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In the next five years, Bill Gates is investing in clean energy technologies billion. This substantial increase in the volume of investment, but the businessman believes that it is the next five years will bring a lot of breakthroughs in science that can solve the climate change problem. In 2010, the TED Gates spoke of the need to equip all spheres of economy of energy resources, which will not emit carbon dioxide atmosphere.

When it comes to the prevention of the most feared consequences of climate change, my investments mean far less than the policy pursued by national governments. Blockquote> Climate change will affect most of all the people in the poorest countries - that is, those people who the least impact on the environment. Higher temperatures and less predictable weather will affect the lives of farmers who may be left without food because of the lack of harvest. Technology and production designed to improve our lives, become the cause of poverty and disease.

"Green" energy will not only mitigate the effects of climate change, but also the fight against poverty. The high cost of energy greatly affect the lives of the poorest countries - is the experience of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bill Gates sees progress in the energy sector. Many countries changed their policies and deliberately reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The cost of solar panels in ten years decreased by almost ten times, batteries to store energy received from the sun or wind, have become more powerful and less expensive.

Since 2007, the United States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10% since 1990. Германия reduced emissions in the energy sector by 20%. Commission plans in 2030 to raise the level of power generation with alternative sources to 27% - in 2014, wind power in the European Union generated 8% of neohodimo energy. World leaders in December 2015 at the Conference on Climate izmeeniya COP21 in Paris to discuss a plan for global emission reductions.

Scientists agree that to avoid the worst effects of climate change need to prevent the temperature rise to two degrees Celsius. To do this, the biggest "producers" should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Today, advances in science can not be so effective to reduce emissions. Wind and solar power must now have a reserve for windless days and nights - it needs fossil fuels. Wind and solar farms need a lot more space: to provide output power, which gives the thermal power plant, a wind farm should take ten times larger area. Blockquote> These problems can be solved, I'm sure Bill Gates. We need to create the right ecosystem for innovation to spur progress.

In order to create the future, you need to take several steps:

Create incentives for innovation h4> Governments need to increase investment in the development of new solutions in the field of clean energy. Who in the world for the development of ideas in the early stages of spending several billion dollars, it is necessary to increase the funds in two to three times, according to Gates.

Why do the authorities to spend money on basic research? For the same reason that commercial companies do not need it: for the good of society. The Company will receive more benefits than the inventor of - money. A good example - the Internet: difficult for us to imagine life without him, but none kommerchekaya company could not create it.

If the government will invest more money in research in this area - it will attract private investment. Private capital will allow new companies to reach the market. We need hundreds of companies working with thousands of ideas, including the most crazy. No one knows which of these technologies will be the most efficient and scalable.

Bill Gates said that the company has invested in working on new batteries and storage methods, on projects in the field of solar energy. The funds went to a company that is developing new, more efficient ways of using atomic energy.

If the government will increase the budgets, not only I will increase investment, but many other investors. Blockquote> The authorities need to hurry with this step today renewables occupy less than 5% of the market, and to move them will take years.

Develop market h4> Market players need to understand that the negative effects of emissions are real. If the market will take account of these effects, if the players will be thinking about increasing costs of medical services, the impact on the environment - that renewable energy sources will be able to compete with fossil fuels.

Market need an incentive to develop new energy solutions. You need to subsidize players.

Helping poor countries h4> If tomorrow we razvernёm new efficient solution for energy with zero carbon emissions - some climate change is inevitable. Most of all it will affect the poorest countries. Gosudartstva whose production and technology have led to these changes, should be held accountable, should alleviate poor countries adapt to the changes. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helps farmers adapt to climate change.

The next steps depend on the forthcoming Conference COP21. Bill Gates writes that during his life, people defeated smallpox and reduce child mortality four times, digital technology has changed people's lives. He is convinced that mankind will be able to withdraw completely from the CO2 emissions in the energy and industry, if it is to work in this direction.



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