Scientists at Cambridge University have developed a game to help treat patients with schizophrenia

Scientists at Cambridge University have developed a computer game, improves episodic memory of patients with schizophrenia. The game, dubbed the «Wizard», to help patients cope with daily life problems and work. The first results of the use of this method of treatment, published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Шизофрени́я - Polymorphic mental disorder or group of mental disorders associated with the disintegration of thought processes and emotional reactions.

Pretty much, it is suffering from schizophrenia patient episodic memory. Light disruptions episodic memory, we usually call the scattering. We have a long time can not find the keys to the apartment, which "has just been here," or can not remember where to put the car in the parking lot after shopping. However, in patients with schizophrenia, these problems are exacerbated at times, and this creates huge problems in their daily lives.

«Wizard» (in Russian - magician) is aimed at training mental abilities of patients, especially memory. The game is basically resembles a large number of games that can be grouped under the title "Find the items in the room," only with the specificity.

The game is the result of nine months of collaboration between psychologists, neurologists and professional game developers. The main emphasis was on the fact that the game should be fun, attractive, motivating, easy to understand, while including a set of exercises to improve memory.

In the game you can create your character, choose his name, as well as some of the characteristics. Then, this character will be necessary to move the scenario, performing different tasks. Jobs, in turn, start with a very simple, but with each level it becomes more complicated.

Also, "chip" developers are motivational screensaver game that will both encourage the player during the game and help him not to give up after failing to pass the level.

In testing the game was attended by 22 patients with schizophrenia. They were divided into 2 groups. Half of them were treated with conventional methods and a second part with play. At the same time play the «Wizard», patients were allowed no more than 1 hour per day. As a result, the standard check on the level of episodic memory, participants of the second group showed significant progress compared with the first. The test group did significantly fewer errors, and they needed much less attempt to remember the location of different objects.

It is also important to stress that, in contrast to most other techniques, like patients play «Wizard». As the researchers noted, a high level of motivation is very important, since patients with schizophrenia usually just suffer from its lack.

Now the game is designed for use on tablets running iOS, but in the future, developers plan to transfer the game to other platforms.



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