The rich, who did not want to leave a legacy for children

Today we tell you about the famous and wealthy people who have decided that their offspring do not deserve to live in grand style at the expense of the parental inheritance.

President of Miscrosoft Bill Gates

Bill Gates is one of the world's richest people. But he and his wife Melinda are not interested in having to leave all their money themselves or their children. In the 2010 interview, Gates said: "I always knew that the children leave all the money - a bad idea. It will not be useful either for children or for society. " Instead, in 1994, it was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the capital of which, to date, more than $ 37 billion. Fund even established "The Giving Pledge". Another wealthy people are invited to take the oath to join the Gates and donate a portion of their money to charity.

Business tycoon Warren Buffett

Being incredibly wealthy investor and philanthropist, Buffett promised to give 90 percent of their wealth either during his lifetime or after his death. If you believe the information in the magazine FORTUNE, Buffett began with promises 83 percent of the charitable foundation of Bill Gates and Mellis. Oracle of Omaha is not worried that his offspring will not receive their fair share of the father's money. Echoing the general atmosphere of this list, in a letter Gates Foundation, Buffett wrote: "I want to give their children just so that they can feel that they can do anything, but not so much that they did not want to do anything».

E-Bay founder Pierre Omidyar

According to the magazine Forbes, from the moment when at age 31 became a billionaire Omidyar, founder of E-Bay has as its main task the sacrifice of much of their money is not his own children, and those who are less fortunate in life. In 2010, Omidyar signed "The Giving Pledge" Gates and Buffett, and continuously transfers the stock E-Bay at Omidyar Network - his philanthropic investment firm. He and his wife Pam are also the largest private philanthropists, donating money for the fight against human trafficking.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg Salary for the execution of the duties of government - $ 1 a year, as with a net worth of 19, $ 5 billion, he quite firmly on its feet financially. However, Bloomberg also is an avid philanthropist who has donated millions of Johns Hopkins University, the Carnegie Corporation, and many other non-profit organizations. In his letter of application to "The Giving Pledge," Bloomberg wrote, "almost all of my own capital in the future will be handed out or left to my foundation." However, two daughters Bloomberg may have to pay the bill for his father's funeral. One day, Bloomberg said: "the best financial planning ends unpaid check returned by the undertaker».

Rock star Jim Simmons

Bassist KISS, one of the most profitable American musical groups of all time, you can call the person who "self-made man." He was born in Israel and then moved to Queens with his mother, and organized groups, which subsequently won 28 gold records. His children, Nick and Sophie Simmons wants to go the same way of life. In an interview a few years ago, the rocker said: "... in terms of inheritance and all that, take care of them, but they will never be rich at the expense of my money. Because year after year, they have to get out of bed, go to work and make their way in life. " So the $ 300 million belonging to Simmons, after his death, will be sent off into another place.

Camaya Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart

Reinhart - Australia's richest woman - wants to cut back on children in their heritage. The very Rinehart inherited iron ore companies and financial condition of the father Lang Hancock, and her children were also written in his will. However, given the Australian media court documents show that Rinehart does not believe that four of her children are able to cope with family money. In one of the court documents Rinehart said: "None of the plaintiffs did not have the necessary abilities and skills as well as knowledge, experience, judgment or responsible work ethic, to dispose of the funds, which are part of the growing HPPL Group».

Actor Jackie Chan

In 2011, movie star announced that he had decided to send half of his fortune to charity after his death. Chan added that he has no plans to leave his son Jaycee any one of the millions of dollars earned for his acting career. "If he's got the ability - he earns his own money. If not - it will just waste my "Chan said in an interview.

Co-founder of retail chain The Home Depot Bernard Marcus

Marcus grew up in Newark, New Jersey, the son of Russian immigrants, and decided to establish a Home Depot. His success in sales has helped him amass 1, 5 billion in equity. His philanthropic deeds include the Georgia Aquarium and the funding base of the Fund Marcus. Not wanting his children to inherit a lot of money - for their own good, as he put it in an interview with Forbes - Marcus plans to transfer most of the shares of Home Depot in its fund, which aims to help people with disabilities and education funding.

Businessman Chuck Feeney

Chuck Feeney is a co-founder of Duty Free Shops Duty Free (those shops at airports). In the late 1980s he was one of the world's billionaires, up until not passed all his belongings to his foundation under the name Atlantic Philanthropies. Before rob their kids inheritance, Fini made great efforts to ensure that convey to them the value of money. Fini sought this goal, forcing the children to chat with friends on the phone booth, work on holidays, as well as earn money while in college. Today, there are rumors that Fini is not even a house or car. Once in an interview for the New York Times Feeney said the famous phrase: "I want the last check I made out was returned for non-payment».

British chef Naydzhella Lawson

Lawson - best-selling author and TV star, which made her a millionaire even before she married (and later divorced), a wealthy billionaire advertiser and part-time art collector Charles Saatchi. Although the Lawson comes from a wealthy family, it seems that it firmly believes that his two children should not be given the same advantages. Cook was subjected to severe criticism because of his statements, "I am determined to ensure that my children were not financially secured. The ability to make money does not spoil the people. " This statement Lawson continued that does not plan to leave their children, "poor", but adheres to the idea that after school they have to support themselves by.

Media mogul Ted Turner

Turner - a prominent philanthropist, so that the distribution of money, he is known as much as their earning. Amassed a fortune through the financing of such news agencies as CNN and TBS, Turner gave literally billions of dollars in institutions such as the UN Foundation. In Turner's five children from three marriages, but all of them do not expect a large inheritance when his father depart to the other world. Joking or seriously, in the 2010th Turner said that he was "almost on the verge of poverty" and he needs only enough money to cover funeral expenses.

Hedge fund manager John Arnold

Jon Arnold Although only 40 years old, last October, he closed his hedge fund, Centaurus Energy, and retired, amassed a fortune of $ 4 billion over the last ten years. Now Arnold and his wife, Laura devoted themselves to the distribution of that wealth with the help of his foundation. The money goes not to their three children, and to support innovative inventions. According to Laura Arnold, "because of our families and our personal experience, we just do not believe in dynastic wealth."

British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber

Accumulating hundreds of billions of dollars and becoming a knight, thanks to the work of the composer in the theater, Webber wants to use the savings for the promotion of learning the art. Once Webber said: "(The Will) this is what you begin to wonder at my age. I do not believe that the inheritance is necessary to ensure that you had a bunch of rich kids and grandchildren. In my opinion, the inheritance should be used for the maintenance of art. " Of his five children, "take care," but most of the capital, nevertheless, goes to fund programs related to art.

Director and producer George Lucas

In July 2010, Lucas signed the "Oath of the donation" Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, promising before his death, to give at least half of his fortune. In his letter of application to the "Oath," Lucas wrote, "I will make a large part of his fortune to improve education." Also, a father of four, said that four billion dollars that Disney company paid him to the base of Lucas Film, will also go to charity.

Texas oil and gas magnate T. Boone Pickens

Throughout his life - the delivery of newspapers and to the management of the oil company Gulf Oil - Pickens spent making money through acquisition. Because of this, today invader company has 1, $ 4 billion of equity capital. It is therefore not surprising that Pickens is not inclined to just give their money, even if it comes to his children. Pickens is still one of America's billionaires, who took "The Giving Pledge", and thus sacrificing at least half of their money to charity. When Pickens was asked how much he would leave to their offspring, the tycoon said: "I have long said that I like to make money, and I like to give them ... I'm not a fan of wealth by inheritance. In general, it causes more harm than good ».



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