Marriage... Positive reframing

Reframing such familiar words as MARRIAGE on the basis of the hexagrams No. 31 "Interaction" from the Book of Changes.

Briefly remind you that this "positive reframing". Reframing — is the brainchild Pezeshkian positive psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and NLP.

Reframing — this is a purely linguistic (verbal) action on reformulation of their relationship to the event — with the usual negative attitude to positive attitude is unusual. Reframing, therefore, provides finding positive meaning in all events.




A special case of reframing is renaming. Some processes, things and phenomena need new "names" because their old names carry a clearly negative meaning, and doomed from the start.

This happens according to the principle — as you name the boat so it will float.

Reframing the use of vengeance, even going to the ridiculous. A well-known example is the innovation of the "master of purity" is a graceless term "worker".

You can laugh all you want, but sometimes the person is not other way but to use reframing to yourself and your situation. And a drowning man clutching at any straw. And laugh at him at this point is stupid and tactless.

Especially because, you see, reframing is the sort of thing that works. This straw is really able to save a drowning will save them hundreds... those of course who believe in it, seriously involved, leaving aside the to nothing lead — skepticism and mockery.

But enough with the introduction part. I want today to engage in the reframing of such familiar words as MARRIAGE.

Who not only laughed at the word marriage. "Marriage" in the Russian language the word doomed, because "marriage" is no good name, isn't it?

Supplements the negative term "my mate", which is the subject of scoffing, although for a smaller number of people.

Half is kind of... broken Cup? And who wants to be "half broken Cup"? Who voluntarily fancied himself a fragment, a shard, part of a split — read — DEFECTIVE product? How can you drink out of a Cup?

Agree — no way. But while the plot of "weakness", "half-hearted", I found the other positive context for this situation, and he will save us. Forward Reader! I'll show you the story of true love...

In this search and finding me, as always, helped the Chinese, but rather Chinese "Book of Changes" — "I Ching".


Hexagram No. 31, "Interoperability"Is in the Book of Changes hexagram one, No. 31.




Remember until this number. Hexagram is traditionally translated in Russian as "INTERACTION", and the Chinese is the absolute identity of what the meaning of the series: marriage, family, friendship, mysterious and fateful intertwining of two (exactly two) of human lives.

But most of the Chinese character, Russian translators translate as "interaction" (i.e., marriage) is another very old and quite unexpected meaning for us. Attention!

The Chinese character "Interaction" literally also refers to this:

"Broken pottery, United halves which serve as the password when the meeting secret allies."

That is — "marriage"! And here about some of these "halves" going on!

All right.

From the point of view of the uninitiated in the mystery of the man in the street, Cup (pottery), broken in half, is marriage a thing in the banal "economy" — is worthless. But You take it higher!

No one is going to drink out of a Cup of tea! It is a symbol, a mark that serves to meet two undercover agents who do not know each other either in person or by name — took place.

In Ancient Greece, by the way, for such purposes, used the coin, divided also into two ragged uneven halves. Also — "marriage". Is this coin going to pay in the market the greengrocer? But not for these purposes served the Greeks "broken" coin...


The philosophy of "halves"With the concept of "marriage" we understand. Now let's talk about complex and controversial philosophy of "halves"...

I often see the saying, now a blockbuster:

"Second half y of pills, brains and ass. And I — well existing whole".

In my opinion, there is nothing more harmful than such a philosophy, unless it is boyish that time passes by itself.


Wonderful Chinese way especially broken pieces (by Whom? Let us leave this question...) is the image, suitable as a ready-made plot for a good fairy tale therapy, he sounds like a high and just beating the target of the psychotherapeutic metaphor, although it's not fictional, it really is only a historical fact.

However, in order to "get" this story specifically about a defective Cup, "enter into it", as psychologists say, and that this story has influenced you, aroused the insight, understanding... you need to understand, realize and accept — their own partial and even flawed...

Pride falls asleep the eyes of a man like sand during a dust storm. She makes him feel "whole", do not need anybody at all. (Remember, China's "marriage" means "different types of long and fruitful dialogue with people")

But at one point a person realizes that he is only a part of the broken Cup. And moreover, he gleefully realizes that the Cup of this was broken not by oversight, not because someone "gape" or someone is "bad host". And that his piece cups, not sweep it now with litter in public as a useless worthless garbage, from where it is now impossible to drink.

It is like a piece of the broken Cup should fulfill a more important mission — to provide two Souls meeting and recognizing each other in the darkness.

One understands, finally, that all that is required is to get on the road and follow it until you find the missing pieces.

But to understand this, first you need to realize that you yourself "to a whole the missing part"...


The lesson gives us Hexagram No. 31 "Interaction" or Any of the pieces.Keeping in mind the ancient Chinese metaphor , "especially the broken Cup — the secret password", you can finally learn to accept yourself and others (self — first) as they are.

Because now the question is: "Which of the pieces — more and what — less" is meaningless.

When reunited the once divided subject, it does not matter which of the pieces more, and some less.

It is important that they are properly formed, merged.

You may have a few "accomplishments" and "virtues." You can be very, very small piece. But You, the small piece will be missed in order to fold the Cup.

This lesson gives us Hexagram "Interaction", Hexagram No. 31.

No wonder I was asked to pay attention to her number.

Hexagram No. 13 — otzerkalivayut hexagram "interaction" called "Allies" and teaches the enormous potential of the mutual, synchronized actions.

Coincidence? Or high concept?published

Author: Helen Nazarenko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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