The energy structure of man and society

The role and place of the human element in the system "Society»Literally human energy is not associated with biochemical processes occurring in his body. They are intended only for the production of crude energy, which helps to maintain the vital functions of the physical body like the permanent battery feed. Any such body corresponds to the copy energy structure, it then interacts with other subtle levels. The name "soul" — is a vague notion about this structure, which is much more complex and varied. The soul only in the sense — as the essence of man, and has some sort of analog, but in General, it is more difficult.

Energy to a greater understanding of the subtle worlds is a constantly functioning matter, acting according to other laws and regulations, but which is essentially more developed and more stable.

Category of principles of interaction of subtle energies is a substance of conscience. On a subtle level the process of energy exchange occurs a self-tuning way. All the instincts of self-preservation of the physical body at this level have functional controllability, they are adjusted and managed by subtle energy.

Impact and intake of energy on a subtle level occur in the interaction of the mental plane, associated with the birth or using the ideas of existing and accepted in the society. Here is the interaction of ideas and exchange of energy is the subtle plan of the company. Subtle energy levels of a person — is a system that allows the physical body to properly navigate in the environment and carries basic information about the functioning and interaction of the physical body with the environment.

A process of constant exchange of energies, their interactions in the functioning of the physical body and coexistence within the possible energy dependence and communication — there is a single law for all energy interactions.

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The person here can be represented as like a planetary system, consisting of kernel and peripheral units, operating autonomously, taking into account the processes taking place inside the energy system, and the impact on it from outside. Intuitively, this can be expressed in the form of a ball having a core and peripheral units interacting with the external energy structures in a constantly changing, exploding and renewable energy relations, This autonomy is quite stable and disappears with the destruction of the physical body.

At the level of society has a system over a global order in which every member of society is included as a separate cell as a separate unit, although the principles of the energy systems of society and man uniform, otherwise there would be build. This uniformity is caused by the fact that living in certain areas, people interact and exchange energy frequently.

The whole system here is functioning like General management, directing and coordinating part. The individual links or the man himself walk in there as a component of the system, giving or taking, by virtue of its operation, part of the energy. All of this is the General thrust in its development and functioning. There is no clear deterministic relations, the situation is constantly changing, which is determined by the tasks for the society.

If the company operates in the system of agreed relationships, it thrives, and if disrupted the interaction of any one part begins to Davlet over the other or use more energy than others, the equilibrium system is disturbed, its reorganization, and the processes to trim a large part of society. As a rule, the energy here is fairly stable and, in General, changes slightly. A significant change in potentials of the company occurs or at the time of its evolution, i.e. movement to a higher stage of development, or at the time of sunset, i.e. destruction.

Then tearing the ties that divide all elements of the system, leading her into a state of chaos, and in the absence of the Central control unit occurs its capture or accession to other, more energy intensive and stable systems.

Human interest (perceived need) — there's a kind of source of energy needed for the existence of any mere individual, and it works inexorably. Unrealized interest in one species will inevitably be implemented in the other. Here the moment of understanding and growth suggests a reasonable and proportionate harmonization in consumption and recovery of energy, for which there is regular human activity in the form of the cost of the existence and receipt of the payment.

The role and place of the human element in the system "Society" is twofold:

  • on the one hand, the people with knowledge and capabilities in the organization of the system, trying to bring it into balance;

  • on the other hand, passively related to everything are the elements that are not included in the total system interaction.

There is one condition that can guide society to self-organize — century system of a particular society has certain boundaries and to change what is happening, it takes time. Society should result in a coherent system the interests of social strata and groups, reflecting the aspirations of the majority of its members, and this requires structural changes.

Individuals are relevant to this process only in the case when they are able by their actions to make corrections in the system.

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In this sense, an individual, whose actions are aimed at the correction and have the system its value. However, in this system there are elements which are in the form of individuals functioning as agents of an alien system and their tasks are at odds with the operation system of the whole society and they, these agents serve as agents of the requirements of other energy systems of other societies, they have a different value orientation.

The laws of social development are several types and orders, depending on exactly factual situations. This happens normally through gradual changes, but the necessary conditions are relatively uniform development of all parts. When conditions change and there is no possibility of uniform development, impaired balance and become a real possible disasters and social upheaval. It all depends on what represent the powers that be? If they want to develop their society, or the question is only the forcible seizure of energy resources? As a stage, this form is also acceptable, but, as a rule, the initiators of this kind of interaction that ends very badly.

Once received, after a certain period of time will necessarily created the conditions for a return, but at the time a situation may arise when the number returned exceeds that critical level that determines the overall ability of this system that have something to give.

If the number of returned energy will exceed what the system can do in the other period, it is destroyed — be it a group, family or individual. The process of redistribution and return of energy is one of the laws he is, in a sense, inevitable. And such a return, as the intake of energy, not put on the understanding of weighing and conscious evaluation of each — should he take so much and if he as much to return as it inevitably will — have an understanding of each of the interests of the people around him.

Every person working on the land, should be able to do is the best and appropriate way, but to consciously limit myself in the claims to hurt someone's interests and use them, or assign someone else's work unfairly. Not to take away and divide, but to help and develop, sometimes harshly forcing to fulfill the conditions — not to humiliate their own kind!!!

The idea of society is simple, eternal, and well understood, but to bring them to life always interfered with the primitive human selfishness, putting in first place his "I": I have time... I'll do it... I, I, I. It is necessary to move to the category of "WE" then something will happen and society as a whole!

The key to a stable society — the harmonization of at least the minimum interests of social strata and groups. First and foremost — a clear perspective for the future. Each person had the opportunity to work and receive the results of their work with residual capacity for their own development, and not just for reproduction and survival.

"We need to learn to be men, not personnel, tighten the screws!"recommendations from above. published 

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