The institution of the family is a generator of spirituality

The institution of the family is the main mechanism of human development, which in the USSR was destroyed, and still he was not paying proper attention, the basis is still the same economic model of society.
If economic value will continue to exceed the moral viability of the company is under a big question, because for centuries mankind has developed other approaches to understanding and organizing human life.

Model of society:
— spiritual and moral
— economic (Domachowska and Marxist, pseudo-legal)
— social (liberal, Marxist-Leninist, etc.)
— sexual (radovsky and polamazonia)

Should strongly reject the unilateral thesis of the economic model that the family plays a decisive role in creating a workforce for society and is a fairly simple economic unit of consumption society. Constantly being told about it by scientists-economists and proponents of economic models of social development.

Family is the most complex mechanism of renewal of society, which was formed during tens, if not hundreds of years. At all times the life and development of mankind, he had to ensure the execution of multiple tasks in a continuous and consistent resumption of the vital process (of social development). To such tasks or functions of the institution of the family in the first place include:

1. The function of the biology and reproductive resumption and development of the society
2. The function of social renewal and advancement of society
3. The function of moral and spiritual renewal and development of the society

Consider these features, focusing on the problem of continuous renewal of companies. On the problem of development yet forget. Moreover, it is necessary to distinguish between progressive and regressive development.

Functions of the family institution

1.A function of the biology and reproductive resumption and development of oldestablished a transfer to the next generation of reproductive health, which includes not only fertility, but also such important abilities as the ability to the nurturing and development of the fetus in the prenatal period, the ability to actually a healthy birth, the ability to breast-feeding and nursing of the baby and many other abilities up to the abilities of the education of the gifted.

Manifestations of inferiority in biology and reproductive renewal society connected not only with common environmental problems, but with the lack of culture that our ancestors had. It should also be noted insufficient attention to the main part of the families for their reproductive health, and the absence of any recommendations to preserve and increase the reproductive health of children in the family from an early age. Before this kind of experience and information passed down in the family from older generations to the younger, from fathers and grandfathers to children and grandchildren, mothers and grandmothers to daughters and granddaughters. In the power of the military and political upheavals in Russia in the XX century and the death of a large part of the population the experience in a significant number of families were lost. A significant impact on the transferability or even the adoption of such experience is evolving and growing disunity generations.

It should be noted that the largest contribution to the separation of generations is usually made during periods of revolutionary upheaval, shifts of ideologies and even changes in government. The new government found it convenient to use the separation of generations in their political and even economic purposes. We owe this periodic mindless opposition of youth to the older generation. This is due to the objectives of the government to protect themselves from criticism, from accusations of violations, which the older generation see more professionally and competently. Unfortunately, the problem of the continuity of social and spiritual experience between generations, the government does not taken into account. They simply neglect the minute in pursuit of their corporate or party political purposes.

If we look at some of the above presented models of society, meets the objectives of the biology and reproductive resume, unidimensionale the supremacy of spiritual and moral model, that is, a model religious. In all religions the birth of a child is given special attention, since it involves many rites and rituals, most of which in any denomination is associated with child health (e.g., increased immunity, dipping a newborn baby in cold water – baptism).

In the rest of the models: economic, social and sexual, we just do not see interest in these issues. Our relatively young science, responding primarily to problems of economic and social models, not enough studying the experience of the confessions, does not develop it to a truly scientific level. Although the possibilities of the knowledge society there are hidden enormous. Their potential to explore these issues in science. In any case, for now. While the tasks of family and tribal culture do not manifest themselves actively in public policy. That is, the state order for research in this area has not yet sounded. But it is also necessary to society as the order of, say, fundamental research without which the future of society is inconceivable. In this respect, the question arises about the need to create family-clan SKOLKOVO, although the division of research of the society may not be welcomed. May not be welcomed any corporate office, which could be the prototype of the "Golden billion".

At the same time, we note that science through the issues of education, pedagogy and psychology, through to the needs of other industries, is approaching these issues. In some cases, it makes a wonderful development, and even open, which of course it is necessary to use in full measure for the education of the younger generation. But the approach it is through the implementation of social and economic development models, but not through the implementation of the overall needs of society in the revival and meaningful development of family and tribal culture.

2. The function of the social renewal and development of the society is the formation of each succeeding generation's ability to individual work, ability to labour collective, ability to a reasonable and socially responsible action, the ability to protect their families, their homes and the Fatherland.

Unfortunately, we have to admit today's society, the General negative attitude to the labor process itself. Citizens are only interested in the results of work all more than their cash equivalent. Especially negative attitude formed in the public opinion to physical labor. The latter is not a cause for concern among teachers because it is the physical labour was one of the main factors of development of intelligence in humans. This "Darwinian" scientific approach is somewhat contrary to religious canons, but it satisfies a social and economic model of society that formed its system of education in recent times. Here it is necessary to insist that the work is one of the main factors of the mind. If our science would agree that other factors of the mind imprisoned in religious sources and the actions of the Divine forces, it will be very useful. But unlike earthly labor, in the work of heaven, we have no power, ill his study, and almost do not possess. You can say, I have forgotten how!

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the monotonous physical labor contributes to the development of the subconscious and, thus, develops creative thinking of the individual. This is shown by modern research in the field of new science – of rhythmology. In this approach, the concepts of gravity and isoethernet this kind of physical labor are changing. In mass cases of peasant labor such processes in the subconscious became the basis for the development of creative abilities. Remember how much Rusko talents and geniuses came from a peasant environment from University, Voronikhin, Kulibina and brothers Cherepanov to Yesenin, Stakhanov, Twardowski and Gagarin.

Of course, it is helpful and working together in the family, which because of modern isolation-exclusion of family members from each other (parents work at work, children playing in the nursery school or in kindergarten, in school) sometimes difficult to implement. Moreover, the children in the family often instill an unhealthy taste for the idle life, removing from working with educationally illiterate and inadequately compassionate family and friends. As a result, in the modern family the children are unable to acquire job skills, not attached to the joint collective work, to social activities. As a result, they are not formed: a key need in their self-assessment, a fundamental requirement of search for the meaning of life, the need of participation in social activities. Hence originated infantilism, fear of decision-making and a corresponding inability to defend himself and family and his country. Completes the decomposition of the individual mental disorders, different types of antisocial behavior,... and crime. Meanwhile, traditional family and tribal culture, it was assumed, on the contrary, the joint family labour to form in the younger generation work skills, respect for labor, to the labor abilities of each member of the family, of deceased ancestors. It was supposed to form the positive attitude of the individual to his own labor value in itself, finding its place in public life.

With regard to economic and individual choices of social models of society, their advocates and researchers in most parts recommended way of acquiring the spiritual and social experience through the structure of the education system. In their view, all should lead to the denominator of economic necessity. However, in these circumstances, economic necessity acquires the properties of a particular form of violence against the person and deforms it, the researchers not taken into account. Note, the main hopes economists lay with the competition of labour. This approach to society is obsolete! It harmful is the fact that part of labor resource becomes idle and the overall system with this in mind, loses its effectiveness. In addition, this model envisages the mechanisms of impact on society that will never be recognized as spiritual and moral. In this model, where citizens are treated as labor resources of corporations, not places the family and the harmonious processes that initially occur and shape the personality of the person.

In this socio-economic approach many of the functions of the family purecoverage educational institutions: kindergartens, schools, cadet corps, colleges and universities. In this part of the functions of the family, while remaining unknown, is completely excluded from the system of upbringing and education. The result is a socially immature person, that meets the economic model, but does not meet higher goals – the spiritual and moral regeneration and development of society.

3. The function of moral and spiritual renewal and development obshestvennaya in the formation sequentially of each succeeding generation of high spiritually-moral abilities:

— the ability to empathize with other people
— the ability for spiritual Union with the citizens of their country
— the ability to selflessly serving his country
— the ability to creative interpretation of reality
— ability to creative collective work for the good of the Fatherland

Thus, the highest function of the family institution is the formation of young people developed spiritual and moral qualities.

So. Already from the moment of conception a child begins to develop the soul and develop spirituality. As shown in fetal research, he perceives and affection of the mother and tenderness of the father, and their relationship, and the relationship of relatives. After birth, these processes are more intense. With appropriate education in this emerging needs the love of parents, of sympathy and compassion for loved ones, compassion for their fate, of love of the highest spiritual and moral beginning, God. Developed in this way, morality and spirituality raise the needs of the individual to a higher level. Develop creative skills, abilities in the Sciences and the arts, the ability for selfless and even sacrificial service to the society.

Unfortunately, in modern conditions is to find samples of such identity formation is extremely difficult. We've used that our geniuses make their way "through the asphalt", not because of upbringing or the influence of the environment, and, often, in spite of haphazard parenting and cruel to the influence of an immoral environment. This indicates our ignorance of the mechanisms of identity formation and the inability to identify key moments in its development and influence them. Unfortunately, our family and school pedagogics do not use the spiritual and moral potential, which was developed by our ancestors, but which was not able and qualified to pass on to future generations. Are unable to convey stability and ability to resist fracture, and a specific spiritual and moral savagery. The subsequent social catastrophe largely contributed to the loss of this experience and our current priority must be given to its restoration preserved and saved from oblivion the crumbs.

The formation of spirituality in a healthy family would be the obvious and everyday, if not for the influence of the environment, interference, and even opposition to the qualitative formation of the person of state institutions in the face of the modern school, which is "not Mature enough" to understand these processes. Do not understand these processes and the government structures designed to protect family and fully to help her. Many cooks spoil the broth, as usual, a child without an eye. Today, instead of carrying out educational activities for the study of parents, family and tribal culture, they are trying to dump tasks and responsibilities for the upbringing of children in the family to the institutions and bodies of the emerging juvenile justice system. Basically, parents who are unable to find sources of income for a prosperous economic life of the family, the children will be forcibly removed and sent to orphanages and boarding schools. The fact that these children will grow spiritually and morally inferior people, creatively untenable and originally dysfunctional, nobody cares.

This approach is consistent with economic models of development of society and some not the best social models in the European sample. Of course, they do not correspond to the rich spiritual and moral potential of the Russian population. However, the economic flywheel is started and sweeps away all the old values and the achievements of civilization from its path. It replaces spiritual and moral categories of legal and economic terms, excludes the impact not only on economic but also on the rest of life. As a result, our society is degrading. To withstand the economic flywheel and juvenile justice can only be the revival of the values of family and patrimonial culture and the introduction before the existing legal forms of protection of these values and equating them to the national values of the culture of a people.

Zaklyuchennomu impact on the "economic drugged" society:
religious institutions and have brought in themselves and in their activities a significant spiritual and moral potential, which, anyway, many years resisted developing the economic side of life, its property, estates and legal priorities. This approach will allow us to understand the significance of the revival of the influence of traditional religions in today's largely flawed life
- wide educational campaign, the historically formed family and tribal culture, which was established by society and the center of which is the institution of the family

If we give up the traditional confessional culture and replace it with, at best, on contemporary culture socio-economic prosperity, we will not solve the task of spiritual and moral upbringing of new generations. Not going to solve because these problems don't even put these community groups, they are not even a new socialist associations and parties. But time goes fast. Don't ruin my life if we are spiritually-moral potential of our people finally, if you do not go back to traditional religions? In the case of the great Russian people, to prove his right of life and positive activity in a world civilization, we must return to our native Orthodoxy, which has preserved the historical and ideological root base goal setting – spiritual and moral guidance of society.

Today the scientific community should understand and accept that the Institute semitone reasonably be considered source, i.e. a generator of spirituality in society. About this generator, and have primarily concerned the state system. The priorities are education, health and Economics should be built around the family. Then juvenile justice and other punitive service will disappear by themselves.

Referring to the beginning of this article, is to indicate that we during the study period (XIX-XXI centuries) the observed apparent degradation models of society: from moral to economic, and then social class, and now to sexual. This fall, we will not forgive nature! Or we will all perish and die, our children and grandchildren? Either we return to the moral model of our existence, ending 100 years of a protracted social circle, armed with terrible experience obvious moral regression, presented us for the past 100 years, some material wealth and convenience? The regression, which is very clearly bares today its already bloody teeth, an invitation to mutual destruction.

Brothers-In-Law Alexander



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