Wind turbine – a tribute to fashion or vital necessity

Given the constant rise in energy prices, more and more begin to talk about alternative energy sources, and to their own energy, living not only on its own site, but also in the apartment. The exception is wind generators, which today are often installed on houses and country estates. This is one of the most common types of alternative energy in European countries. Questions how to make a wind turbine, and whether you can do it yourself, we otvetim in this article.


Types of wind turbines, the device, advantages and disadvantages

Some time in the use of alternative energy sources weren't really necessary and the same windmills set "kulibins" who receive a true pleasure. Today the installation of such devices is a vital necessity that is associated with the high cost of energy, we should not forget that most alternative energy sources, including windmill generator, used as an additional source. They can be used to illuminate the premises, to ensure the smooth operation of appliances of low power, including TVs and office equipment.

It is important! Talking about the full provision of electricity by using wind generators and other alternative sources is possible, if you have the ability to install multiple devices. Views of the cluster of wind turbines that converts wind power into electric energy — a common phenomenon for Europe, but increasingly these mysterious devices can be found in Russia, and the question of how to make a wind generator with their hands worried today many land owners. It should know that there are two main types of wind turbines:

  • The wind type of sailing, where the working surface is made in the form of a sail.
  • Propeller of wind generator.

All wind turbines, despite the external differences, work the same pattern and consist of specific elements that must be present. The main driving force is the carousel on the bed, wheel (sail or propeller), to convert the energy of wind and transfer torque a reduction gear is obtained energy is stored using a battery and converts DC to AC through an inverter. Most likely, you have to make a vertical wind turbine efficiency, which is the maximum. It is easy to understand how a wind turbine works: the air, falling on the carousel on the bed, the wheel by means of a reducer is transmitted to the generator shaft and the resulting energy is stored in the battery.

The turbines with their own hands, what you need to do If you are going to make a wind power source, but do not know how to make a wind generator, you should know that this would require. Wind generators for home easy to collect, but you will have to buy or find on the site:

  • Generator, it is better to use generators, which can withstand the maximum number of digits. Is often used acid generators.
It is important! It is not necessary to use a car alternator that can withstand up to 100 digits, which is insufficient for the organization of work of the wind turbine.
  • You will need a blade of industrial fan or cask for the manufacture of blades for sailing wind turbine.
  • Reducer large size – from 1.5 to 2 meters in diameter.
  • Will also need electrical appliances: two relays (for battery charging and power supply of an incandescent lamp), switch, junction box, and voltmeter.
  • Will also have to buy an electric multi-strand wire and stainless steel wire, also need to stock up on sundries for mounting the device.
Wind generators for home mounted on a mast made of a metal pipe, but can also be used for plastic piping that pipe with a minimum diameter of 160 mm. the height of the mast shall be 10 metres.

The order of Assembly of the wind turbine Wind generator with your own hands is not difficult to gather, and you'll see for yourself. First you need to assemble the rotor itself, which will need sheet metal, curved in the form of an arc. To the lower and upper surfaces of rotor blades are attached by using angles and rivets. The blades are attached to the rotor through a flange, attached to the bottom of the device. For the manufacture of blades you can use an old bucket, cut into 4 pieces (not to the end!). In the lower part it is necessary to drill holes for mounting to the rotor.

It is important! The blades are bent at a certain angle, and the more you bend, the more powerful the device, but down it will go faster. Attach a homemade blade properly, then do not convert, since it already assembled wind turbines will make it difficult. You must first take into account the wind direction. Wind generators for private homes will work flawlessly, if properly assemble the chain, but you need to have certain knowledge in electrical engineering. The generator is attached to the mast and included in the circuit, and then connected the battery. Special attention should also be given to the installation of the mast – to do this, dig a hole of larger diameter, after which it is inserted into the mast and concreted.

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