The most powerful and a giant windmill in the world

In the pursuit of "green" energy as different developers and manufacturers are constantly marked new records. Do not stay aside and the Danish company Vestas, recently presented the concept at the biggest and most powerful in the world the wind turbine, V-164. Each of its three blades is nearly 80 meters (262 feet) in length. To imagine how this grandiose enough to imagine dvadtsatichetyrehletnem building. The area of a circle, which describe during rotation of the rotor blades is more than 21000 square meters, there are three standard football fields.


This giant wind turbine intended for installation outside the land to a depth of 45 meters, can be called eco-friendly source of energy in the full sense of the word, because according to the manufacturer, it is 80% created from recycled materials. He also will be equipped with a switchable gearbox, unlike most of its smaller brethren. It is really a real breakthrough in the development of alternative energy sources.

It is anticipated that the wind turbine with a height of almost 200 meters will provide the amount of electricity self-sufficiency to almost 8,000 houses. No other wind turbine does not close even close to such performance. Earlier prototypes of the wind turbine produces only about 7 megawatts of energy, but the company managed to increase this figure even at the production stage. "As advancement and development of technology, it became clear that an 8 MW version of the turbine will reduce energy costs and at the same time retaining the reliability and structural integrity of the turbine unchanged," says a company spokesman Andres Wedel (Anders Vedel). Moreover, according to the calculations of engineers and spent on the production of this wind turbine kW he will be able to pay back within ten months of its operation.


The test turbine is scheduled to begin in January 2013, and in 2014, one wind turbine should be installed in the Danish city Osterode for 2014. Despite the fact that for the production of V-164 the company will need a brand new production base, production of the wind turbine is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2015. So not in vain the company's employees worked with Vestas wind technology since 1979 and has installed wind turbines in more than 70 countries with a total capacity of over 50 gigawatts of energy, because now, their V-164 shows what wind technology can be today, and what capacity could be achieved in the future.


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