Microweave turbine for those who love the ease and independence

Usually for charging small gadgets in places far from civilization, uses solar panels. Batteries depend on the intensity of light and length of daylight. German designer, a fan of extreme tourism in the mountains, Nils Ferber has come up with a solution that will help to leave from this dependence. It microweave turbine is more compact and efficient device, perfect for those who want to become truly free.

Today, the smartphone runs out of power very quickly and is not always possible to recharge even in Nagornyj long walks. Analyzing existing wind turbines, Ferber invented his portable device and presented it as a compact, lightweight and easy to use during graduation in Lausanne.
Niels conducted a series of tests to find the optimal balance of size and power to check the stability, to understand that the effect on performance when changes in wind speed.

The result is a prototype weighing just 1 kg. And this, according to the author, 40% less weight of the nearest competitor.
The elementary model is expanded and secured with the guide ropes. The wind turbine produces energy around the clock. The main thing that was the wind :)

To the sails of the turbine catch the wind regardless of its direction, polyviscose and speed, Ferber combined turbine with the shaft of the cylinder. So turbine got a vertical rotary axis.

The rotor is more than the competition, attaches directly to the generator shaft. Due to this, the turbine works with high efficiency even with very little wind and reduce energy losses on power transmission and friction.
The generator is able to deliver a constant power of 5 W at a wind speed of 18 km/h Less speed will give a smaller result.

Energy can be accumulated in the built-in battery or to "transfer" your USB device to recharge.
The author presents the world community with its prototype on October design week in Dubai. published

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Source: www.town.org.ua/vse-dly-domu/73457-predstvlen-mikrovetrovi-turbin-dli-teh-kto-lubit-legkosty-i-nezvisimosty


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