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From the urban "concrete jungle" to crush with concrete and asphalt, we run to the garden – breathe in fresh air, enjoy the abundance of greenery, get back to nature. But run away, usually on cars, so each owner of a suburban area raises the need for Parking.

Yes, and to arrange recreation area or track you want the most functional, decorative and durable, spending less energy, time and money. And if until recently this task was rather utopian, is now a real opportunity to get what you want – ecoparking.

What is the ecothe Eco is a durable lawn that is designed for intensive use and heavy loads. That is, it performs the functions of a standard car Park (either the Parking lot or driveway), but it looks like a lawn. This Parking lawn gives you the opportunity to save the plot as much as possible green. And if the plot is small and every foot counts, it is simply a lifesaver.

No longer need to choose between sustainability, practicality and attractiveness – ecoparking combines all these properties. In the same way and doing the garden paths, and any need on the part of the site.


The system is a special grass paver cells, which is filled with soil substrate, and are sown the seeds of lawn grasses. The grid takes the load, evenly distributing it across the surface, and protects the lawn from direct contact with wheels or feet.

In contrast to the monolithic coatings, lawn waterproof, fully preserves the ecosystem of the land and protects the soil from destruction. On the market a wide range of different systems to create ecoparque. In the same principle, they differ in the main element grid. Given that its characteristics depend on the method of installation, and durability, and the durability of the system, her choice should be approached very seriously.

Ecoparking, TTECompany "Russian field" offers grass paver, TTE, Multigrain PLUS – Foundation construction technology Ecopravo, TTE (Trennt, Trägt, Entwässert). This unique, based on the laws of nature, which has no analogues system.

Its main advantages – ease of installation, reliability and versatility. The TTE grille is made from polymer plastic in the form of modules with a square mesh and fastening system tongue-groove, which provides a solid group modules in the fabric. The large surface of the joints and thicker walls allow the grid to receive and distribute the increased load (more than 1200 t/m2), while maintaining the integrity of the soil layer.

Unlike curly, lightweight honeycomb or slatted receptive to external influences, the massive grille, TTE does not lose their performance over time. Your Parking lots, walkways and recreation areas and within decades will be as reliable and decorative.

In addition, when the passenger ecoparking technology, TTE 1 eliminates the need for device gravel-sand cushion (base layer), which is required in other systems.

Due to this, through soil capillaries continues to receive nutrients faster weight increase lawn, and the lawn requires minimal maintenance.

Layingthe bulk of the owners of suburban areas in need of automobile Parking lots, recreation areas, and sidewalks. Laying of asphalt or concrete pavement – the process is long, labor-intensive and costly. But technology ecoparking it all you really get with a much smaller investment, in a short time and on their own. Device all of these areas for construction technology, TTE 1 (light vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons, sidewalks and playgrounds) consists of several stages:

  • The removal of soil, depending on soil type, only the topsoil, or deeper.
  • Leveling, tamping, manually or with a power tool, the permissible deviation the level – up to 2 cm 4 m2.
  • The establishment of fencing around the perimeter of the Parking curbs or commit extreme modules with steel anchors.
  • Bedding – gravel or a mixture of gravel and soil.
  • Styling grille – with lateral displacement of the four cells.
  • The filling – a mixture of rounded gravel with fertile soil (1/1), to the top of the grid.
  • Planting is to fertilize, to sow lawn, water.
Parking immediately available for use as all the manipulation of the lawn no need to wait until it dries or settles. It is important that technology, TTE universal – with minimal time, effort and funds to create not only eco, but also a barbecue area, a straight or curved track and platforms. And for these purposes, the grid can be laid directly on a flat surface, without excavation, which greatly simplifies the already complicated process.

Another advantage of this technology is the ability to use different fillers. Fans of greenery – emerald lawn, adherents of minimalism – gravel backfill and the one of the decorative variants – brand paving from vibropressed tinted concrete. Setts laid directly into the cells, without mortar or adhesives, so the cover retains the ability to hold water, and the lack of "wet processes" significantly reduces construction time. Interesting and combined Parking lots, where the paving is performed zoning, and a lawn sown the fabric. Whichever method you choose, you get decorative, safe and durable Parking, a walkway or a platform simply and quickly.

If you need Parking for more heavy machinery, it is based on the technology of TTE TTE 2 or 3 – used the same grille, TTE, Multigrain PLUS. But when stacking increases the depth of the trench, and as the carrier layer is gravel and sand bags. However, its thickness is much less than traditional training grounds for Parking.


TTE technology, from the company "Russian field" is optimal for all parameters a way to put their "iron horses" and organize movement through the area and zones of rest with maximum comfort for ourselves and for the environment.published

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