How to connect generator to house

Generator for frequent power outages – a thing very convenient, and sometimes indispensable. If your home has a small child, a sick person, or your job requires constant use of electrical devices, and gosenergoset ' more often than we would like, "happy", you have something planned, unscheduled outages, the generator will allow you to show malicious Chubais great Fig and no longer depend on the mood of his left heel.


So you've risen to the occasion financially and has gained a good generator. Of course, the diesel, because diesel fuel is cheaper, more efficient and the life of the engine significantly higher. Of course, not less than 6.5 KW, and the refrigerator does not drip, and air conditioning (or heater) continued to work on the power tools, TVs, computers lacked. 6.5 KW – proven years of experience are necessary and sufficient minimum generator capacity for a typical private house. Be prepared for the fact that you purchase a car, but without wheels and without a cabin, with all the ensuing consequences. Like any vehicle, a diesel generator requires proper care and relations. Treat it as seriously and lovingly, as his own car. And then he will reward you handsomely.

The first revision of your new generator will be very simple. Usually the regular fuel tank of the generators is small, so either stock up on cans to refill the fuel as it is output, or immediately install additional tank solid dimensions.

In house generator does not deliver, who would think to drive home the car? But in the yard, open to all winds and precipitation, to put it prudently. Immediately think of the canopy, and even better — "microguru" for generator. Especially if you live in a climate zone far from the subtropics. To start the engine generator in winter at minus twenty no less difficult than to get any other car, so just think of the summer of the auxiliary pre-heating. Options such a heated abyss, you can easily choose any from our own or Arsenal of winter tools and tricks of experienced motorists.

Now about the power cable that goes from the generator to the house. It is clear that it must withstand without heating load of 6.5 KW. It is clear that he must be a reserve of strength. But to overpay for too thick a cable makes no sense. Let's see what section of wire from the meter to the main distribution intake – and then dance from that. The cross section of the power conductors of the cable should not be less than the cross-section of the main wire your home network. But no need to make it a lot more.

In any case, do not connect the generator to the nearest outlet nearest room! Will ruin the wiring, get a short circuit and even fire! The sockets in the rooms and the wiring to them is generally not designed for power, which will give generator. Insulation will melt, the wires shorted, and you will receive as a gift a whole bunch of new problems. The connection point of the generator is the same main distribution dose, which comes to a power lead from the meter and where is the wiring to all rooms and all domestic consumers.

Now the main thing: how to commit mass murder all home appliances in the case when the generator suddenly appear current, restored regular energy supply? It is clear that such a possibility should be cut off initially. The simplest way to disable the guns on the counter, and then turn on the power from the generator. Return in reverse order. But this is dangerous, because sooner or later, will trigger the human factor, and you or your loved ones accidentally messed up the order on – off switch.

Of course, there are countless automatic devices switching power supply. But they, like any automation, can deny the most inopportune moment. And sooner or later fail. And the consequences of this refusal are the most unpredictable. So the good old switch – just what you need. Handle up – zero phase and an external network served on home wiring, zero and the phase generator is disabled. Pen down – the external network is fully disabled, zero and phase generator powered home network. Of course, zero and the phase from the network and from the generator to the home wiring should not be changed. So, before connecting, run the generator for a while and a normal phase with a screwdriver-indicatorrelease zero and a phase cable of the generator. Respectively, and produce the connection to the switch. The switch is mounted closer to the main dose, the higher the ceiling, so the kids can't get. For example, how to connect the generator ЭА7000А shown in the figure.

And the last thing I want to remind you. Remember that the generator is a car. Remember that the engine immediately after the plant it is impossible to give a full load – you need a few minutes to warm up. The same with the generator: do not hit the switch as soon as I started the generator! Be sure to let it warm up at idle. Then it will serve you long and trouble-free. published




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