A fence made of slabs with their hands, quickly and inexpensively

The fence of the slab – the budget option of the fence a country house. Many property owners prefer this material. Natural environmentally friendly in combination with low cost lead to widespread use of this design.

This article is informative and aims to give the reader a lot of useful information: a description of the advantages of slabs over other construction materials, types of installation, the cost of the work, the algorithm of construction and methods of protection against mold and rapid destruction.

About Croaker

The slab is called lateral cut from the timber, when one side of the material – propylene, and the second remains in its raw form. In fact, the Croaker – product of the mining timber industry. So use of on the fence practical and very economical, affordable for even the pensioners with their small income.

Wooden fence, the construction of which used a slab, has a number of advantages:

  • Accessibility;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Easy to install;
  • High reliability;
  • The opportunity to purchase the required number;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Protection from prying eyes.
All the slabs from sawmills, is divided into 2 types:

  • Wood;
  • Business.
The first option is the raw material for the melting furnaces, good and inexpensive fuel for private houses and baths. Business type drum comes to covering barns and outbuildings, construction of formwork, installation of attic floor and construction of fences.

Purchasing slabs on the fence, you need to sort it. Quality of the Board must be free of bark with a spade or a carpenter an axe. The goal of this operation is prevention, the fight against the bark beetle. After the initial cleaning, the material of the skins and cover with several layers of antiseptic solution. Impregnation of wood significantly improves its service life.

The cost

A beautiful fence can be constructed without significant financial investments. The most noticeable article of this project will be the transportation of the slabs to the installation of the fence. Material for fence structures is a business a slab, which is thin and thick.

In large sawmills and woodworking enterprises of this material may be sold in bulk or packs. It should be noted that the formed bundles in the slab is valued higher, the price is formed based on the amount of time spent on its production and sorting efforts. To buy such bundles is advantageous because the waste will be less in comparison with the use of the material sold in bulk.

Dumped in piles slab has different dimensions, damage and the wizard will be difficult to match it in width. Waste in the construction of a fence made of such material will be very much. Saving on its original cost, sometimes you have to buy another batch of slabs. Otherwise, the fence will be uneven and unattractive.

Modern construction market, where it acquired the basic materials for the construction of villas, offers the consumer a new product – grooved slab, called the block-house. It is produced by the larch or pine wood. Externally, the block-house is similar to a slab, being its imitation. Careful processing of the raw materials increases the service life, improves the appearance.

According to many builders, the purchase of the common weakfish is much more profitable. Especially when you consider the fact that the material will still have to handle with their hands – to clean, sand it, cover with antiseptics. So why pay 10 times more?

Options fence

Slabs can be laid in the fence horizontally and vertically. For the construction of fencing will require the lumber, supporting columns, transverse beams, nails and screws. Tools – hammer, axe.

To build a fence just like that, and you can be creative and place the finished base of the decorative elements. Then fenced will gain individuality and their own "face".

When the installation of a fence can be used the principle of construction of the fence in the pastures. When you select this option, the boards are nailed on the pillars horizontally. The gaps remaining between the individual boards slabs may have different clearance.

Most often, a slab stuffed vertically, in common, this option is called "Christmas tree". Planks are fastened to the cross bars overlap, leaving no gaps. The advantages of the closed fence is obvious – protection from the neighbor's eyes, wind and animals.

The height of the installed fencing may be any. The top boards can handle a saw or a jigsaw to cut a decorative composition.

The finished fence of the slab can be painted. So its service life is increased, and the appearance is noticeably improved. High-quality Swedish paint emphasizes the beauty of the country buildings, and a wide selection of colors will allow to realize any design idea. If you do not want to paint a tree structure, for protection protection from external factors (dust, rain, snow, evaporation, etc.), you can use nail Polish.



Masters, who was chosen as the material for the fence Croaker, can understand the installation of fencing takes a lot of time and effort. The first stage of works marking the territory.

The pegging facilitates the calculation of the required material. The perimeter of the future fence cleared of overgrowth, debris and grass. Defines the columns which should be located at a distance of 2-3 m from each other. If the step is wider, the strength of the fence will be reduced.

The posts can be wood or iron, their main purpose is support for wooden canvases. If you are using wooden posts, they were treated with a resin or a composition based on bitumen. Suitable as oil paint or motor oil. The most important thing is to protect the Foundation from rot.

When you select iron bars purchased pipe of diameter from 60 mm, with wall thickness from 2 mm. to be mounted on these pillars girders welded to a special plate.

Important: the fence of the slab needs no Foundation, but to concrete the poles would be wise. The installation of paintings is preceded by the choice of boards. Vertically positioned dies can have gaps or be installed tightly lap. Fasteners boards to the slab butt opens to the eye all the irregularities of imperfect material.

When installing horizontal runs of dies is not needed. The canvas is nailed directly to the posts. On the strength of the structure this option is inferior to the vertical fence.

In conclusion

The construction of the fence of the slab needs special skills in the construction sector. A correctly drawn diagram and calculation of the material will allow construction of fencing in the short term. Low cost, creative approach and knowledge of the basic aspects of the work allow you to create environmentally friendly, cheap, durable and attractive fence for a country house. published



Source: moizabor.com/zabor/derevo/iz-gorbyilya.html


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