The story of the fence ... and taxis =)

Fences are raaznye, green, blue krasnyeeee .... © this song.
 And ischo: Well, I then climbed back on the fuck? And I can not read ?! © Anek popular.
 Sobsno this could and finish if not an insult to the destiny strebovat eto put on paper. What ist the monitor.


Dad, what are you going on there? - I asked with prosoni - in the corner of the plot? And then Dad with persistence svaezabivochnogo machine with a terrible roar instilled into the ground angle irons. Sledgehammer such size and weight that champion in hammer throwing in fear does not reach it, as the piston go up and down creating a laid-back background fighter breaks the sound barrier. Duc This, fence doing here, Dad said, that corner dumped construction waste to hide from arty beautiful views.
 Knowing the ability Batey only magnus # $ s beautiful, I organized a little tense, but after thinking concluded, what would Dad do not teshilsya, if only I did not come to this with a sledgehammer. Yeah, the enthusiasm of the young Komsomol Batin soon markedly diminished, and from the corner came a monogoobeschayuschee - Sergei, as well ka go, a little help here! "Will you help a little bit" means that the genius to finish construction of the century was to me. Paaap, well paaaap - zakanyuchil me, but we can nafig me? Another ruin that. There's see how you get the most beautiful! Straight Tserretelli local! - I threw a compliment. Compliment immediately drowned in florid terms of whom indicated that this moment if I did not join the construction of the fence, this fence will protect my final resting place.

Cursing our ancestors have invented fences, I crawled out of the house and anticipating sickly hemorrhoids trudged to the birthplace of a new suburban masterpiece - "fence green, short."

Fence promised to be just five meters long and a height of about one meter. In general, such a small fence. But me, have not occupy the zaborostroeniem even the amount of work plunged into a deep depression. Saying goodbye to the weekend I picked up the board and went on to carve out shtaketiny.

Preparatory work went surprisingly smoothly and nastrogat required number of boards I started nailing them to the fence. Dad took over the hard work, support vertically shtaketiny while I like upside-down monkey nailed them to the horizontal bar. Strangely, with this case, I also managed to cheer. It remained the most easy - to paint the fence in green.

From the bowels of the barn Dad dragged a small, twenty liters of green paint and bucket so as not to mar the joy of my brush to remove drinking beer.

It was the second half of the day, I wanted to eat, beer and send a fence in .., that is ... But I could not. It gave me such joy Dad would not have understood. And I paint diluted tears slipped into her hand and made the first sway.

At first I decided to paint the part that looked at the cottage. After half an hour of continuous weeping and wailing, I painted it and moved to the back of the painting.

And at this time frolicking in the meadow daughter with a taxi. She (the daughter) threw her beloved Thaksin ball and undermined as a dachshund rushed after him and dragged him back.

I paint. Dita plays. I paint. Corner of my eye watching them.

Catch! - A child's voice rang out, and flew at me dog ball. The dog, having broken horns, rushing to point the alleged fall of the ball. She is a dog that? Yes Run Run. That's just the dog clearly remembered in that place no obstacles were not. Oh, how many times, it is a jump flew bushes and landed on the ground on the back side.

I crouched behind a fence watched the ball has fallen behind me. Then he looked at the dog and realized - it runs from memory! Dirt clods flying them under her short legs would not let doubt its intentions.

The thought flashed through my life much later. Much.

A - I have opened my mouth to scream, and that caution from the stupid animal rash step, but it was too late.

Short-legged dachshund pushed off the ground and flew through the bushes usual route. In the fence. On the reverse side of the fence on the approximation of the flying dog eyes wide open staring me.

Ten centimeters to the fence, she opened her eyes. Oh, oh, oh, bea, sho here? !!! - I cried hysterically fee and all their well-fed carcass crashed into a fence, just at the point where between shtaketin I looked at her.

The fence was not built by professionals. He was too gentle for such experiments. And he played.

You in the face when a fee beat the board? No? Then you do not understand the joy I experienced in taking turnips freshly painted plank with taxi.

Strike, and through the gap in a pair shtaketin centimeters from my eyes, I saw a spread-eagled on the other side of the fence and her dachshund, Thaksin's eyes, dilated so that they reflect all the neighbor's cottage.

The scribe whispered fee, and slowly slid to the ground. With the same breath on this side of the fence, I slipped.


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