The longest fence in the world (7 photos)

The longest fence in the world to protect one from the other part of Australia, in which live dogs Dingo. Its total length is 5614 kilometers. This fence, according to different versions, or 500 meters shorter than the Great Wall of China, or 1,500 kilometers long. It depends on how you count the length of Great Wall of China.

On the map are marked brown areas spread purebred dingoes, and the purple line - the same fence.

Dingo Australia also not local - they probably brought people from Southeast Asia about 2500 years ago. And protect them Australians local fauna and their flocks of sheep. Dingo love lamb.

For the dingo fence almost come. That is, they are trying to go, of course, but protivodingovy fence as protivokrolichy actively patrolled. Patrol monitor the state of the fence and kill all encountered dingo.


Maintaining this nondescript mesh in order to it manages the adjacent Australian states, if not lying, at 15 million Australian dollars a year. Well, that - the longest fence in the world, after all.

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