Choose a beautiful and practical design of the fence for a private home

Any homeowner understands that to protect its territory, at least nominally – is a mandatory attribute of a private household. For fenced about from prying eyes, unwanted visitors, and simply a decorative feature of the landscape meets the fence. Depending on where is located private house in a noisy city or beyond, a fence can perform different functions and have different heights, designs, design, method of manufacture and installation.


Planning the establishment of a fence around the perimeter of the site, it is important to consider some aspects:

  • the location of a private household (in the city, near a busy road, the building is going to need more dense and high fence that is able to protect the home not only from not petition guests and small animals, but also from noise, dust of city roads);
  • the size of the household (there is an unwritten rule that even a tall fence is better not to build above the first floor of a private house);
  • the type and style of the main building – private house or cottage, of the house (the fence generates an overview image of the entire architectural ensemble and it would be better if its design will be in harmony with main building and landscaping of the yard);
  • features of the local landscape (the presence of groundwater and cavities in the soil, hills and other terrain features);
  • financial budget for the construction of the fence (this will depend largely on the choice of material for your fence);
  • relations with neighbors (not the last important aspect to select the type of fence);
  • the purpose for which you are planning the construction of a fence, hedge, or legend of your property lines.

Before proceeding to the choice of construction material and fence design for your site, decide what you need:

  • the designation of boundaries of the yard;
  • protection from visitors, including from animals;
  • protection from dust and noise;
  • screen from prying eyes (compliance with privacy and some isolation);
  • the basis for the future of the hedge;
  • feature decorative, decoration landscape design.
Currently, the choice of materials for the manufacture of fences of different models is very wide, the most popular include the following:

  • wood;
  • stone;
  • brick;
  • vinyl (frost);
  • forged metal and mesh;
  • concrete
  • polymeric materials
  • slate and corrugated sheet.

My home is my castle

If the main purpose of the fence is protection from humans, animals and the protection of inaccessibility and privacy of the home, it is better to give preference to stone, brick, concrete, or combined barriers of impressive dimensions.

Considering the option among the proposed solid fencing, not unimportant factors will be the cost of the material and the complexity of the fence.

For example, the fence is completely built of stone, will be incredibly attractive from the point of view of aesthetics, will last not years, but decades and will perfectly blend in with the stonework of the building or its Foundation. But the price category of the source material for the construction of a high and works on construction are considered to be rather difficult without the services of professionals can not do, unless you have experience as a bricklayer. In the end, stone fence may be the most expensive option. But it all depends on the length of the fence. For small areas of urban private houses, this mode of fencing is acceptable from the point of view of price and quality.

Somewhat cheaper and easier from the point of view of installation, can cost brick fence. It's quite sturdy and durable the fence will be attractive to look, in case the main building is lined with the same material. Besides, the brick wall can be decorated – to use the material in various shades, to decorate the openings for gates or gate arches, small columns or towers. Imagination has no limit, the weight is restricted only by the territory of the court and your financial capabilities.

Regarding concrete structures, it is the most affordable option reliable fence that will hide from prying eyes in your home. In our country such fences won considerable popularity not only because of the democratic prices, but also the opportunity quickly enough to the fence of any height and shape. Many companies offer a wide selection of the method of casting such fences for any taste preferences of the homeowners. You can create an individual style not only your fence, but also the appearance of the entire site, because the fence is an important element of the architectural ensemble of your household.

Combining different materials for making capital fencing of the site, it is possible to achieve not only high strength, reliability and durability design, but also a unique appearance that will enhance the level of originality and creativity of your home along with yard.

Using a combination of concrete blocks and metal sheets in the construction of the fence, you can create a really reliable and durable structure that will protect your home from all uninvited intrusions. When painting corrugated sheet in suitable for concrete masonry colors, you can achieve an even and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the fence.


Fences of metal and composite structures Following in the price range, and also in terms of reliability and popularity – major fences of metal structures and metal sheets or sheeting. Such models fence can either be mounted from forged elements, or be made up of profiled metal sheets on a frame made of the same material. If such a fence is placed on a stone Foundation, then the design will not only last longer, but will be more durable and reliable.


Wrought iron fences are strong and durable, but because of its "transparency" will not be able to protect your home from prying eyes. Unless you're planning near the fence to plant climbing plants and subsequently to a combined fence with live plants.

Mesh metal fences look great and will last longer if place them on concrete or a reinforced concrete Foundation. If a high Foundation of brick, tile, plastic or other material in tone to metal structures could be a very interesting way of fencing that will serve you for years to come.


A fence made of metal profile has a much higher level of protection of privacy. Such a fence will provide a totally dead isolation of your household. But there are also disadvantages such hedges in terms of reliability and durability of such a fence loses a stone and brick structures. The fact that the metal sheets susceptible to deformation at constant mechanical stress (to avoid which is extremely difficult). Scratches and chips can cause the origin of the rust, which greatly reduces the service life of the structure.

A high fence with a metal frame and panels made of polycarbonate not only protects your dwelling from prying eyes and visitors, but also become the modern decoration of the site, dramatically highlighting it among the neighbors down the street.

Original will look quite rugged construction of metal bars and filled with wooden planks, the space between them. The latest trend in the organization of landscape design are considered to be living walls, fences, panels of flowers and evergreens. The image of your fence will be unique and creative in the use of live panels in between fence.

Wooden fences are out of the competition

Not long ago, the wooden fence was almost the only affordable way to protect your territory for our compatriots. Because wood is a material widely available, relatively inexpensive, easily mounted and processed. In addition, the tree can be varied to decorate, paint or varnish and not have to worry about the sustainability of the source material.


Wooden fences are inferior in durability and strength of stone, concrete and brick models, but they are cheaper. To build a wooden fence from boards, pickets, laths, stakes, branches, the so-called "logs" and other timber products.

Depending on what wood you use you can get as high capital fence, small fence, a fence or palisade. It all depends on the appearance of your house and landscaping on the site and what you expect from a wooden structure.

Contrary to popular belief, wooden fences look not only the city, but also as a way of fencing the urban private sector, especially if under the wooden fence is made of stone, concrete or brick Foundation.

The Foundation of combined fences can be made of different materials, but in any case it will look more aesthetically pleasing, if it be plastered and painted in a tone that will blend with the building facade or elements of landscape design infield or a small backyard.


Depending on how you have the fence vertically, horizontally or by combining the location of the boards, you can get different images of your fencing. Low fences in the same version can serve to zoning already inside the courtyard.


If the fence material is applied and the internal arrangement of landscape design of the yard, for example as the basis for the pergola, benches, benches or platform, the result can be incredibly harmonious and complete image of the architectural ensemble.

Combine wood performance fence can be with different synthetic materials such as polycarbonate sheets. A modern and interesting way fencing will not concede on the durability and reliability of conventional wooden fence, but the uniqueness of your site will add.

A similar design of wooden fences will not protect your house from prying eyes, but the decorative role will be performed 100%. A unique fence design can not only beautify the area but also to raise the status of the entire architectural ensemble of your home.

Typically, the fence is made of natural wood, not stained to preserve the natural shade of wood. To extend the life of your wooden fence it is necessary to cover or fence boards with a special varnish for outdoor structures and renew the coating every 1.5-2 years.

Options of materials for the manufacture of fences are many, and in ways of their combining and decorating designs. With such a large range of options, to choose its own model of the fence for fencing yard or backyard area can a homeowner in any size of purse and taste preferences.published

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