1. Power mirrors - both positive and negative energy, which is aimed at human-mirror always returned to the subject, which it directs. That is, they tend to reflect energii.Takie properties of energy, which is inherent in certain people, can be used with high efficiency to protect against negative energy, including from its targeted potokov.Chelovek mirror well the feelings of others, and if he has to reflect the negative energy, being next to her vehicle, he immediately knows who is in front of him and tries with such a person not to contact. However, himself the owner of negative energy on a subconscious level, trying to avoid contact with these "mirrors", since getting back their negative effect on the charge it is not the best way, until ill health and various diseases. For a man who has positive energy, on the contrary, of a human mirror is always a pleasure, because the reflected positive energy back to the owner, filling it with new positive emotions. As for the "mirror", then determining that the person who communicates with him, support the positive energy, it will continue to be happy to contact with such a person and will always maintain good relations with him.

2. Energy leech - There are many people everywhere and almost everyone of us every day have to communicate with them. It can be good friends, relatives, colleagues. In principle, the "energy leeches" - the same thing as "energy vampires." That is, people who have problems with the completion of the energy, and the easiest way for them to reinforce their power is the "stick" to other people who they simply take their energy (life force). Energy leech aggressive and persistent energy and emit a bad person, their method of pumping energy potential victims is simple - they are trying to create a conflict situation, to pick a quarrel or dispute, in some cases, even the humble person. After that, they dramatically improved health, they become alert and feel a surge of strength, as it is sufficient to energize energiey.Chelovek someone else (a donor), which has been compromised "energy leeches," on the contrary, feels devastated, depressed, in some cases, there are various malaise. The key to the existence of this type of people is the constant presence of donors around them, they are trying to be close to these people, stuck to their energy field.

3. Energy Wall - Wall Energy - a man with a strong energy. Such people are the other called "bulletproof." Any troubles fly away from them as from a concrete wall. But there is a downside neprobivaemosti - negative energy that bounces off them, not in all cases, returns to the person who submitted it, and to those people who are at a particular moment are close to the "impenetrable».

4. Energy remora - These people, even when we first met begin spewing a stream of negative energy, even without waiting for the issue, laying out all the negative that they have accumulated. Like leeches, they do not take energy directly. But also trying to infiltrate into other people's living space and stay there as long as possible. Like leeches, remora - people with a low, poor energy, they seek to impose himself, always stay close constantly make phone calls, look for meetings and contacts, asking for advice. Subsequently, however, in the event of any difficulties, accused those who were there in all the negative, what is happening in their lives. So, do not provoke conflicts, "energy remora" get someone else's energy in the form of sympathy, some moral support, advice. That is forcing itself to other people and indirect ways causing them to make contact, they are fueled by the energy of these people, but the people who interact with them at the same time do not suffer as communicating with energy vampires.

5. Energy scavengers - This can be as both acceptors and donors. Such people are very sensitive, they have accelerated energy information exchange. They love to get into someone else's life and try to influence other people's power with a strong desire to help. Such people can distinguish between two types:
 - The first type includes those who absorbs and negative and positive energy. No reason to be offended, but quickly forget the insults.
 - People of the second type take up a lot of negative energy and give no less positive. They actively delve into the problems of the people and have a positive influence on the biofield of others, but their rapid exchange negative impact on themselves.

6. Energy Samoyeds - This type of people, as if obsessed with their experiences. They are closed and do not consciously want to chat with other people, can not usefully reallocate energy and at the same time create huge reserves of negative energy.

7. Power Plants - This type of people inherently give energy, that is, they are, in fact, the energy donor. Like the type of people tend to excessive curiosity. This feature brings them a lot of trouble, causing dissatisfaction and even anger many people.

8. Power Filters - Power Filter - a man with a strong energy that can pass through a large number of both positive and negative energy. All information is soaked them in processed form is returned to the original source and bears have already modified the charge. All film remains on the filter, to which is added the positive energy. Such people are often successful born diplomat, psychologists peacekeepers.

9. Energy mediators - have excellent energy exchange. Well it takes energy, but can not withstand the adverse effects of energy. For example, such a person to share some negative information transmitted, so it part of the negative energy. Unable to cope with the resulting negative energy, a person passes the information further. The same thing happens in the case of positive data transmission. This type of "power broker" is inherent in so many people.


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