Why is it IMPORTANT to sleep on a hard bed

The spine part of the body, which is easy to disable.The human spine consists of 33 vertebrae. All the vertebrae are stacked one after the other and form a vertical column: the top 7 cervical; 12 thoracic (or thoracic), then 5 vertebrae — lumbar, followed 5 vertebrae fused into a triangular shape creativie and the last 4 the coccyx.

Located between the vertebrae cartilage and ligaments. Their purpose is to absorb shocks, friction, stretching, protecting the spine from impacts and overloads. On each side of the vertebra is a small hole, or spinal canal, from which come the nerves and blood vessels.

The tube formed by the individual vertebrae, creating a channel in which the spinal cord is located. All the nerves and blood vessels are directed from the vertebrae to specific parts of the body. We should know that as soon as people sat down, got up, went and as soon as the spine was in a vertical position, its individual vertebrae are twisted, compacted to soften the blows that can cause damage to the brain and internal organs.



Each vertebra slightly displaced and slides down to the side. Bending or curvature of the vertebrae, called a subluxation.

Here lies the cause of the diseases of man.

So, when subluxation of the cervical vertebrae suffer eye, neck, lungs, diaphragm, intestines, kidneys, adrenals, heart, spleen and other organs located in Guohe.

If you havetroubled eyesight,often sore throat, stomach, poorly functioning thyroid gland, then you have occur subluxations of the 5th thoracic vertebra.

Your heart, kidneys, intestines, nose, eyes, likely, suffer from a subluxation of the 10th thoracic vertebra.

We won't list diseases associated with subluxations of the vertebrae. It is useless because to fix the vertebrae, we should all every day and constantly.

The main thing we must do is understand and remember the following:

All illnesses, all disorders in the body are due to misalignment of individual vertebrae that make up the spine. These offsets prevent adequate blood circulation and therefore nutrition recovery (treatment) and purification of cells and blood. Subluxations of the vertebrae cause unfavorable condition in the cells, tissues, and any organs, prevent the access of air and power components of cells, their purification.

The human body is "complex mechanism".

The structure and function of organs designed to perform not only physical, mental but also artistic, creative, spiritual work. So the human organism functions as in the waking state and during sleep. And because the anatomical point of view, all body parts are interrelated, man must constantly worry about their posture.

Correct posturecorrect posture saying that if you keep your head straight, your shoulders pulled back, chest straightened, chin raised, centered between your shoulders straightened and slightly upturned, the belly is tucked up, the spine is slightly sloped back, if the foot you put one after the other, straightening the knees and pushing hip forward. In this position all parts of the body are in balance. To save the habit of perfect posture, there is no better means than to fix the violations that occur in the spinal column, with the help of sleep on a hard, flat bed.

"If you like to sleep in a soft bed will allow your nerves to atrophy and paralizuvalasya thus, disease come to him without an invitation," wrote Katsudzo Niche.

Soft mattress warms the intervertebral discs and makes them legkoizvlekaemye. Subluxations compress the vessels and nerves, disrupting the supply to the cells of internal organs, and this, in turn, prevents proper blood circulation. Bedsores in patients long confined to bed, arise because of this.

Meanwhile, any disease that is difficult to treat, may most quickly be overcome with sleep on a hard bed. It should be remembered that there is a close relationship between blood diseases (anemia) and the functioning of the heart and liver.

Once the liver fails, all body functions are violated, since the liver is the main filter of our blood, which should ensure the life of cells.

It is known that the liver has a special relationship to diseases of the feet: its function is disturbed due to changes in center of gravity, while in Orhaniye accumulates the acid that causes heart disease, anemia, and then opens a path and other diseases.

In addition, the liver is the "front line" of the digestive organs, and as soon as she is out of order, all functions of the body have been seriously violated. When all groups of vertebrae, starting from the 3rd to the 10th, are arranged uniformly in a horizontal position, the liver is working effectively, but a person lying on the soft bed, the vertebrae form a slight curve, which seriously affected the liver.

Furthermore, vertebral subluxations "interfere with" the nerves emerging from the vertebrae, to function fully. Destroyed information between the cells and the brain. Begin diseases of the organs, tissues.

Transformed cells, because blood accumulates toxins and various organs arise innervation, irritation and inflammation, which lead to pathological changes in tissues: the plagues, seals, tumor formation up to cancer.

Thus, to establish a good blood circulation, you must:

  • to sleep on a hard bed;
  • the neck lay a solid cushion-cushion;
  • constantly monitor the posture;
  • to complete the "goldfish", "capillary", "the Closing of the palms and foot, back and belly" was published

Author: Maya gogulan from the book "Why we get sick and how to deal with it. The laws of health"

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