He did what no idea when took away the dog from a shelter. But then I found something shocking ...

Recently, the blog of one dog lover there is such a record, addressed to a stranger, who gave his old dog at an animal shelter that lulled her there. Here is the text of the record:

Hello! We do not know, and I sincerely hope that never acquainted. From then I know your name? People from the Humane Society has kindly provided me with the papers you signed when brought to the shelter dog named Cocoa. They appeared, that dog of 12 years, and that all this time, she lived with you. There has also been pointed out that you're moving into a new apartment, where it is forbidden to keep animals, so you can not take with his faithful friend, who was with you all these 12 years. You already knew he was talking about? About that same dog that you called her "a little girl and a true friend." There was still something about the "limited financial resources ..." Yes, I'm talking about those securities. I>

That is the point, Jean. By the way, I'm sorry, but I'll just call you Jean, but I would really like to call you in a different way, but I'm afraid you would not like this name. When I saw the photo on the site Cocoa Humane Society and found out that the owner took the dog to the shelter when she was 12 years old, my heart sank. I>

I, too, was once a dog. I picked her because she was bitten by a child, constantly pulled her ears. When the authorities took her and placed in a detention center, I was ready to do anything to get it back, even if it cost me all that I have! If only my dog ​​was again next to me! I'm almost ready to steal her from the detention center and run aimlessly, as in the adventure film. Yes, I was almost going to do it, Jean. Because your dog is not so easy to quit. I>

When I saw the picture Cocoa, I could not understand how you can do this: here and so easy to get rid of a family member. And then compassion made me immediately go to the shelter and pick out Cocoa. "Act as quickly as possible will still be plenty of time to think about!" - So I have a motto, Jean! I>

At that time, when I brought Cocoa to his home, I was very ill: I had conjunctivitis and sinusitis. All in full. I had not the best of times, but I still found it necessary to take an animal, because it feared that it would be mistreated, or in the worst case lull. I imagined how she tossed the cage, desperately trying to find the owner. I could not long endure such thoughts. And it was not even my dog! I>

Two days later, I realized why the former owner decided to get rid of it. I think at the Cocoa incontinence began even before she was in the shelter. Its owner is definitely not like that all the carpets in the house were wet. But because of this to throw an animal ?! A couple of weeks of patience and appropriate medications did their job, Jean. I was happy, Coco was happy, and the carpets were dry. Well, what do you say? I>

Unfortunately, it was only the beginning of history, full of suffering. Within two weeks she began inflammation of the pancreas. This meant that she needed medication and a special diet. I'll tell you: It was not cheap - about three dollars for a jar of such power. And I eat it twice a day. But that's not all, maybe you already guessed what I mean? Yes, I mean tumor. Perhaps the problem with the pancreas arose because of tumors. So it could only wait. I>

Now, I realized you wanted to get rid of Cocoa because it has become old, weak and sick. You knew she had cancer and could not or did not want to spend money on expensive treatment. But what really infuriated me, Jean, it's the idea that you could easily give Coco another animal shelter in the one where they are not put to sleep. Or, if quite nothing could be done, would take her to the vet, he has stuck to its lethal injection. At least, you would have been with her at the last minute. But no, you took the path of least resistance. It is simply unthinkable! I>

Now I have to buy expensive food and medicines for Cocoa, for the dog, which his whole life was true to you, who was a member of your family, and that you just threw. For two weeks I was buying her pills incontinence. I came up with the hole cut in diapers for the tail to better kept. Nothing complicated about it, Jean! I>

Despite all this, we have a good time. When were in the mountains, Coco saw deer, revived and then dashed them. How it was fun! Gradually she began to play with my two other dogs - cautious and not so quickly, but every evening. On it was a pleasure to watch! My dog ​​immediately took Cocoa and attached to it as well as they are tied to all the abandoned dogs, which I brought home. They even gave her a hammock, and it means a lot! On Sunday morning I let them all climb into my bed. And Coco are moments like the most, Jean! She just wanted to be part of the fun. Sometimes in my bed turned out to just three big dogs and two other cats - and they all loved it! I>

But despite all these good moments, was that poisoned life: Cocoa tumor did not pass. The operation could not be out of the question, for she was too old and weak. A week ago, on her abdomen appeared bulge. I was waiting and hoping that everything goes. But this did not happen. Yesterday we went to do an x-ray, but because of the accumulation of fluid in the pictures is almost impossible to distinguish bodies. You could try to remove the liquid medication, but this measure would only be a drop in the sea and did not help to deal with the main cause of the disease. Also I did not want to Cocoa I spent the last days of his life feeling guilty for puddles in the living room. I think we're very different from each other, Jean: I take care of Cocoa, but as for you, then I'm not quite sure ... i>

So we gave up on drugs. I just brought Cocoa home and decided that I would try to make her last days were happy. I just wanted to take care of her and her little pampered. So she knew what she was still a great dog! But, unfortunately, I did not have time: This was the last day in the life of Coco. But I repeat once again: it was important that she did not die on the cold floor in any shelter surrounded by people who are completely indifferent to her fate. She had to go to this last journey in the hands of the person to whom it is expensive. And so it was, I put your head on his knee the dog, stroked her and whispered soothing words as she sank slowly into another world. I told her that she is the best and the most beautiful girl. Stroking her little mole above his eye, I said that it will always be in my heart. It was important to her to feel that she is loved, and that my face and my voice was the last thing she will carry with him. I>

You might ask, why am I telling you all this. Maybe you just want to know how is your dog and all. But I will deliver you from such a simple perception of reality. I am writing this letter to you in the first place to say what are you free ... If you ever read it, I would like you to know that I and my friends who care about animals, think you belong to the scum of this world! Anyone who gives so easy to lull the animal that his entire life has served him faithfully, in my opinion, the last bastard! You did not even give her a chance to die with dignity! I>

I appeal to all who knew Coco keep good memories of her. So ended the history of this particular dog. I>

This sincere words which penetrate to the heart. How can so calmly try to avoid responsibility? I still can not recover from disturbance. Let your friends know, too, about this letter, show everybody how to give the last honors loyal companion.



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