What to do if your dog was bitten by a wasp

Allergy in dogs bee sting

In summer, the dogs are in danger in the form of stings from bees, wasps and other stinging and biting insects.

Even in the sting of ants and mosquitoes is a severe allergic reaction: was bitten by a mosquito or an ant, and the whole body was covered with "pimples." Once we bought a white Terrier Drim. So it is there in the country, we learned that from the bite of a mosquito or ant dream is similar to a hedgehog's body is covered with pimples and all the wool rises on end.

Dog got stung by a bee. It is important to remember that the bees always leave the stinger with agostiniani bag. Bee sting along with the bag you need as quickly as possible to remove nails, tweezers, forceps eyebrow.

Even, plastic Bank card it is possible to pick up a bag of poison and drag (push) wound with a sting. In this case your task is not to squeeze out of the bag the poison and injecting it into the body.

First aid for bee sting is as follows:

  • immediately after a bee sting it is necessary to gently pull out the stinger;
  • apply to bite a gauze tampon moistened with a mixture of ammonia with water, or wash the wound with ammonia or ethyl alcohol, or just vodka. If nothing of the above is no – rinse with clean water; then to the site of the bite, apply cold, to slow the absorption of the poison and to prevent swelling.
  • people's advisers suggest and grated parsley leaves, and milky juice of dandelion, and plantain leaves. You can also place a bite to grease with honey (the meaning of this action is that hypertensive the honey draws the poison from the wound and prevents edema).
  • when multiple bites are shown plentiful drink.

Wasps and hornets and bumblebees sting in the wound do not leave. If the dog was bitten by a wasp, hornet or bee sting in the wound there, so no need to remove it — this item should be ignored. And the rest of the aid is carried out similarly as described above.

The bite of bees, wasps, itchy and sore for a few days. As all dog lovers know: all that itches, our four-legged friends faithfully comb and radlight to the state of the wound, and even the infection entered. So the bite as quickly as possible lubricates protivosokowoe anti-allergic ointment: 1% hydrocortisone ointment, lorinden, sinaflana, fenistil and others.

In any case, the pill anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs (loratadine, desloratadine, Eden, cethrin, suprastin, tavegil, diphenhydramine) will not be superfluous. These pills can be submitted several days after the bite.

Usually the first bite is a severe allergic reaction does not happen. But when you – Yes.

If there are signs of acute Allergy — severe swelling, heavy, frequent or shortness of breath, purple tongue — is required without delay, deliver the dog to the vet.

The most dangerous biting stings of bees and wasps in the muzzle.

Our dogs used to love to catch the teeth of flies. And how we neither criticize for it, their hunting instincts still prevail. But if instead of flies on the tooth caught a wasp or bee, you can expect trouble. And wait, actually, don't have to. For half an hour the face will spread to be healthy. If you have the opportunity — go to the vet.

How to help dog with severe allergic reaction from a bee sting (wasps)?

Since you are a dog lover, buy ampoule the following drugs and the nature of the trip, always take them with you. Please note: when talking about the bite of bees or wasps in the face or General allergic reaction, we do shots, and not rely on pills.

Tablets are long, and swelling of the muzzle is developing quickly. All of these drugs sold in a pharmacy, and most of them without a prescription. Ampoule is not broken, wrap it in foil.

1) Antihistamine drug in the vials: the pharmacy can buy suprastin in capsules, powder in capsules, works great and good old diphenhydramine .

2) Dexamethasone ampoules
If swelling of the muzzle is already strong (like the pictures), in addition to the above preparations of the MCPFE:

3) a diuretic (furosemide, aka lasix)

4) magnesia (magnesium sulfate)


The approximate dosage for a single use in acute allergic reactions in dogs. Of course, to appoint inject drugs and their dosage needs doctor.

Attention! Doses of drugs for occasional and prolonged use can be very different. The following doses are for illustrative purposes only and for single use.

1) Diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil.If the dog weighs up to 10 kg - take 0.1 ml of the drug per kilogram of weight. That is, for a dog weighing 6kg dose will be 0.6 ml.

For a dog weighing 10-20 kg — 1 ml. For a dog weighing more than 20 kg — 2 ml.

2) Dexamethasone. Up to 10 kg: 0.1 ml / kg of weight. 10-30 kg — 1 ml, at a mass dog over 30 kg — 2 ml.

3) Furosemide (lasix): up To 10 kg: 0.1 ml / kg of weight. 10-20 kg 1 ml with the weight of the dog more than 30 kg — 2 ml.

4) Magnesium sulfate 25% solution: 0.1 ml / kg of weight. Ie: a dog 10 kg - 1 ml, the dog 20 kg — 2 ml, 30kg-40kg — 3 ml, 40-60kg — 4 ml. published




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