Russian scientists have invented a way to charge the satellites from the Earth's surface

Satellites are very important for mankind. Without them there would be no navigation systems, no transmission of information over great distances, nor accurate weather forecasts, nor many other benefits that we all so accustomed to. One of the fundamental problems of today is lack of energy, as traditional satellite solar cells generate only about 10 kilowatts, and scientific equipment often requires much more. Scientists from Novosibirsk Institute of nuclear physics, SB RAS came up with a way to recharge the satellites directly from the surface of our planet.

To carry out this transfer of energy is possible by means of system of laser systems free electron. The satellite can receive up to 100 kilowatts of power which is ten times the number it receives energy from solar panels. The laser beam generated by the electron beam that will allow you to convey electricity from the Earth's surface directly to the satellite.

According to the researchers, the creation of such a system can significantly extend the capabilities of satellites, allowing you to place them more "gluttonous" devices. Of course, building such a system will be costly, so it is unlikely we will see the implementation of this idea in the coming years. However, now many domestic and foreign companies have shown interest in respect of the project of the Novosibirsk scientists. published

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