How to properly handle the wood from moisture and rot

Wood is the main construction material used for the construction of houses, baths, arbors and other objects.

However, the stylish appearance and high natural characteristics of this material can seriously spoil to sudden onset decomposition constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation or moisture.

How to deal with decay


The most common causes of rot:

  • contact with damp earth;
  • freezing;
  • high humidity;
  • frequent temperature changes.
Protection – antiseptic

To stop the process of decay of wood by using antiseptics.

They are capable of:

  • to prevent the occurrence of cracks in the wooden surface;
  • to avoid fading;
  • to protect the wood from decay and the negative effects of moisture.
Depending on the material, which is essential in antiseptic, they are divided into:

oily antiseptics. They are often used for siding, which is located in difficult climatic conditions, as well as for wood, which needs enhanced protection; water-soluble antiseptics. They are less concentrated, so they are used for the prevention and temporary protection of wood in contact with water; preservatives based on organic solvents. This kind is universal. Can be used for internal and external works; combined antiseptics. This type has no restrictions on use and suitable for internal and external works, but more often it is used for exterior wood. Any of antiseptics forms on the surface of the protective film, which retains the tree structure intact and prevents the appearance of fungus and decay processes.

How to apply

Use antiseptics most reasonable at the stage of the emergence of a small mold.

Antiseptics are applied in different ways. If the material is getting ready for construction, then apply a protective layer can be a simple immersion in the solution.

If the material is laid without pre-treatment, then it is necessary to apply the method of spraying.

Disadvantage of this method is that it is relatively small penetration depth. More reliable is the same method of wood processing, but do 2-3 sets with an interval time of 15 minutes.

Attention! It is very important when applying the tools to pay attention to the instructions, since some of antiseptic agents suitable only for internal processing, while others – only for outside because of its high toxicity. How to protect wood from fire

Fire and bio protective impregnation for wood

Has long been known that the tree are easily susceptible to fire, but modern remedies can get rid of this problem. The most effective option can be called fire and bio protective impregnation.

Such impregnation is often used for the treatment of building facades. Depending on the degree of penetration they are divided into:

  • deep;
  • surface.
Also impregnation are distinguished by the principle of action. They are:

  • active. Affect the duration of combustion, maximum reducing them;
  • passive. They protect the wood structure from the penetration of heat.
Tip! If You are aiming to make the wood non-flammable properties, but at the same time want to preserve its natural beauty, choose a transparent protective materials. Flame retardants – flame retardants

Can also be used to protect so-called flame retardants. They are special substances that slow down the combustion and preventing the wood from igniting and fire spreading to a large area.

Flame retardants it is possible to impregnate the wood or cause the wood a special agent with a content in its composition the chemical composition of the flame retardant. Flame retardants fully penetrate the wood and protect it from fire or flame spread.

Rules of applying the

Apply a flame retardant can be deep and shallow methods. The second protection option is applied only to the upper layers of the tree, this is a cheaper and easy way. Processing is done by means of brushes or rollers, depending on the amenities and size of the area.

But the deep fire treatment involves the use of special equipment to the flame retardants has penetrated into the deeper layers of the wood.

Processing the wood from moisture

Water is another enemy of wood. To protect the wood from swelling and dampness are able water-repellent. Depending on the base material, which prevails in the composition, they can be:

water-based; oil-based; solvent-based; wax based. Most popular impregnation, water-based. They have no odor, dries quickly and are absorbed. They are versatile and can be used both outside and indoors.

The impregnation solvents are rarely used because of its specific smell and often only for external works. They are applied with a roller or brush.

Means oil-based are used for baths, saunas or outdoor use, as they work well in conditions of frequent temperature changes.

Original and most effective in this list of impregnating wax based. They completely clog the pores of the wood, giving a natural sheen to the wood. Often used for furniture.

Apply any impregnation about the same: 2-3 reception at intervals of 40 minutes. You can use a brush or sprayer, as well as immerse or soak the wood parts in the solution.

Protection from mold and mildew

To frequent change of temperature or under the influence of precipitation in the cracks of the wood was not formed and the colored mould or mildew, the surface should be treated with antiseptics.

Modern versions can be applied even in sub-zero temperatures, both internal and on the outer surface of the tree.

They are safe for humans and the environment, a bad odor and do not distort the natural look of wood.

By the way, popular and affordable means can be called linseed oil – is it good protection from the occurrence of the fungus. You can also try copper sulphate – it protects not just against fungus but also from small pests are able to penetrate into the wood via small cracks.

Protection from the sun's rays

Under direct sunlight the wood can fade, lose its rich color and becomes dry and weakened. However, pigments are not exposed to ultraviolet radiation, can protect the wooden surface with minimal cost.

Typically, such pigments added to oil or paint for wood, you can find them a special note on the packaging that the tool protects from ultraviolet radiation. published

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