What wood is best to build the house — summer or winter

According to many professional builders with extensive and successful experience in the construction of wooden houses, build your home it is only necessary from wood harvested in the winter. This house will stand longer because the logs are less prone to the processes of decay.


The thing is that in the summer the tree lives a full life, and in the winter it sleeps. Accordingly, in summer the tree all the SAP — wood is very high in nutrients, and the processes of decay of wood occur precisely because of the high content in wood most of these nutrients. After all, these "tasty" substances, but at the same time and the tree "eats" not only the tree, but the different rot — mold, fungus and so on.

As for the wood that was cut in the winter, this time of year in the wood more resins and essential oils — substances that are natural preservative for wood, but the nutrients in winter tree no.

It turns out that the wood that was harvested in summer are more prone to decay than wood felled in the winter. Hence the conclusion — the house built of the "winter" of the wood will stand much longer than cut down from the "summer" wood. Of course, this conclusion is "in General" — there are log cabins and "summer" wood is quite robust, and Vice versa. But if you have no experience in the selection and not want to risk it — better to stay on the "winter" version.


I must say that, of course, the layman is difficult to distinguish the "winter" of the wood from the "summer" because apparently they are among themselves similar. Meanwhile, an experienced logger, choosing the material for building a house, sees what kind of wood is in the stack, that is, when it was cut off in the winter or summer.

Therefore, when choosing building material it is necessary to be extremely cautious and it is better to bring the case to an experienced person, otherwise you can fall into the hands of unscrupulous builders. There were cases when absolutely blue, mouldy, pine, very fresh summer harvest, boards sold under the blue spruce! How long for a house built of such that stroymateriala,- easy to guess.

Therefore, in order not to be trapped, better carefully to examine all the logs from which it is planned to build a house. Note you need the following:

The wood should not be porous and friable.The tree should not be marked with the fungus, it should not be dark spots.To check the quality of wood you can knock with the butt of an axe on logs. If some log doesn't sound like all the others, you should look to him more closely. Perhaps it has already chosen for life beetles Longhorn. So what to take for building a house better wood harvested in the winter. If the log suddenly there will be at least one log summer harvest, and it is able after some time to harm, to "infect" the neighboring logs. Of course, to save the house were not working, but will have to actively use in order to stop the process of destruction of antiseptics.


To summarize, again — choosing for house construction technology of wooden construction, especially carefully approach the choice of construction material. In a pine wood harvested in summer, there is, firstly, the high content of nutrients, and secondly, the reduced concentration of the natural antiseptics — resin acids and essential oils. That's why the tree winter logging has a greater resistance to decay than wood summer harvest. published

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