Let yourself be bad

How often do you have to be quiet when you are under pressure or hurt your interests? Especially if it's close relatives, right? In order not to offend a close person to remain silent or to make excuses is often. So there is such an unhealthy phenomenon among men, embarked on the Path of personal development: "I'm so spiritual, I should be only joyful emotions and the harmony of the soul. I understand the reasons for the actions and words of people, so don't react negatively to them".

People are almost always trying to "explain" a bad situation or hurtful actions of others towards him by using the brain, that is trying to justify the aggressor on the level of thinking and logic: "He was angry, that's okay... was he sick, was not adequate... it's old, that she had to take, mind stopped... I was narwhales, probably the person difficult times, it is not easy... etc."

But there is still the heart and soul ‑ your inner child.He certainly feels pain, hurt, injustice. How could you not deadened those feelings of cold logical explanations, they still remain, just go deep into the subconscious and will accumulate there until one day you do not "burst" from the emotional outburst in the accidentally caught under the hot hand of the victim.

I've met a lot of people, especially those concerned with self-development, and indeed has become a fire-breathing monster, and then thought: "what's got into me?"

And then found, my dear, can not drive themselves into the framework of pseudomodest and pseudopolymelia, pseudoprivate and pseudoviscosity. We all are human, not robots with positive attitudes and left-hemispheric thinking. Any psychologist will tell you that you need to be able to accept ANY emotion, what would be shameful and disgusting it was. Black envy? Well! The burning resentment for my father because I didn't give much attention. Great! Let it be! Best friend summed up... Oh, he's a bastard like that!

Allow these emotions to live in you and manifest with all its powerful force. Have the courage to admit: "Yes, I'm angry now. Yes, I want to beat him\her. Yes, I his\her hate..." will See you even from such words and acceptance of negative emotions in itself is already significantly better. Stay in them for a while, but not all day. Your task is to live them as deeply as possible.

But it is important to take a long time in its shadow part of the Personality, not to sit in resentment and anger all daysand, otherwise, such a bust will start to break down. If the negative is too much of it is already difficult to get out without help sucks.

Not getting any easier? There is the following practice:

Take a photo of the offender, or just present it in the imagination. We put between you and them a candle and utter all that I think about it, "his eyes". You can scream, cry, stomp their feet, beat him, waving his arms ‑ to do what the soul asks.Your task is to speak out. The candle will burn your curse and will not let them go to the offender, so that the practice is absolutely safe. At the end of practice, it is recommended to remember the good moments of interaction with this man and thank him for them. But if you're too hurt and can't forgive him, thank him, most likely, then, too, do not want, if so, then don't. Express gratitude for later.

To carry out the practice you can so often how you do in fact have a need. Usually she is very helpful and is a deadly insult, it becomes much easier to live. If not, then it is better to go to a psychologist and see what other layers of the psyche was so deeply affected, damaged. Of course, you can pronounce all sore in the eyes of the offender.

There is a topic that controversial people are less likely to suffer from nervous disorders and stress them less. Of course, they poured all over the victim's head, and it normally. But know that thus it is possible to "break" the protection of people, which can lead to disease and failures, and then you can fly over it in the form of is burdened by karma. Therefore it is better many times to think before to pour out the anger on someone, and if you're conscientious, you certainly will eventually become ashamed of their words and actions.

However, give yourself permission to be bad alone, or with someone who you can feel free to talk about resentment and anger. If a stranger comes along and jumps you with aggression and you feel like you are bursting too, you have every right to give him the answer, only you can decide what it will be.

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Understand one thing: your mental health too needs care, it is not built only to cultivate in himself and around him positivity, but also on the ability to "hear" and accept the negative emotions with the same attention and care as positive.

No day without a night, goodness without evil, black without white ‑ everything in life is dual, man is also dual. Those demons don't need to get rid of, they should be able to be friends and agree! Because the demon it is not because it is bad, but because it is the shadow side of man. This religion gave him such a terrific color that we run from it like fire.

You shouldn't run from his dark side, she still sooner or later make themselves felt in the not best. So take it as part of yourself, then you will surely feel that fullness of life to which so eager, and just then she, most likely, and will Shine with the brightest colors, in gratitude to you for the acquisition of integrity!


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