Why all the coincidences in your life — it's actually a well thought out plan

People often do not attach much value different kinds of accidents, calling them a coincidence. But sometimes in life, there are so incredible coincidences that if they do not change the perception of the world, then at least leave a lot of questions.

The website decided to look for the answer. So that's why we frequently encounter coincidences.

In our life there are aspects that are beyond our conscious control, for example our unconscious desires and thoughts, which have the ability to materialize without our control. It is often in the form of unusual coincidences in life.

The problem with these matches for the first time marked Carl Gustav Jung. He was convinced that the most remarkable coincidences in our life are associated with vnutripsihicheskoy feelings, thoughts and even dreams. This kind of situation shows that our mind can engage in easy interaction with what seems like the world of matter. Simply put, the thought is material, even if unknowingly.

Then you may ask: "Do I myself have thought up all the bad things going on in my life right now?" Yes. But not always. It is important to remember that there are circumstances beyond our control. But the fact still remains that the vast majorityof what happens in your life, is in response to your mental vibration.

In our head with some frequency there are some thoughts and images that Express our dreams, fears and the like. The universe also responds to the frequency of these thoughts and if adjusts related events. So when some freak accident abruptly breaks into your peaceful everyday life, ask yourself, is it really so strange that you attracted these events or persons in your reality?

But it would be wrong to say that literally every thing, person and event that we attract into our lives are solely the result of our boundless mental energies. There is another IMPORTANT factor that should be borne in mind that while we create our reality, others also create their own. It is a collective work. If you a forehead in a forehead has faced with a kind stranger on the road, it does not mean that he materialized out of your thoughts. You might be his thoughts. Or both of you thought the third person, group, etc.

The easiest way to imagine all of the above you can use the following technique: imagine that under your feet is always a mirror. And all you are experiencing, is that all this is reflected in the mirror and becoming reality. Just the fact that this mirror is the reality.

It turns out that in reality reflects what you think "on the other side of the mirror", and random coincidences can be called signs, signs of your real thoughts.

One of the few who dared to investigate the nature of such coincidences, from a scientific point of view, is Professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia (USA) Dr. Bernard D. Bateman. Sort of the father of the science of coincidences notes that to write off the coincidence on coincidence — "is to recognize that coincidences have no inherent value or of great importance. Without adequate evidence, such statements are hardly scientific. Chance is not an explanation, but simply a statement of what happened".

So, sometimes pay attention to the signs, but do not overdo it with their explanation :)

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