15 facts, things and events in the world around us, very similar to the mystique

In 1944, the newspaper "daily Telegraph" published a crossword puzzle containing all the code names of secret operations by the landing of allied troops in Normandy. The crossword puzzle encrypted "Neptune", "Utah", "Omaha", "Jupiter", and so on. Exploration rushed to look for the leak. But the compiler of the crossword was an elderly school teacher, puzzled by such an incredible coincidence, not fewer troops. How did it happen?

In the world there are many things that cause confusion and surprise. The website offers the reader a dozen of the most entertaining examples.

The effect of the hundredth monkey

Photo source: Fishki.netНа Japanese island Cosima lived a colony of wild monkeys, which scientists fed sweet potatoes. The monkeys liked the sweet potatoes but did not like that he's covered in sand.

And then one day one of the monkeys found that can solve this problem by washing the sweet potatoes. Then she was taught to wash the tubers of yams his mother and other monkeys. But when the number of learned to wash sweet potatoes the monkeys had reached approximately 100, all the monkeys living on nearby Islands, suddenly also began to wash potatoes. And it happened with all the monkeys of Japan, even in zoos. Given that between them there was absolutely no contact, to explain this phenomenon is very difficult.

In science this phenomenon is called "hundredth monkey effect". According to scientists, to some populations (e.g., humanity) has received new information or committed any opening required critical mass of individuals (people) who would be looking for the answer to this question.

Lived happily and died in one day

In the modern world has become amazing if two people can get along long enough to die together. After the death of a heart attack the father of former NFL quarterback Doug Flute (Flutie), he wrote on his Facebook page: "they Say that you can die of a broken heart, and I believe it." Still, after his mother died of a heart attack less than an hour after his father. But why and how come such a tragic coincidence?

It turns out that there is a phenomenon called cardiomyopathy, also called "broken heart syndrome". Currently, it is believed that broken heart syndrome, or stress-induced cardiomyopathy caused by strong emotions and is characterized by a transient disruption of the left ventricle of the heart that manifests itself by changes in the electrocardiogram and in the blood, characteristic of myocardial infarction.

Stress-induced cardiomyopathy was first described in 1991 in Japan and was even given the name "takotsubo on the title of the traps for octopus, which is used by Japanese fishermen (form the left ventricle is similar to this trap). Takotsubo provokes a lot of stress and intense emotional experiences.

Two of the same strain appeared simultaneously in different parts of the world

It is believed that humans and dogs became friends and in East Asia, and in Europe, about 4,800 years ago. Some people think that modern dogs evolved from the gray wolf, but research and analysis of bone structures of many rocks gave rise to the theory that two strains, Eastern and Western, must have somewhere met and created the variety of domestic breeds that exist today.

Strain — a group of related species characterized by certain characteristics, playing in a number of generations in the process of domestication, or genetic, or other experiments (culture of genetically homogeneous organisms).

Excavations in the tomb of Newgrange in Ireland has allowed scientists to find the remains of ancient dogs: these Irish dogs have a component that is not identified in modern dogs or wolves. These results demonstrate the linkage with the European prehistoric dogs prehistoric or ancient wolves.


Empathy has no connection with any particular emotion (such as in the case of compassion) and is equally applicable to denote any empathy emotional States. In General, empathy deliberate empathy current emotional state of another person, the full coincidence of emotions.

Sometimes empathy does not make life easier. "I have sharpened intuition, I feel the mood of the people. When I say something to the person, and it is at this time that my head goes through his thought and I know he thought about me. On the one hand, it's nice to feel people, but on the other, I do sometimes interfere, " says one girl. This ability helped us a lot to its environment, and complicates her own, because to understand their own and others ' emotions is not easy. Say, in a desperate situation out there, where the entrance is. Probably need to learn protection from others ' emotions and to avoid such overlap.

Joanne K. Rowling believes in the power of empathy. She was a social worker and an English teacher in Portugal before wrote "Harry Potter". Her experience and empathy has inspired her work. In his speech at Harvard University, she said: "Imagination — that's the power that gives us the possibility of empathy and of empathy for people whose experiences we have never shared."

The theory of relativity

In 1921 albert Einstein received the Nobel prize in physics "for service in the name of theoretical physics". Einstein said: "Imagination is everything. It is able to show us in advance how events will unfold. Imagination is more important than knowledge.“ Einstein believed time is not linear, but rather four-dimensional. Modern quantum physics and the theory of Stephen Hawking about the Universe based on the theory of relativity. Stephen Hawking has spent years developing and refuting his own theory about the boundaries of space and time (in the movie it is portrayed by actor Eddie Redmayne in "the theory of everything").

"Einstein never accepted quantum mechanics because of the associated element of chance and uncertainty. He said God does not play dice. It seems that Einstein was wrong twice. Quantum effect of black holes suggests that God not only plays dice but also sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen,“ — said Hawking.

Einstein's postulate that the laws of nature must be the same and be the same for all, became the basis of the theory of relativity, which received this name because the only thing that matters is relative motion. Its beauty and simplicity is recognized by many thinkers, but there are still many of those who think differently. Einstein rejected the two Absolutes of nineteenth century science: absolute rest, represented by the ether, and absolute or universal time that all clocks measure.

Mythological creatures of different Nations are very similar

Western European dwarves, the Irish leprechaun and the Hawaiian menehune — similar relatives.

In the mythology of the peoples of Western Europe — the little men that live under the ground, in the mountains or in the forest — gnomes. The growth of the child they have supernatural power; they have long beards. Love the gold. Leprechaun can be described about as well, but his malice and revenge, actually, and legends. However, he is angry, if only to steal the gold. Folklorists agree that these guys are extremely similar.

But can we talk about the universality of folklore? After all, there is not a single myth, which would be represented among all peoples. "The versatility of folklore does not mean that a particular motive/plot will be represented in all world cultures. Rather, the motive/plot will be so widespread that we won't be surprised if we find in another tradition its equivalent (of course, taking into account their semantic contexts),“- said the expert in the field of typology of folklore Sergei Neklyudov. Simply put, the same characters live in the myths of different cultures, despite the fact that the myths themselves are different.

Plagiarism is necessarily a coincidence the subconscious

"My Sweet Lord" is a famous song by the former guitarist of The Beatles, George Harrison. "My Sweet Lord" is a place in the list of the 500 greatest songs of all time by the magazine Rolling Stone. (Only two songs in the history of music — "My Sweet Lord" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the Queen twice reached the first position in the UK charts). But after the release of the song "My Sweet Lord" revealed that she is very similar to the song "He's so fine" group "Chiffons". Followed a trial in which Harrison was found guilty of unconscious plagiarism, and in March 1971, the year all the payments for the recording of the song was canceled. Harrison was very upset and was forced to lose a lot of money.

This is not the only, but perhaps the most famous example of unconscious plagiarism. Visited if two musicians, one and the same Muse, or they were one and the same drug (crossed out), that is a source of inspiration? This phenomenon is called "cryptomnesia: brain stealing people's ideas and palming them to you under the guise of your own. Studies have shown that cryptomnesia works most often in cases where the real author and unconscious plagiarist of the same sex. In General, the more similar they are, the more likely the unconscious borrowing.


Stagflation (stagnation + inflation) — situation in which historically coincide with economic downturn and the depressed state of the economy, stagnation and rising unemployment combined with rising prices — inflation. So that's what it's called! A striking example of stagflation may be the state of the Russian economy in 1991-1996, when the growth of prices ten times there was a fall in GDP by almost three times.

Whence arise such coincidences? The simultaneous slowdown of production growth (stagnation) and rising prices (inflation) can be the result of wrong economic policies of the government. For example, the country's Central Bank can cause inflation by releasing into circulation too much money while too active labor market regulation and production by the state may lead to a slowdown in business activity (stagnation).

Schrodinger's cat is alive and dead at the same time

"Schrodinger's cat" is a famous thought experiment by Austrian physicist Erwin schrödinger, Nobel prize laureate (scientist wanted to show the incompleteness of quantum mechanics in the transition from subatomic systems to macroscopic systems).

According to quantum mechanics, if the nucleus of an atom is not the observation, its state is described by a mixing of two States — decayed nuclei and neraspavshemsya kernel, hence, the cat sitting in a box and embodying the nucleus of the atom, and alive and dead simultaneously. If the box is open, then the experimenter can only see any one particular state "— collapsed, the cat is dead" or "core disintegrated, the cat's alive".

Fresh interpretation of the experiment of Schrodinger can be considered a version of the great Sheldon Cooper from "big Bang Theory": he uses the concept of schrödinger's cat to the relations between people.

"The incident on the bridge over Owl Creek"

The best short stories of all times and peoples, the American Pulitzer prize winner Kurt Vonnegut called "the incident on the bridge over Owl Creek" Ambrose Bierce. To deserve such a determination, it is necessary to try... what's the word on this story? It was published in 1890, and the author repeated the fate of the hero. The author later participated in the Mexican-American war and disappeared during the fighting. This story was also used in "the Twilight zone" (The Twilight Zone), and a French short film that won the Oscar in 1962.

It happens that the subjects of books coincide with the real, they seem to come alive. Edgar Allan PoE in 1838 wrote the book "the Story of the adventures of Arthur Gordon Pym of four survivors of a shipwreck stranded in the open ocean, which after a few days decided to eat their cabin boy named Richard Parker. A few years later in 1884, a ship called the Mignonette sank, leaving only four survivors. They decided to eat the cabin boy, and his name was Richard Parker. Coincidence? I don't think!

Books, they do often throw out different interesting things. The American writer Anne Parrish passed through the Paris bookshop, when he came across an old edition of the book "Jack frost and other stories". She excitedly told her husband how much she loved this book in childhood. He immediately bought the book, opened it, and inside saw the signature: "Anne Parrish street Weber, 209 N Colorado."

The synchronicity Carl Jung or "the Golden scarab"

And did you match? There with you the events that, according to the theory of probability, well could not happen? Just remember old friend, and here he comes around the corner...or think about the aunt, which didn't call for a year, and at the same moment the phone rings — it's her! Such a coincidence of your thoughts with an external event (or the convergence of several external events) Carl Gustav Jung called synchronicity.

It should be noted that, among other things, the philosopher Carl Jung believed that human consciousness is not isolated, it is the collective consciousness of all its ancestors. Yes, Jung was a friend and colleague of Freud (until they quarreled over some ideological contradictions).

...Jung was one difficult patient: pretty, well educated, intelligent, but Jung she seemed too rational and cynical, all she knew better than anyone, and every word the doctor questioned. Somehow in the course of the session, she recounted to him a dream that gave her a brooch in the form of a Golden scarab. And she had to say about the beetle, there was a knock at the window... the glass fought a giant beetle. "Here's your Golden scarab!" "exclaimed Jung. It's an amazing coincidence knocked all the conceit of the patient and helped therapy: when faced with an irrational event, she began to abandon their rigid positions. And any waiver of installation, according to Jung, means a mental renewal and recovery. Jung has written several papers about the accidents and coincidences, for example, About "synchrony" and "Synchronicity: acausal unifying principle", etc.

Speaking about the nature of improbable coincidences and phenomena, Jung wrote that the external and the internal, the natural world and the world of our psyche — it's two parallel dimensions. They are like two mirrors reflecting each other. There are times when the outside world sends us signs, a kind of hint or warning. But to understand their true meaning, we need not look for a rational explanation, and to learn to understand the world of the intuitive feelings, not reason. Intuition must be very careful to listen and not to argue with her. Here we are with Jung fully agree.

The play of light and shadow

...About the mystical connection of man and his portrait was known from ancient times. One of the first commandments of God to the Jews, passed through Moses, says: "don't make... any likeness of anything in heaven above or on earth beneath or in the water under the earth". This ban Jews observe the centuries, making an exception only for animals. Islam prohibits to draw portraits. There was such a ban and in some primitive cultures.

People interested in painting, noticed a number of matches, when all of a sudden killed those whom depicted in their paintings great artists of the past centuries and in our time. Rembrandt was survived by two wives, their models, and all children. His second wife, Hendricks, Staffeld, a favorite model, depicted in many paintings by Rembrandt, also died very early.

About the same story from Rubens. His constant model was the first wife, the beautiful Isabella. Often he wrote to his daughter. Isabella died before the age of thirty-five years, daughter died at the age of twelve. Specialists in thanatology (science of death) believe that the portrait is bio-power-informational phantom person. And the death of those who captured the portraits don't match. As a natural result of the exhaustion of their phantom (don't ask!)

The lady who survived three shipwrecks

Phenomenal lucky unlucky Violet Jessop, who survived three shipwrecks — the "Olympic", "Titanic" and "Britannic". That's really true, coincidence!

Violet Constance Jessop had the opportunity to work on three of the most famous ocean liners "Olympic", "Titanic" and "Britannic". Each of them crashed, but violet was still alive. In 1910, the 23-year-old Violet was on a huge ship, "Olympic", the first of three ships of this class the campaign "White Star Line". She worked there as a flight attendant. Next year "Olympic collided with the cruiser "hawke". The clash took no casualties, but the ship was severely damaged. Violet continued to work on the "Olympic" after the ship was repaired, but then built a new liner "Titanic" and she went to work there.

In the night from 14 to 15 April 1912 the Titanic collided with an iceberg, and the consequences of this disaster soon became known around the world — from 2224 people survived 711. Among them was Violet, which got in the boat No. 16. During the First world war a fearless Violet worked as a nurse for the British red cross on Board the hospital ship "Britannic". In November 1916, it struck a mine, but violet again managed to survive. She lived a long life and died of heart failure at the age of 83 years. Fantastic fate and unbelievable coincidences.

Kublai and kamikaze

Here it is, rather, not about coincidences, and that in the same place on Earth the event occurred, which surprisingly resonate through the centuries...

Kublai, grandson of Genghis Khan, was Emperor of China somewhere around 1260-1279. His power spread over the vast space and he was afraid the whole East Asian world. Kublai, grandson of Genghis Khan, was a Mongol, he initiated the first in the history of China foreign dynasty, and his reign is considered the Golden age of the Mongol Empire.

Kublai Khan twice (1274 and 1281.) came to the shores of Japan, but the strongest typhoons destroyed most of his ships. These storms were called "divine wind" — or "kami-Kaze" in Japanese. And during the great East Asian war "kamikaze" came to be called suicide pilots, guiding his Mitsubishi Zero on American ships, defending the Homeland. Here's a roll call of the times, such a coincidence.

They say it is impossible to simultaneously patting yourself on the head and popping stomach

The question of coincidences...if your brain "coincides" with coordination, it is a simple exercise you should have. If you are not able to fulfill it, then, alas, you have dis-coordination.

At the end of this opus about coincidences, remember another great episode: 49-year-old South African astronomer Danny du Toit gave a lecture about destiny and fate, and that death can come at any time. After completing the lecture, Danny pulled out a mint and put it in my mouth, and in a few minutes died of his. Take care of yourself!

PS: and here is the explanation of the story from the opening paragraph:

The military conducted an investigation and found that when the teacher made crossword puzzle, he invited the kids in his class to name some interesting words that he's going to include. The kids called. In the class studied a lot of children of officers involved in the operation of the Normandy landings, and they often had conversations about it with their children. The kids heard a strange an interesting word, " called the teacher. Intelligence has learned, talkative officers received the head, the teacher was acquitted. And no mystery!

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