Two years of waiting

Dogs - the most dedicated human animals - this tearjerker occurred in Russia.

Here's what the story took place sometime in the Moscow airport "Vnukovo". Was landing on aircraft "IL-18" flying off somewhere to the north. People scurried Semen for duty, first slowly sit on quiet location in the tail. Only one passenger was in no hurry. He missed all because it was flying with a dog. Airport technology, witnesses of this history, argued that a person on the ticket was a dog, but the shepherd was not allowed on the plane - there was no help from a doctor. Man to prove something, persuade ... Do not persuaded.

Then in "Vnukovo" he hugged the dog, took off the collar, even for the concrete, and the top of the stairs. Shepherd, deciding that it was released to walk, ran around the plane, and when I returned to the place, the ladder has been removed. She stood and stared at the closed door. It was some kind of mistake. Then he ran down the taxiway for buzzing "sludge." She ran after him as she could. Plane pour it hot kerosene fumes and gone to heaven. The dog was left on an empty runway. And waited. The first time she ran every soaring "Ilyushin" on the runway. Here it and saw the captain "IL-18" Vyacheslav Valente. He noticed a running dog next to a board, and although it during take-off was a lot of other things, gave aerodrome services: "You have to strip Shepherd, then the master will take, and then crush." Then he saw her many times, but thought it was dog someone from port officials and the dog lives next to the airfield.

He was wrong, the dog lived in the open air at the airport. Next to the runway, where it was seen soaring "Elah". Later, after a while, she apparently realized that leaving the car in the sky will not bring her to meet, and moved closer to the parking lot. Now, settling for small car builders, right in front of the terminal building, she saw coming and going "IL-18". Barely fed ladder, the dog approached him and stood at a safe distance from people, zhdala.Priletev from Norilsk, Valente again saw the shepherd.


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