The most touching stories about canine devotion

For some people, a combination of words a dog's devotion is not a true sense. Some compare the relationship of subordination to sneak boss. Others - life couples where one despot, the second - a slave. And now look what's the real truth of this expression ...

The dog, which led rescuers to the scene of an accident involving her host

On the 84th the highway near the town of Davie (Florida) sorokaodnoletny Gregory Todd Treyvers lost control of the vehicle crashed into a bridge support and rolled into a ditch. Limping, German shepherd named Simon led rescuers to the dark highway broken car. When they reached the scene of the tragedy, Simon circled and licked Treyversa, then jumped into a car and waited, sitting next to the host. Unfortunately, Treyvers died on the spot.

The dog ran away from home to find the grave of the deceased owner, and refuses to leave her for six years

Faithful dog. German Shepherd named captain ran away from home after he died in 2006, its owner, Argentine Miguel Guzman. A week later, family Guzman came to honor the memory of the deceased and found heartbroken dog whining near the tomb owner. Since then, a grieving dog rarely leaves the place in the cemetery of the city of Villa Carlos Paz, located in central Argentina. In 2005, Miguel Guzman Captain bought as a gift to his 13-year-old son Damian. Despite the fact that the dog sometimes goes to the cemetery to spend time with his family, he always returns to the grave before dark.

The dog that guarded 14 hours a two-year toddler lost in the Australian forest

Lost toddler was found in the woods unharmed, thanks to faithful pet of his family, to protect the child 14 hours. German shepherd named Dasher rescuers found in a wooded area near a two-year Dante Berry, at a distance of more than four kilometers from his mother's home in Mildura, Victoria. Bianca Chapman, Dante's mother, raised the alarm as soon as the two of them disappeared from the yard of her house. Eventually, they found police officers heard a loud cry of a small bush a few meters from the road.

A dog that spent 12 o'clock next to the downed vehicle master

A man riding a bicycle and was hit by a car on the first highway in Santa Cruz, California. The accident occurred at night, so the driver easily fled the accident, and the body the owner of the dog was lying on the sidelines until the morning. Passer-by noticed the crumpled bike on the side of the road, there was the lifeless body of a dog and unharmed. Basket, which a man attached to transport their dog, lying on the ground. Body of a man struck here somewhere 8 or 12 hours, and his grief-stricken dog similar to Toto from the "Wizard of Oz" a cross between a Cairn Terrier, always remained close to the owner.

The dog, which prevented the suicide of his mistress

63-year-old resident of the French commune Sorgue gathered to commit suicide in the backyard of his house, but her dog, apparently, decided otherwise. In desperation, the faithful dog did something that would have made any loving man - he knocked her mistress feet to knock the weapon out of her hands. "Perhaps the dog sensed something was wrong and knocked her to the ground to save," - said a police officer. A woman was shot in the chest, but not life-threatening and it is close to a full recovery.

The dog, who visits every day liturgy in the church where the funeral took place of his master

The poor dog so badly misses his mistress that uses every day to serve in the Italian church where her funeral took place and waits patiently for her return. Tommy devotee, a seven-year German Shepherd, owned by 57-year-old Mary Margaret and Loki was her faithful companion ever since she found him abandoned in a field. Maria Loki sheltered several stray dogs, but, according to her friends, Tommy was her darling, with whom she went every day to the church where the priest allowed him to sit quietly at her feet. After the death of a woman in San Donaci, near the city of Brindisi, a memorial service was held at which Tommy joined the mourners, and since he always appears in the church as soon as the bells announces the beginning of the service.

The dog that guarded his dead girlfriend in China

One of the most heart-rending pictures of dog friendship that saw the world. In the urban district of Zhangzhou, China, was imprinted dog guarding another dog, struck and killed by a car. He defended her, not at all afraid of the machine. Occasionally, according to witnesses, the dog gently pushed his unhappy friend, trying to wake her. Faithful companion stayed with her for more than six hours. Xiao Wu local butcher says he often saw the two of them, walking together.

Faithful dog who never left 30 minutes host and waited to be rescued from the ice

As if still not enough evidence that the dog - amazing creatures. In the news reported a dog that waited for 30 minutes until rescued her master fell through thin ice of the Colorado River. Unknown 60-year-old man and his pet in the afternoon went to the river to hunt ducks. The man fell through the thin ice after the foot on the frozen surface of the river to pick up the duck. Other hunters in the vicinity, called rescuers. But the dog was in no hurry to leave the host. As a concerned family member in the waiting room, she went back and forth, trying to help the owner, who drove the dog away from the hole, too worrying for their four-legged friend.

The Huskies, who found his master in the hospital

This husky so missed his master, that somehow managed to trace the middle of the night his way to the hospital, which is in more than three miles from home. Five years ago, John Dolan took shelter from the white husky named Zander. After Dolan was in the hospital in Long Island, New York, because of problems with the skin, Zander became depressed and aimlessly hanging around the house. As a result, the devotee Huskies ran away from home at 3am and surprisingly found Dolan at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, which is located in West Ayslipe. Hospital staff found the dog in the street outside the building where the owner treated. Nurse phoned recorded on the collar Zander, and it turned out to be the mobile phone number of John Dolan - he answered the phone, while in his room. Dolan later wife drove Zander home, but soon devoted dog owner visited for the second time.

Guide dog, who returned to save his master during the terrorist attack 9/11

September 11, 2001 blind computer experts Omar Eduardo Riviera worked on the 71st floor of the World Trade Center with his dog-povodyrёm named Dorado. When a hijacked plane hit the tower, Riviera knew his evacuation would take too much time, but wanted his Labrador retriever was able to escape. So he unhooked the leash on the crowded stairs. "I thought I was lost forever - the noise and the heat was appalling - but I wanted to give a chance to escape Dorado. So I unhooked the leash, patted him on the head, pushed him and ordered to leave, "- says Riviera. Dorado was thrown down a crowd of evacuating people, but a few minutes later Riviera felt the dog against his legs - Dorado came back to him. Dorado and another member of the Riviera Centre helped to overcome the 70 flights of stairs, which took about an hour. Soon after they got out of the tower, the building collapsed. Riviera says he owes his life to his faithful dog.


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