Dog Yoga

Once thought of canine yoga as a mysterious myth, but Dan Borris brought it to light. Discovering the rich heritage of fotodokazatelstva dog yoga, he delved into the subject and decided to continue to look for pictures of these amazing yogopsov.

1. These photos are included in the new book "Yoga for dogs." (© Dan Borris)

2. In this photo from the studio in Agra Ka Kutta (ok.1900 city) we can see the holy teacher named Swami Chote Kukkutasana in a pose. This sage is known for its tiny size ("chote" in Hindi means "tiny") and incredible flexibility, thanks to which he became a sensation in India in the 9th century. (© Dan Borris)

3. Viparita Salabhasana - inverted lotus posture. It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, buttocks and legs. Quickens the heartbeat. It improves the absorption of oxygen. It improves flexibility of the spine. It stimulates the cardiovascular and digestive systems. It opens the energy channels. (© Dan Borris)

4. Vrishikasana - scorpion posture. It tones the nerves of the spine. It improves blood flow to the brain and the coordination of mind and body. It revitalizes the body system. (© Dan Borris)


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