Rostov Hachiko three years waiting for his master

Several years ago, the owners of this dog sold the house and left the city, and four-legged friend was thrown on the street. Since then, a dog named Polkan not come down from his seat and waiting for his master. You can catch here in any weather. In the snow, rain, or under the scorching sun, he does not descend from his seat and stares into the distance faithfully. As soon as sees in the distance a figure of a man, jumped up and happily wags his tail, but soon realized that was wrong, again sadly lowers his head, returns to his position. Sighs, ringlet curls and again looking forward to the hope that finally sees the dearest person in my life.
Today, his booth is right next to the store, which appeared on the site of the house sold. When the rain pours and its water flows, dog hiding under the canopy of the store. Sometimes deli owners to let him into the courtyard - where earlier, when hosts stood his booth.

We approach Khalabuda in which carefully laid out on someone sleeping blankets Polkan. His hair is already gray, from the appearance of this dog looks even more sad. Longing for the hosts and give the eyes - they are always sad.
 - Polkanchik, dear, do not be afraid. We brought you something to eat - try to appease dog sausages. From the treats he refuses. Still looks in disbelief.
He has become accustomed to human kindness and attention. The neighbors, knowing the history of the dog, bring him food and water.
 - When the store only build Polkan lived right on the construction site in the yard. We tried several times to take him away from their homes, the owners found him, but to no avail - told the "RG" head of the city Bataisk animal protection organization "AEGIS" Elvira Hapalova. - Very friendly dog, but when he realizes that he wants to take, starting to show character. We were trying to lure him into a car with pieces of fresh meat, but he did not succumb. Sleeping dog or take by force, we do not want. And nothing will, once we have found him a house, and he ran away from there and returned to its original place. And if Polkan lock begins to howl without interruption. Open the door, and again he runs to his former home.
 - About this loyalty and dedication can only dream of! I wonder how Sergei could do so with his dog - threw him to his fate. And he's waiting for him. Waiting and hoping. Polkan very smart, do not say that. Yes, one look is worth it, look! - Solid living in the neighborhood Nikolai.
According to the man, he appeared in the family Polkasha neighbor Sergei eight years ago. He sold it as a puppy Shepherd. Little does he really was very similar to a purebred dog, and when he grew up, it became clear that this is likely a hybrid.
 - When three years ago Sergei's mother died, the heir decided to sell the house. Customers quickly found. We thought that a neighbor with a dog will eat. But it turned out that his faithful friend is no longer needed ...
At first I could not believe that Polkan thrown. We thought maybe the dog got lost and returned to the habit, where he grew up? Someone with difficulty found the phone number of Sergey, call, he said that his four-legged friend is very, very waiting. But he said as the cut: I will not take it!
Now zoozaschitniki fear that the dog can just shoot like a stray dog. In addition, not all residents are set to dogs friendly, deters many buyers austere appearance dog. In fact Polkan has a very good character.
Polkan story touched the hearts of many people in Bataysk. And the dog has become a local celebrity. After all, he sits in the same place for three years. For such loyalty to the local townspeople called him Hachiko.
Around the world knows the story of how the dog from Japan named Hachiko waited for his master's 9 years old. All these years, every day the dog came to the station and was looking out for him until dusk. She did not know that he died of a heart attack. Relatives of the men have not been able to become the new owners of Hachiko. Day of the death of this dog has become a day of mourning for all the Japanese dog was erected a monument.
Worldwide, there are monuments of canine loyalty, including in Russia. So, in Togliatti dog named Faithful seven years on the spot a car accident that killed his masters. Shepherd was the only one who miraculously survived in a terrible accident. The memory of the faithful friend immortalized in bronze.
In the Kirov region famous for its loyalty to Laika, who gave their lives saved from hungry wolves of the owner. Today, about the heroism Bobik reminds people granite stele mounted on the money collected by local schoolchildren.
And what a response in the 70 years history of the dog has received, lived for two years in a Moscow airport for trailers on the tarmac! As soon sit down IL-18, she fled with the hope to him. It turned out on such a plane once flew her master. The man, who was not allowed in the cabin with an animal, was forced to leave her at the gangway.
After the publication of the story in one of the most popular newspapers in the editorial flurry of letters from those who want to take the dog itself. Alas, its present owner never responded. But the dog still found the home and family, where he lived until old age.
Who knows, maybe our Polkan ever immortalized in bronze as well as about Hachiko, will remove some movies. But the more realistic option that simply would kill doghantery or taken away to the knacker's yard in the "dog-gas chamber».



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