Faithful dog from the Russian heartland

Dog owner is waiting for the third year in the place of his death. Mongrel each passing drivers wants to see his master. A faithful friend is not leaving his post, in anguish and despair, running out into the road. Drivers passing by pity and fed her dog.

- The dog with its owner returned at night from the village Pesochensky home in the village - tells us a local resident Dmitry Nikolaev. - Passed along the route. The man sat on the edge of the road ... By rushing machine. The driver of one of them noticed a pedestrian and knocked him to the death. When we arrived, police and medics, the dog barked, and no one did not admit to the corpse. Victim - 50 years old, he is a former military man. I myself was at that time at the scene and saw the worried dog. Guilty party was never found. A mongrel waited host at the place where the last time I saw him alive.
- I go every weekend in Chekalin Tula region to the parents, and for two years at the same place I meet a dog who is waiting for his master, - says Alexei kaluzhanin. - At first, he rushed barking at passing cars and ran after them. Then he calmed down and was just out on the roadside - "on duty" near the monument to his deceased master. Everyone expected a little more - and the dog will forget about what happened. Relatives of the dead man takes it, but a few days later he returned to the original place. Recently, near the highway someone made it out of the tube booth, bedding litter.

At first, the dog ate field mice. Several times I watched as he caught them near the site of the tragedy. Then the passing drivers began to feed him. I, too, every week stop to feed this loyal friend. I called him Hachiko. The name is taken from the recently released Hollywood film with Richard Gere in the title role. It's about how a dog named Hachiko waited for his nine years died of a heart attack the host for that in Japan, a monument to him.
- First Hati treated me wary - continues Alex. - Stay away, pick up a bag of food, and, looking around, left. But one day he met me as his friend, began to jump around, barking and licking my face, as if to say, "Well, where are you so long been?" Hati friendly and very well-mannered dog, always, "says" thank you for the food.
I usually signals a few times and it appears because of the firs, wagging his tail.



Who are cold, and when I visited last weekend, Hati went on the road, shivering from the cold. My girl cried: "Let's take it with you!" I'd love to do it, but then again mongrel back on the track to wait for his master ... not to wait for ever! No creature in the world devoted dog, I saw this. Wait, regardless of hunger, cold, - it is very hard. Be such a devotee - that is what is lacking in people!
How to find a faithful dog
The route Kaluga-Eagle. After the settlement Pesochensky (border Kaluga and Tula regions) have to drive 2-3 miles. On the side of the road stands a monument to the deceased in an accident the owner of the dog. There and live faithful dog.




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