10 touching stories about the dog's devotion (11 photos)

Still, the dog - amazing creatures. And these ten stories superfluous proof:

1. A dog that led rescuers to the scene of an accident involving her host

On the 84th highway near the town of Davie (Florida) sorokaodnoletny Gregory Todd Treyvers lost control of the car, crashed into a bridge support and rolled into a ditch. Limping, a German shepherd named Simon led rescuers on a dark highway broken car. When they reached the scene of the tragedy, Simon circled Treyversa and licked, then jumped into a car and waited, sitting next to the host.

Unfortunately, Treyvers died on the spot.

2. The dog ran away from home to find the grave of the deceased owner, and refuses to leave her for six years

Faithful dog. German Shepherd named captain ran away from home after the 2006 death of its owner, the Argentinian Miguel Guzman. A week later, Guzman family came to honor the memory of the dead and found the grieving dog whining near the tomb owner.

Since then, the grieving dog rarely leaves the place in the cemetery of the city of Villa Carlos Paz, located in central Argentina. In 2005, Miguel Guzman bought a gift to his capital in the 13-year-old son Damian.

Despite the fact that the dog sometimes goes to the cemetery to spend time with his family, he always returns to the grave before dark.

3. The dog that guarded 14 hours a two-year toddler lost in the Australian forest

Lost baby was found in the woods unharmed, thanks to his faithful pet of the family, to protect the child 14 hours. German shepherd named Dasher rescuers found in a wooded area near a two-year Dante Berry, at a distance of more than four kilometers from his mother's house in Mildura, Victoria.

Bianca Chapman, a mother of Dante, raised the alarm as soon as the two disappeared from the yard of her house. Ultimately, they found police officers heard a loud cry of a small bush a few meters from the road.

4. A dog that spent 12:00 struck by a car near the host


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