15 touching love story in the movie, which return the faith in the true sense.

We have to admit that the film - an art that leaves no one indifferent almost anyone. Epochal masterpieces shot cinematography guru, wants to revise again and again. And if the brilliant direction and acting talented joined together in a picture of love, then it becomes a real kinobomboy. I do not think that a film about love - it's just snotty melodrama, from which no mind except housewives. Internet publication has prepared for you a selection of touching love stories in movies that make you think. It contains everything: from the first youthful enthusiasm, when you look at the world through rose-colored glasses, to the sharp turns of fate and tragic love stories, catchy for a living.

The Notebook (USA, 2004, 124 min.)

Love of a lifetime - the main theme of this painting. It is a touching story, telling about the ardent passion between people of different social strata. Did love still be together, despite all the obstacles (war, a parent will, financial condition), what secrets keeps a blog, which gets the main character in the hands of the twilight - the answers to these questions you will find in this excellent film.

Office Romance (USSR, 1977, 159 min.)

The picture that needs no special presentation at the post-Soviet space, because of "that is no bad weather," we all know it is there. The film's protagonist, an ordinary employee Novosel, a single dad with two children, he decided to improve his position, hit on "mymra" biscuit in a skirt - the director of the statistical office. However, he could not imagine what a surprise it prepared the fate ...

Ghost (USA, 1990, 127 min.)

When between two people occurs not just ardent passion, and now kinship, even the death of one of the lovers can not break the thin thread, which they are connected. How to prevent her only that she was in mortal danger when you're just ghosts that no one hears and sees?

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (USSR, 1979, 150 min.)

Three provincial come to Moscow in search of happiness. As a result, their destinies develop differently ... Can you 40 years to find his true love, when so many things in the background? Catherine, the main character of the epoch-making films, fate smiled at once. But perhaps that through which it has passed, it was necessary that a chance meeting with this man ...

Taming of the Shrew (Italy, 1980, 104 min.)

Gruff farmer, played by the brilliant Celentano, is clearly not in need of a woman's attention and even more in love. But by chance in his life, it appears - charming, charming and unsurpassed beauty, which do not care about these principles snapper. Will it have it to tame a man with such a character?

Pretty Woman (USA, 1990, 115 min.)

Can one night spent in the company of women of the oldest profession, completely change your life? Waking up with the beauty of the morning in bed, the main hero of the film realizes he does not want to let go of this wonderful temptress.

Dirty Dancing (USA, 1987, 100 min.)

The main character of the film, a spoiled 17-year-old girl from a wealthy family, could not even imagine that the holidays in a boarding house with her family to turn into something out of the ordinary. But fate has prepared her a surprise gift: a daring dancer Johnny in a set of fiery dances and passionate feelings ...

The Great Gatsby (Australia, USA, 2013, 143 min.)

Who is the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, rolls spree every week for the whole of New York? What secrets hide this strange man? What he built a house there? What awaits him when he finally see again my love? Excellent picture of the lives of the rich of this world, who are confused in their own deceptions, shows where dreams may come ...

Love (France, Austria, Germany, 2012, 127 min.)

Georges and Anne deeply for 80. They lived in love and harmony of life. However, Anna seriously ill: she loses her memory and then paralyzes. George tries unsuccessfully to find nurses, but realizes that this fading warmth of his wife will not let anyone but him. Moreover, for this man had to resist even his own adult daughter ...

50 First Dates (USA, 2004, 99 min.)

It seems that luck was the protagonist, when he found the love of his life by chance in a cafe. However, later, Henry realizes that his lover a serious illness: she does not remember anything that happened yesterday. But in order to maintain the relationship with Lucy, a man ready for anything, even for something to fall in love with her every day!

Magic in the Moonlight (USA, 2014, 98 min.)

Famous magician invited into a wealthy family to expose the charlatan, who've done a lot of cases, pretending to know how to invoke the spirits. What will happen with family members after the meeting happen aferistki and illusionist? The answer look in this magnificent film!

Cruel Intentions (USA, 1999, 97 min.)

When the burning macho Sebastian and his half-sister, scheming Catherine was very boring, they come up with new, ingenious cunning plan to have fun. At this time the victim of the couple's daughter becomes the new director of the school, cute and charming girl who "keeps himself for true love." Viewers of the film waiting for quite a surprise ending ...

Love and Pigeons (USSR, 1984, 107 min.)

At the film's protagonist, a simple laborer from the village, like a bolt from the sky falls love metropolitan stuff - Raisa Zakharovna. But there, at home, Vasya Kuzyakina survived by his wife, children, home. It seems to be a new life, a new love, but something is missing, namely, a loving wife, children and relatives of pigeons ...

City of Angels (Germany, USA, 1998, 114 min.)

It's a wonderful story about how a real angel of a woman in love with the earth. Soon the protagonist realizes that his fiancee could feel his presence and even see. What ends the love of the heavenly beings and earthly beauty - see in a touching film.

The Lake House (USA, Australia, 2008, 99 min.)

Kate and Alex exchanged letters, and soon between the spark of love. Associates two doves mysterious lake house, which is for Alex has a special meaning: the home was built by his father, the eminent architect. After some time, found that Alex lives in 2004, and Kate - in 2006. How did they meet in real time?

Perhaps some of those movies you have ever seen more than once, and some have become for you a revelation. Choose what you prefer, Arrange Sit back and spend one night in the company of high-quality, timeless paintings about love. View these blockbusters returns the faith in the most wonderful feeling in the world. Perhaps one of your friends just looking for something to see at your leisure. Share it with a good selection of these films have to look each!

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