The 20 inventions to make the kitchen your favorite place in the house!

Kitchen - the main room in the house where the magic happens cooking. With the help of modern technology to be an exemplary hostess it is becoming easier. For each process has its own instrument or a multi-processor for all at once. This distribution of work saves a lot of time and effort, which is important if we take into account the pace of modern life. Very handy when you need a day to catch a lot.

20 But these devices are not only transform our kitchen beyond recognition, but also will bring the concept of cooking to a new level. Many of these ingenious devices you can buy today!

1. The device determines the freshness of food. It will help to know how the meat unfit for consumption. B>

Photo: Myfoodsniffer

2. With this toaster toast will be as you want. Just get them when they will get the desired shade. B>

Photo: Magimix

3. Wireless cutting board that connects to iPad. You can use it to calculate the amount of protein or carbohydrate in the diet, know her calorie and get other information. B>

Photo: Theorangechef

4. Clever pan let you know how much you need to cook and when to turn the food, to maximize the effect of taste. B>

Photo: Pantelligent

5. Pocket rescue coffee outside the home. Now you can drink coffee everywhere. B>

Photo: Wacaco

6. With the help of a special application, start the cooking process at any convenient time. You come home, and dinner is ready. B>

Photo: Amazon

7. Flexible lunchbox retain the original appearance to make a sandwich. B>

Photo: Quelle

8. The device, which will help keep the food (eg, ice cream), frozen. B>

Photo: Thatinventions

9. A cup with a display on which there is any image at a certain temperature. You can post messages close. B>

Photo: Pauligmuki

10. "Handle" that draws spices. Will decorate favorite coffee with cinnamon and cake - sugar. B>

Photo: Cinnibird

11. Modern boiler for heating the cooled beverage. B>

Photo: Miito

12. "Personal Bartender" will prepare any cocktail to your taste in no time. B>

Photo: Somabarkickstarter

13. Cups, saucers reflecting pattern, solve the problem is not suitable to each other parts of the service. B>

Photo: DB-Shop

14. The trailing packaging products allows convenient to pack food. A good alternative packages. B>

Photo: Adme

15. The machine, which brews tea, evacuated and pressure changes. This method allows the preparation of the drink to give totally different taste. B>

Photo: Bkonbrew

16. Blades, who need to sharpen every 25 years. The dream of all housewives. B>

Photo: Aplusrstore

17. Hand Sterilizer. The bactericidal effect of UV lamps get rid of germs. B>

Photo: Sharperimage

18. A bucket for debris from the sensor. Passing his hand over it, and it opens! B>

Photo: Simplehuman

19. The container for cooking. You can cook the vegetables, and then easily retrieve them. B>

Photo: Adme

20. Vertical cooking system. They say it can be used to cook delicious buns, pizza or omelet. B>

Photo: Klapper

Incredible devices, many of which I have always dreamed of! Now they exist and will soon appear in our homes, transforming the kitchen space beyond recognition. Share those brilliant innovations with your friends!

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