Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva (15 photos)

We often believe that it is a such inventors cranks.
On the 38th Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, many of them have shown talent.

Roland (left) and Raymond de la Selo from France with his orthopedic invention for dogs with spinal problems. This equipment helps animal lishivshemusya ability to move its hind legs, gradually return to a normal lifestyle. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images)

The exhibition should visit about 70 000 visitors, with more than half of them - specialists in various fields. The exhibition will last five days, it brought together 700 inventors from 45 countries. Photo: German Hartmut Shmueker is head airbags, which he believes will protect drivers from neck injuries. (EPA / SALVATORE DI NOLFI)

"Probably more there is no place where we could meet so many inventors," - says the president and founder of the exhibition Jean-Luc Vincent. He added that the fair helped "bring together inventors and potential producers, who can bring their product to market." Also on display their services to provide patent agency. Photo: Jean-Paul Magr from France with his invention: crusty bread for hot dogs. (FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP / Getty Images)

On average, about 45% of the inventions presented at the 38th exhibition in Geneva, were put into production abroad. Last year, the production of inventions has been spent 29, 6 million euros. Photo: Belgian Alexis granny with his invention: opener, which can be used with one hand.


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