Demonstrations against the World Trade Organization in Geneva

As a result of the demonstrations against the World Trade Organization in Geneva, where there was a demonstration involving about 4 thousand people, burned several cars, smashed shop windows. In the area of ​​International Conference Centre, where on Monday opened the Seventh WTO Ministerial Conference, the police dispersed the demonstrators using stun grenades and water cannons. Initially, the organizers of the protests were promised that they intend to organize peaceful demonstrations. Their goal was to show that civil society rejects the rules established by the WTO.

1) Protesters run away from tear gas. Police had to use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrators aggressive. (Valentin Flauraud / Reuters)

2) The police in maintaining public order confronts protesters during a march on Saturday in Geneva. (Dominic Favre / AP)

3) A participant in the protest shows the WTO as a vampire. Protest action held under the innocuous at first glance the slogan: "Stop capitalism." (Valentin Flauraud / Reuters)

4) The demonstrators are marching on Geneva. In total, the anti-capitalist march in Geneva was attended by about 2,000 people passed through the streets, accompanied by several tractors and orchestra. (Denis Balibouse / Reuters)

5) Many of the protesters in Geneva were dressed in costumes with which they wanted to mock business and government leaders. Just anti-globalization demonstration was attended by about five thousand people. However, in the pogrom was directly involved several dozen people. However, they were dressed in all black. (Valentin Flauraud / Reuters)


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