How to make automatic highlighting of steps with their hands

Installation of lights on the stairs not only allows you to decorate this element of the interior, but also allows you to protect people using the stairs in the evening. In order for the illumination performed the intended function, care should be taken to correct its organization. How to make an led light with your hands learn on.


Stair lighting with his own hands: options and methods of organizationthere are several ways to illuminate stairs. In relation to lighting equipment highlight:

  • luminaires led linear type;
  • lamp neon type;
  • hidden light sources on the stairs.

In addition, the isolated and separately installable lighting that also illuminate the staircase. Among them we note:

  • lighting of the uprights or side pieces of the ladders;
  • instruments mounted on the wall;
  • devices suspended type.
In addition, we should not forget about the local lighting, for which organization to use:

  • lamps external type fitted on stairs;
  • lights railings;
  • lamps steps.
When you select one option or the other stairway lighting should be based primarily on your own preferences, the expected effect of lighting and the individual characteristics of interior decoration.

The first option in the form of neon lighting involves creating a soft illumination, which equips shadow effects. It should be noted that security level of such illumination is the highest. Among the advantages of lamps note the duration of their operation, the presence of protective components, to prevent mechanical damage to the instrument.

The second method of illumination involves the installation of halogen spot lamps type. These lamps allow you to evenly and proportionally distribute the light in the room. In the process their long-term operation, the heat of lighting fixtures, so they don't have to be in close contact with other items. When excessive surges in the network, there is a blown light bulbs. Such devices require frequent lamp replacement.

Led bulbs are the most optimal operating conditions, they work both from a network and from batteries rarely burn out and evenly spread the light in the room, different resistance to mechanical damage.

In addition, the process of working on the instrument panel with your hands, you need to pay special attention to the type of used lamp. This factor also determines the type of the received light.

Note that the backlight must be in harmony with the General ideas in interior design. Performing the installation of lights and selection of lighting fixtures, you must combine the material from which the staircase with the material for the manufacture of the lamp. If the staircase is made of wood, it is recommended to stay on the warm tones and lighting. For metal stairs will match the blue or cool tones highlight.Modern styles of interior decoration implies the use of non-standard fixtures. If the design has a helical shape, it is recommended to stay on the big light. In this case, the light intensity should be slightly reduced.

Led backlight with your hands allows you to use additional features. The displacement sensors can significantly save power consumption of the backlight. The presence of the scattering of light makes the atmosphere of the room cozy and warm.

Led strip light type has a shape of sheet aluminum, which are light bulbs. The led lighting is stuck most often on the extreme end of the stairs. These products are sold by the meter, the tape is characterized by having a self-adhesive base.

Allocate one - monochrome and color solutions. Some of the options for lighting are available many colors, with the ribbon fails to clearly identify the face of each stair tread. The main advantages of the organization such illumination is low consumption of electricity and the creation of good lighting.

After prolonged use, the led elements practically do not heat. This quality has a positive effect on their lifetime. LEDs — great for decorating different types of rooms. A wide variety of colors allows you to install these bulbs in different types and styles rooms.

Note that special attention in the process of organizing panel light arms, should be paid to light direction. In some cases, the bulb can distort the shape of steps, in this case, the backlight reduces the safety of movement on stairs.A possible variant of the mounting of led strips on the handrails, made of shiny acrylic. Thus, it is possible to correctly direct the light beam to create safe movement of the stairs.

Another variant of the organization of the illumination of the neon tubes. These elements are available in easily bendable tubing special cable. Thus, it is possible to arrange the light direction three hundred and sixty degrees. This backlight features low power consumption, high durability. Such devices are resistance to mechanical damage, they are easily cut, if necessary, on the ribbon of the desired size. Neon tubes are resistant to moisture and do not heat up in the process. Most often, they are located under the lower part of the stage.

The inclusion of the neon cord is run as random, in the previously specified order. For connecting of lighting is used outlet. The duration of operation data of lighting in a constant mode of operation is about ten thousand hours.

The variant of the arrangement of the stairs and other nearby devices spotlight. Good lighting effect creates a backlight that is installed on the wall next to the stairs. For the decoration of these lamps use special caps or nozzles that disperse the light beam. For fixing small lamps use additional devices. The larger the bulb, the wider the interval between them.

Excellent light characteristics have a metal cover mounted on the lamp and almost close it. Thus, it is possible to achieve the effect of a starry sky. Using this source, it is possible to obtain indirect lighting.

In addition, to arrange illumination of the ladder will help the installation of concealed lighting. With their help it is possible to achieve soft lighting, which delineates the contour part of the steps. For concealed lighting using translucent materials, in the form of frosted tempered glass or acrylic inserts. Possible the creation of a slot between the risers. Possible the creation of side lights of stairs with the help of point of light. The equipment is installed at the time of the installation steps.

To create hidden lighting on the stairs will help fibre optic lamp. Thus, it is possible to achieve a coloured light stairs.

In order to build “smart” lighting, you need to install on stairs sensors. With their help, the light is automatically switched on and off. To install and control the display light in this case, it will be much easier. This system significantly reduces energy consumption, but also extends the life of the bulbs.


Led backlight stairs with their handsInitially, you should choose the lighting scheme of the stairs. Create a drawing and specify on the installation site the illumination of walls, stairs, steps, railings.

In addition, determine the method by which to control LEDs. The backlight turns on such methods:

  • a conventional switch;
  • pass switch;
  • the motion sensor.
Decide on the amount of material to work with. Note that the tape is mounted on the end part of the tread indented from the edge by 50 mm. the Top and bottom part of the March is equipped with motion sensors. To turn on the backlight only in the dark, you must purchase the item in the form of a photocell. Thus, it will be possible to organize high-quality led lighting for the stairs.

We suggest to familiarize with the instruction on the organization of the photos lighting hands:

1. Led tape is permitted with scissors into strips the length of which is equal to the length of the steps.

2. For cutting strips, there are special designations.

3. Install the wires to the contacts of the ribbon, thus the illumination will be connected to the controller. To avoid extra work by using a soldering iron, use the special connectors that allow you to quickly connect the ribbon cables.

4. Before starting work, it is necessary to degrease the surface with alcohol. Next is gluing the led element. In the absence of opportunities in the organization concealed lighting, use of special aluminum profiles, inside which is mounted the tape. Thus, the backlight is not in contact with the mechanical effects that arise when walking.

5. In order to hide the wiring from the backlight, purchase a special box. Mounted on the wall next to the stairs or under the the March. Further mounted box, inside which the controller is able to perform intelligent light control.

6. The final stage is connecting all the components together, the computer connection, code download. In General, further actions are agreed with the instructions of the previously installed devices.

7. Check up correctness of installation, if there are no errors, then test the lighting and use it for other purposes.

Led backlight is one of the cheapest options for the organization of lighting the stairs.


How to highlight your own hands: technology and recommendationswe suggest to familiarize with the option of automatic stair step lights with their hands. In order to construct such illumination requires the controller. This element is the most important and most expensive link. To power the controller requires a power supply. The power of this device is determined by the number of bulbs used for illumination as well as their power. The optimal value for the power supply, is designed for the average staircase with backlit steps is 150 watts.

In order to connect to the main circuit motion sensors and other functional devices requires the microcontroller. It is possible to arrange the main part of the automatic operation of the stairs. Motion sensors can detect people who are near the first and last steps. In addition, the variant of installation on the staircase of sensors to determine twilight. In this case, the backlight also turns on automatically.


Led strip mounted along the length of the steps. It has the shape of the polymer material, on which there are mini light bulbs. Led backlight has a high brightness. In relation to the structural features of the bands, they are waterproof and transparent. Recommend staying on the first option. Tape with moisture-have a longer period of operation.

For fixing the strip on the surface there is a self-adhesive layer. To strengthen the fixing, use double-sided tape. When you need to create a too bright light, we recommend you to pay attention to the special tape. The controller allows you to adjust the degree and range of colors in lighting.

The variant of installation of lighting fixtures, they are part of the Cabinet, which is installed inside the wall. Recommend staying on the cylindrical models. Since they are mounted inside the escutcheon. Most often, these lamps are equipped with white lamps. To adjust their work uses a special controller.

Note that the backlight needs to have a high-quality protective grille, which directs the light beam in one direction or another. Also, the lamp must have the ability to adjust the casing for the light reflection.published

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