22 most original design of stairs, making a raise on the second floor of a delight.

Creative people are original in everything, even if we are talking about the stairs. I decided to share with you by the unconventional design of stairs. Here goes everything: originality, charm, beauty, comfort, practicality. Such a step would make in your daily life a breath of freshness.

Hanging staircase

Photo: Arquitectura en Movimiento

The space under the stairs

Photo: Deriba Furniture

Ladder tree

Photo: Unknown


Photo: Architetture del Ferro

Striped staircase

Photo: Tetrarc

Bright steps

Photo: Hanne Fuglbjerg

The ladder skeleton in Northampton

Photo: Philip Watts

The ladder-shelf for books

Photo: Levitate Architects


Photo: Patrick Jouin

The staircase of this world

Photo: Vincent Dubourg

sliding spiral staircase

Photo: Unknown


Photo: Dust

The sloping staircase

Photo: TAF arkitektkontor

Flat steps

Photo: Ecole

Staircase «La Maison Unique»

Photo: Heatherwick studio

A steep staircase

Photo: Unknown

Combined staircase

Photo: Alex Michaelis

Stairway to save space

Photo: Unknown


Photo: Atmos Studio


Photo: Studio Mieke Meijer

metal staircase

Photo: Francesco Librizzi

Staircase Library

Photos: Moon Hoon

I think about changing the interior at home? Do you want to raise to the second floor was not so tedious? Now you can safely choose the staircase that you prefer. Show these extraordinary ideas to friends!

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